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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : psychics,,how do you cope?

this may sound ridiculous especially to skeptics but is there a psychic support group where you can talk to people like yourself

Do all psychic have a hard time becuase of thier sensitivity and that they have to live this ‘secret life’

Answer by brilliantly8tIndigosquirtAMVAVT
Yes, we do. I’ll e-mail you about a group if you’d like. It helps you to cope and teaches you how to control your empathy. Also, it teaches the language of empathy.

Answer by gypsy belle
i don’t think its that bad

Answer by Pangel – R.I.P (((Debra)))
yes we usually do have support groups to help with control of things
although I have no secret life… I am an open book
squirt is emailing you some links xx

Answer by tHE THRONE rOOm(TOP 10 TC) R&S
Most psychics help cope with daily problems by talking to other psychics !

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : do i have psychic abilities?

i could tell when someone likes me or when someone likes someone i get like a feeling that they do what could that be

Answer by Ptah
How many fingers am I holding up and which one is it?

Answer by Mr. Stiggo
There’s an easy test for psychic abilities. If you’re a real, living human being, you don’t have them. What you have is the ability to read body language.

Answer by judy_t00

Answer by simon T
Not psychic.

You are just picking up on their body language.

Answer by Dog Rescuer
All human beings are born with instincts., gifts and talents..
..No psychic ability necessary….

Answer by waldemaryam
Looks like intuition.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Need help finding Psychic Detective Yakumo LIVE ACTION?

Does anyone know where to find Psychic Detective Yakumo LIVE ACTION. I’ve watched the anime but now I’ve seen that they have made a live action version of it but I can’t find it anywhere. doesn’t have it neither does or None of these Asian drama sites have it. I’m not sure where else to look.

I searched for it on google but that got me nowhere. It just brought be to different anime sites with the anime version but I want to watch the LIVE ACTION version. I put live action in all caps because I’ve seen this question asked before but a lot of the answers people only gave anime websites.

So anyone know where I can watch it?
Remember the LIVE ACTION not the anime! I’ve seen the anime!
Thanks, I thought Dramafever would because they carry old dramas like Goong and It Started with a Kiss and Hana Kimi all are around 2004-2007. Then again I’ve noticed they don’t carry a lot of Japanese dramas but mostly Twianese and Korean.

Answer by + emo + hibernasi
that is old production, around 2006 so I don’t think carry it.

even from old post in d-addicts only provided 1 torrent link for episode 1 of 13 episodes long of the said drama which I suspect no longer active. better to get them from any online shop that sell Japanese Drama CDs.

there is another way which is through however the requirements are quite difficult especially for newbie. this site hosting a lot of asian dramas even from the 1990’s era or so I read from soompi forum. if you can handle the requirements then you can give it a try. sorry can’t give you any browsing result because the site host denied quest request like me. it is strictly just for members.

+ emo

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