Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Three different psychics interpretations?

I had 3 different psychic readings from California psychics for the same subject. All were very good and accurate. All 3 had exactly described what I wanted to know, my concerns and feelings. Although each had the same abilities and skills, one of them was more blunt than the other two. The other two exhibited more love and compassion towards my subject. The one that was blunt brought out more of the negative side of my subject and told it like it is. I have no doubt that the other two had seen the negative side of my subject but was more compassionate in telling me.

It would seem that the psychic that was blunt may have been able to go deeper into my subject. Therefore more caution was advise and to not get involved.The other two also advised to be careful, but suggested more understanding and love.

How would you interpret readings like this when you have a negative and positive outcome?

Answer by the_way_of_the_turtle
Psychics = cold reading = fakes.

Answer by tiedye_dude
All psychics are fake and only want your money.

Answer by x2000
Psychics just watch you and read you, and try to give you answers that you want to hear. Make vague statements that could apply to anyone

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do you believe in psychics?

I went to a psychic and she was incredibly accurate- not just vague things that could be interpreted into what you want it to mean- Do you believe in their accuracy or is it a big hoax?

Answer by Hootie

Answer by rosemary_gaines2000

Answer by nina
i dont believe they talk nonsense

Answer by piiiink
HOAX OMG its all fake

Answer by wuxxler
Total deception.

Answer by Just a friend.
No, you are better off with chicken bones and blood.

However if you give me the money I can tell you whatever you want to hear too.

Answer by my_ex_is_a_prick
no they only want your money

Answer by classical_maniac101
Of course there are real psychics. It’s just hard to find the real ones. There is supernatural in this world people are just to afraid to admit it.

Answer by chip
No I don’t believe its a hoax. I honestly believe in psychics and believe in the para norma.

Answer by sweetmahalus
if you want to believe in psychic reading, that is your opinion or not believe in psychic reading. i tried it, so i am still pending to believe it or not

Answer by messyhair_45
psychics can talk to the demons and the demons know everything about you ,good or bad..

Answer by sally_mottram
It reminds me of horoscopes. They also can be incredibly accurate. And sometimes way off. One time my daughter went to a psychic when she was around 18. The dumb lady told her she would be dead by the time she was 30. Well, she’s 32 and still living. To answer your question, I do not believe in phychics. I feel that Jesus has the plans for our lives and only He can make things happen or not happen.
I do believe in the psychic detectives though. I’ve seen them in action and there’s no question as to their ability and accuracy. I also believe in Sylvia Brown.

Answer by laughlady
Yes, there are real psychics. Definition of psychic: “sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences : marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding” – of course there are people whose minds are somehow more developed in a certain area allowing them to be more sensitive to certain things. Now there are way too many “psychics” out there that claim they can foretell the future but really can not and are only out to make $ $ $ . Be careful. Most true people with these sorts of abilities will tell you that your future is not set in stone, there are many paths that can be taken, and foretelling of a great event in your life may or may not happen depending on if you follow the path you are on at the moment, or if you make a drastic change. I could go on…

Answer by jimthehammer21
I see people die just days before they do. My Ex could not deal with it. It turned her into raving drunken lunatic.
So yes, I believe!!!
I’ll tell you something, believe it too, that plane crash off Nova Scotia was no accident… Those people were murdered… It came down in peices.

Answer by jvlajcic

Answer by ~Μαρίγουλα~
There are very good ones on accuracy, but not all of them.

Answer by pgflute
some psychics do have power but it is ALWAYS satanic, it is NEVER a gift. I DON’T recommend going to one, trust in Christ instead.

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