Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are reasons you do not love your boyfriend fully?

Okay I know this sounds unusual and stupid but I heard about one of the best psychics in town. I thought I would give it a try since so many people were amazed by their experiences. She was pretty accurate in knowing me and my current situation and I gave no answers or clues, she just knew. Most of the stuff she predicted came true and whenever I went against her advice, I always ended up in trouble and wished I should have believed her. Well anyway she told me that there is a guy in my future who will really love me but I will not love him back, well not fully and my mind will be somewhere else. She didn’t really give a full explanation but because her other prophecies came true it kind of bothers me now. I am a very faithful person but can be very picky when it comes to selecting a partner. Looks is not what really drives me but there has to be some level of attraction or chemistry and some of the guys I find very attractive are not necessarly the super handsome types and I have met some super handsome guys who i never found sexually attractive. I cannot be with someone I do not like because I would feel forced to do it and I don’t think I should feel forced to do anything especially when it comes to a relationship. She said I won’t love him fully, so I must love him but not as much. What are some reasons you don’t love your boyfriend fully if any of you experienced it.

Answer by Akiyama
There is a very big reason on why this prophecy person doesnt give full answers. Its because she is simply giving off an estimate.
What if i said your parents had some kind of illness that seems to be hanging over their heads?
80% chance is that I’m correct because old people will have some kind of diabetes, cancer or bonestructure problem etc. Its simple logic, and besides, wanna know the trick in her question?
her prophecy could be aimed at any guy on the street and a guy might think youre hot, therefore he likes you but you wont like him back, cause maybe you don’t know him or hes just a stranger.
Do you see what I’m getting here?

If I saw a child who was alone at the park but was well kept and clean, I would immediately guess his parents are dead, however, the child knows how to take care itself like cooking and cleaning, simply because he is alone and does not act like other children, and his clothes are clean and well kept.

Why I know this? I do this kind of ‘prophecy’ as well…I went on Omegle once upon a time and by only talking to her, I figured out her age, name, gender, personality, her hair colour, her eye colour, whether she would choose good or evil…

To make a long story short, its a fraud

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I went to a psychic a few years back and she predicted my love life. . .I don’t believe what she said and . . ?

I feel as though I have met my future husband. Does anyone out there have addtional advice so I can get over being scared of what she said subconciously????

Answer by Jane S
Go back to the psychic. I’m not one.

Answer by Lola
Psychics are full of shit.

Answer by Linni
People (really smart people) predict earthquakes and tsunamis and the stock market, too, but they don’t necessarily happen. Predicting things just helps us be prepared. If you’ve found love, you’ve found it, no matter what the psychic said.

Answer by broker472000
Need your birthday…Stop being so afraid..Relax

Answer by Danni
I so know how you feel!!! I went to see a psychic a few years back and they told me things I don’t feel is true and certainly don’t want it to be true – not now!!! While some things may be accurate – I don’t believe you can predict love. No one knows who you are going to meet tomorrow and who you may fall in love with. Love is one of those things and don’t believe what anyone has predicted. You have already changed the shape of your destiny, therefore what she has said determined you picking another path. One psychic said to me, life is full of choices and decisions – what I predict is based on certain decisions – you may go tomorrow and create a total different life path for yourself. Nothing is 100% and nothing is accurate. You could have a reading tomorrow and a whole new life may come through on your cards. Just live your life day by day and don’t look too far ahead =]

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