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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some arguments disproving the existence of psychics?

I’m writing an essay and I need some strong arguments that prove psychics do not have the ability to foretell the future.

Answer by Lost in Translation
Name one psychic that has ever won the lottery. There are none.

That’s all you need.

Answer by ask a mexican – needs rest
disproving the validity of their claims is in the fact that they are unreliable…

Answer by BlackJack
They don’t win the lottery, and they’re not at las vegas getting rich.

Answer by Kindred Spirit
Going into denial can disprove anything you want, but that doesn’t make it correct.

It is nearly impossible to prove a negative.

Answer by mugggs_mcgurk
There were 3 “psychics” in our city that died recently !!

One was run over by a cement truck as she crossed the street ! The second fell into an open manhole and was washed out to sea . The third fell asleep in his apartment with the door and windows closed after a night of eating Chili , Refried Beans , and Pickled Eggs !

He farted so much the air in the room was displaced by Methane and Hydrogen !!

When he woke up, he lit a cigarette and …………………….. KABOOM !! They found bits and pieces of him scattered over a half square mile (true story) !!

WHY did these “psychics” not “see” what was going to happen and simply hide in the cellar that day ????

Answer by Mr McKenzie- Skeptical Christian
When scientists or scholars analyze the specific predictions psychics make, they find that most of the predictions are so general that it is impossible to verify whether or not they are accurate. But the accuracy isn’t the main reason people keep returning to physics. The thing people are looking for isn’t truth but comfort. They want to know that everything will be alright. They want to know in a world that can be confusing and disappointing, there are good things in their future.

Some of the biggest supporters of physics are Hollywood celebrities, whose careers are regularly to roller-coaster ups and downs. Bill Burns is one of the best-known physics to the stars, according to the magazine Entertainment Weekly: “His name is Bill Burns, and Hollywood stars and execs swear by his powers of prediction. Here’s a peek behind the curtain:”

“For a hour-long session, costing $ 275, the barrel-chested 61-year-old Boston native gives insiders a sixth sense about the biz… Working from the name or photograph of a person a client wants ‘profiled,’ Burns enters a trance-like state. ‘I get an instant knowing about who they are in relationship to the question I’m being asked,’ he says. ‘I can immediately and intuitively visualize the person’s motivations, hot buttons, reliability, and integrity.'”

Even more bizarre is a cable television show called ‘The Pet Psychic,’ which aired on the Animal Planet network. Host Sonya Fitzpatrick claims to communicate with animals so she can tell their owners what the pets are thinking. “If I was an old fake, dear, they wouldn’t be spending all this money doing my TV show,” says Fitzpatrick. But when there’s money to be made giving people the comfort they desperately want, who says a little fakery won’t go long the way?

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Of the famous psychics which ones are the most impressive?

Answers from both skeptics and believers are very welcome. Please let us know why you are impressed, whether it be for good or bad.
Wow Sachs Anti Poverty. I guess my questions aren’t as good as yours.;_ylt=AtjE.DNXu8FfvkidJCf16Z3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20101201205004AATCD5K

Answer by teandbikkies
Allison Dubois. Worked with FBI over 2000 jailed on her leads.

Answer by Your Welcome
I’m an Atheist btw, if that’s what you meant by believers or skeptics, but anyway, gravity, definitely. Gravity was the sole reason why more intellectual people began to become Atheists, they had more reasons for things because of gravity, gravity shaped our planets by pulling substances together to create an almost perfect sphere (it would be perfect but we have things like mountains, hills, etc), it’s the reason why we can’t just jump and fly, it’s also the reason for most trigonometric theorems like the trajectory of angles and where something would end up according to velocity and angle.

Answer by Dr.Nice Guy
I agree with teaand bikkies, Alison Dubois. She’s had a TV show about her and people consider her a true psychic crime buster.
The truth unfortunately, does not agree with the legend.
I have to admit, the show was pretty good.

Answer by tsr21
Of course, all psychics are either entertainers or con-artists.

Uri Geller was fairly impressive in both categories.

Answer by wushuboy001
Well, I have no respect for someone who is a “famous” psychic. Someone who builds their name on tricking and bamboozling others, especially people who have recently lost a loved one is just downright scum in my opinion. However, I will go with Alison Dubios. The real Alison is low down scum, but the TV show is quite good.

Answer by Tim M
I think probably one of the most impressive and compelling psychics was from Kentucky. Edgar Cayce. He was very prolific and from a young age, displayed his abilities . He was from Hopkinsville, a small town in the Southern portion of Kentucky. Many became aware of his talents and his abilities. One well known story about Cayce was , that he was having trouble with his school work. His father was concerned about his poor marks he was getting. He was giving Edgar a hard time and working with him one evening, trying to make sure he knew his lessons. Edgar was getting tired and asked if he could take a break. Hey lay his head down on the book he was learning from. After a short while, his father began to quiz him . He was amazed that Edgar seemed to know the answer to every question he was asked. Somehow after the short nap he knew the material much more in depth. It was though Edgar managed to absorb all the content of the entire book by just laying his head down on it.

Cayce became well known throughout the entire region as a healer as well. He was known as the ‘Sleeping Prophet” as he would go into a light , self induced, trance and could prescribe homeopathic remedies for individuals who would write to him. He was astonishingly accurate and many individuals came to ask for him to use his abilities for their ailments. He would go into a trance and visualize the individuals body and somehow assess what and where the problem lay. He would then prescribe, while still in the trance, a remedy that could be gathered from simple ingredients that at times could be gathered from their own yard.

Edgar Cayce also has made well documented predictions that have come true. Most of his work is kept at the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He is probably the most documented psychic of all time.

Answer by Pascha
Edgar Cayce, mostly for his medical advice. He obtained the information by going into a trance. There is a library in Virginia Beach, Va. with the texts, which were transcribed while he was in the trance.

Look at for information about the Association for Research and Enlightenment.

Answer by fizixx
Oh………no contest…MIss Cleo!


Answer by Ron
Without doubt Uri Geller, not because he has any more psychic powers than my cat, but because he fooled so many so called intelligent people with his conjuring tricks.

He did make an art of spoon and key bending, a trick that stage magicians have been doing for years.

It took another expert magician and debunker of psychics to finally expose him as a fraud, a very clever one, but still a fraud which is why he gets my vote.

Answer by Voices In My Head
Uri Geller. A Uri Geller exposé can make a book writer rich. But look out! That guy will sue you!

Answer by psiexploration
I think Leonora Piper and Eileen Garrett would top my list.

The first was investigated by William James and later the SPR and ASPR who went to great trouble to prevent cheating but the conclusions were still in doubt by some (not by William James) but she cooperated in every way asked of her.

The second (Garrett) was investigated and even started the Parapsychology Foundation to study her own and other’s claimed abilities.
These psychics cooperated with science and made no profit (at least directly) from their cooperation.

My runner up is Daniel Dunglas (D.D.) Hume who while extensively investigated was never caught cheating so at best he was a true psychic and at worst he was the greatest magician of all time.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : how accurate are psychic predictions?

I recently went to a psychic and she told me that my guides ( the people around me) said that my father would die before he ever gets to meet my kids. My father is only 41 and has only 1 kidney and I am 23. She says he will die because of complications in his kidey.. I’m just really worried, and was hoping that someone could let me know what they thought about how accurate this prediction is..thanks

Answer by Mike L
While there is some evidence for supernatural events, the average psychic cannot accurately predict anything. Most “psychics” are highly skilled psychologists, who pick up on minute body language to read a person. Some are even able to find out about their customers’ families before they arrive.
For many people, it’s hard to believe that even the most skilled manipulators can really state information as accurate as they do without supernatural power. The bottom-line is that while it is possible for events they predict to happen, it does not mean they have to happen. Do not put more weight in a psychic than a doctor’s analysis.

Answer by Lyn
I do not know if psychic predictions are accurate or not.Your father has the opportunity now to get a thorough medical check up and maybe change the course of his life. We get messages from different sources in different ways, it is up to us how we use the information.

Answer by EarthShod
Predictions’ accuracy and precision differ depending on the psychic. Ask that psychic for references to see whether her work has been rated accurate and precise often in the past. The future is written in sand, not stone. Keep up your hopes.

Answer by Ciara J
he can always change his future, with the power of mind
change his habits, his sense of “consciousness”
his reality and perspectives
if he becomes a whole new person, he can perhaps steer through it.

otherwise if he was meant to die, he probably wrote his destiny with his own hand before he was born; we all did to some point

Answer by Britney J
there not accurate at all

Answer by missemotion75

your dad is not going to die.
Psychics are different,some are stronger than others.
don’t worry about that.
God Bless

Answer by moci_arane


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