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I want to hear your most chilling scary stories that will give me a thrill ride of nightmares. No sites, just creepy stories. THANKS!

Answer by Demonic Lore

Answer by ♥ღ-Rosie-ღ♥
here are some:

Christina was getting a cell phone for her birthday. She was also going to a baseball game with her friends. She was so excited about the phone, because all her friends had phones. Also, this one could text message, and only few of her friends’ phones could do that! Along with getting a cell phone that could text, Christina was also very excited because she never got presents for her birthday.

“Just open the present,” her father said grumpily. “Oh, I will,” Christina said energetically. She then opened it. It was in the plastic package, but there was already a text message on it! Christina showed it to her father. “Eh’s whatss that?” Her father was clearly interested, because he took the cigar out of his mouth and leaned forward.

“It means I have a text message already, Papa.” Christina said while scratching her head. “They never even turned the dang thing on!” Christina’s father said. “Well, let’s read it.” Christina said. She picked up the package and stared at it. Through the plastic, she could barely see the message.

The message said, “Do not go on the train to the baseball game stadium.” “Wow, Papa, they knew I was going to the baseball game!” Christina said, amazed. “It must be from a psychic. Follow their instructions.” her father said. “Okay, and I know exactly how to contact my friends.” Christina smiled.

Christina deleted the text on the phone and started dialing the friends’ numbers. She told all of them she wasn’t going to the game. They said, “Alright,” and went on the train. Since the seat where she would be sitting wasn’t occupied, an old lady sat there instead.

It was all over the papers and the TV the next day. The train had crashed, and only one person had died. The old lady that sat where Christina would have been sitting had a pole go through her head.

The tale of the Mad Murderer

One night this man and his wife were taking a drive. Suddenly, this announcer broke the music. He said, “This is very important. Everyone who is listening, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT turn off the radio. A mad murderer has escaped from the State Jail. His favorite kind of death is stabbing the person to death with his knife, then hanging them. Please, everyone, lock your doors and close your windows.”

“We better watch out,” the wife said, shakily.”Aww, don’t worry,” the husband said. “We’ll be fine.” Suddenly, the car stopped under a tree. “$ #!%” the husband screamed. “We’re stuck in the middle of no where, I don’t have my cell phone, and the car won’t work.

“Well, I’ll go walk to the Gas Station about a mile away. Since we have tinted windows and you won’t be able to see me through them, I’ll hit the roof three times. Then, you’ll know it’s me.” The man then walked away. Soon the wife couldn’t see his silhouette. The woman waited an hour. She heard one thump on the roof, and she saw a small black circle through the tinted window. “Just an apple from the tree,” she thought.

Soon, she heard a thump. Then another. Then two more. “He said three thumps, not four.” She thought. Then the wife fell asleep. She woke up about three hours later to the sound of sirens. She opened the door and the wind was blowing wildy. The woman saw the police.”Your husband is dead,” The policemen said.

“But, how?” The widow said as she started to cry. “We’ll tell you later,” the policemen said. “Just don’t turn around.” The widow ran torwards them, but then turned around. Her husband was hanging from a rope tied to the tree. There were stab marks on his body, and the wind was blowing his shoes onto the roof of the car, making a thumping noise.

One day there was this Japanese buisnessman lost in a forest. Suddenly he saw a house with bright yellow walls. It was in the older times, so they still used rice paper. Therefore, it stood out easily in the forest. The buisnessman walked up to the wooden door and knocked. An old man came to the door.

“Can you let me stay here for the night?” the buisnessman said. “Yes,” the old man said. “Just don’t go into the room next door to you.” So later on they had dinner. “Remember, don’t go in the room next to yours.”the old man said once again. At bedtime the man just couldn’t stand it anymore.

Like I said, they had rice paper. Rice paper is destroyed easily by water. So the buisnessman licked his finger and made a hole in the rice wall. He saw a girl, and her hair covered her eyes. But then she brushed away some hair.

The man saw a flash of green. He was puzzled, but then he fell asleep on the bed. The next day he asked the old man about it. The old man started to cry. He said, “That was my daughter, Alicia. She killed herself at age 16.” “Why?” The buisnessman said curiously. “She had a deformation when she was born.” The old man said, starting to gather himself up. “And it was…?” The man said. “She was born with one glowing green eye.”

The Historical Record

One early account of The Bell Witch haunting was wri

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can you discover your own abilities and train them as well?

I know each person has their own natural abilities, and I am trying to figure out what mine are. Medetation is nerely out of the question seeing as how i have yet to find a way to slow down my mind in order to reach a relaxed state.

Answer by WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
You’ll never know unless you try a bit of everything. I’ve always wondered if I’d be good at the piano or flying a jet, but unless you try, you might live the rest of your life unfulfilled.

Answer by Edragon
Meditation is one thing that helps to discover abilities, but astral projecting can go deeper into our natural abilities. If you have questions on this contact me.

Answer by philolover
i think the best to discover your abilities is by joining clubs or organizations which aim to train and develop talents of every individual. back in school we have such organizations like the school news paper, taekwondo club, school choir, Artistic club, yoga science club, and a whole lot more. the analogy is like this: if you mingle with other people and you discover that you are similar in one ability (e.g. inclination to mathematics), then take another step. try competing with other people as well in a very open manner.

Answer by milly_1963
Meditation will help & Psychic and Spiritual Development

We are all born with Psychic senses everyone you talk too Yes even YOU, has one or more psychic sense. Some people choose to enhance them, others just ignore them, others may just shut them down. They still use them however they don’t know they are : )

Senses are

Sight: Eyes “Clairvoyance” Spiritual Body “Eye” (called the Third Eye)
Sound: Ears “Clairaudience” Spiritual Body “Ear”
Touch: Skin “Clairsentience” Spiritual Body “Skin”
Taste: Tongue/Nose “Clairlinguance” Spiritual Body “Tongue”
Smell: Nose “Clairolerance” Spiritual Body “Nose”
*Know: Brain “Claircognizance” Spiritual Body “Mind”

Clairaudience – Intuitive
This is a person who will pick up a thought and hear it. This persons mental or intellectual understanding is very important and they can make good leaders. We all know someone that we would say was a mental person, always having to understand mentally. They carefully think things through. If this person were to become enlightened they would have the ability to become a medium, someone who channels information from entities who have passed over, because their most heightened sensitivity is to hear.

Clairvoyance- Visionary
This is a person who will pick up a thought and see it. This person has the ability to transform a thought into a vision, symbol or in colour by using their mind’s eye. If an artist, a decorator, a creative person, someone who mainly uses the right side of their brain were to become enlightened they would have the ability to read auras, our chakras, draw guides and this is how they would channel what they received because the ability to see images is their most heightened sensitivity.

Clairsentience – Prophetic (1)
This is a person who will pick up a thought and just knows it. This person is sensitive to precognition and has hunches, dreams and knowings and this person usually deals with the future or present and how it will affect another. If you were to meet an enlightened Prophetic you would be able to get some information about your ‘line of probability’, tomorrow is not set in time remember. This could be a person who has a dream about something and that dream turns out to happen in reality. They have the ability of prediction because they ‘just know’ and can tune into and understand their hunches.

Clairsentience – Feeler (2)
This is a person who will pick up a thought and transform it immediately into a feeling. This persons life can revolve around how it feels to them. Their sense of touch is well-developed and they have the ability to know people by feeling what they feel. After enlightenment, this is someone would have the ability to practice psychometry. The ability to put something belonging to someone in their hand and read the energy. Depending on their other gifts, they could tell the past, present or future from the energy. They have the ability to feel how others feel but only on the emotional level. They will be able to not only empathise but experience their pain, loss, grief etc. For instance, if they were to channel energy from a persons past life they would experience the pain and hurt that that soul experienced in that past lifetime.

Clairgustance – Taste
Clairgustance is being aware of tastes without putting anything physically in the mouth. To perceive the essence of a substance through taste from the spiritual or ethereal realms. The sensation of what one is tasting is often linked to a spirit on the other side.

Claircognizance – Know
The sense of knowing through our brain, even though it is not a physical sense, simply because it has a corresponding metaphysical sense known as claircognizance, or knowing without knowing how you know.

Clairolerance – Smell
The sense of Smelling different fragrances from Spirits to find that earthly connection, strong odours you can’t escape and can’t explain a reason for eg: Cooking odours, Perfumes, Cigars or Cigarettes, Flowers, Extra. The characteristic essence linked to a spirit on the other side.

“Using some of the senses or all of the senses you can do”
Psychometry – Touch
Psychometry is another form of psychic divination using the sense of touch to get mental impression linked to it. Psychometric impressions may come in the form of emotions, sounds, scents, tastes or images. The visions can appear is single flat images, much like a photo, or as animations. As we exist in an electromagnetic energy reality, metal objects often work best.

Aura Reader – see
Aura readings look at your spiritual energy system as represented in the seven layers of your aura. Along with colours, a reader may see memory pictures, symbolic images, spiritual beings and usually energies belonging to others–like friends and family members. Readings can help you identify and release blocks. Aura readings also help you get in touch with your own energy, so you can know your own truth and make the highest choices for yourself.

Love & Blessings

Answer by dark_scriptor
Somebody already gave you a list of the main psychic abilities but I’m leaving you a link that explains each, as well as gives some exercises that you can do to begin developing them. My suggestion is read over the explanations provided and make note of what you know and feel within yourself. Don’t ask for a friend’s advice in this…they are also unique, with their own journey and experiences. But nobody has lived your life, with your abilities or trials.

If it eases your mind any, meditation isn’t always a strict requirement in learning to develop one’s abilities. As you progress, you’ll find that certain things inside you will change. The key is to remain open minded…if a topic or subject crosses your path and it interests you, it’s important that you follow through. Often, people will come into our lives with the express purpose of exposing us to something new that is essential to our growth and learning.

One quick exercise that I enjoy doing and works our “psychic muscle” in a unique way is quite simple and takes only a few seconds…and I highly suggest that you try it out a few times. Before you go to bed at night, take a quiet moment and request to be shown an image or symbol of the first person you’ll see the next day..or maybe the first person to call you on the phone. Make note of any immediate impressions that come into your mind, no matter how ridiculous they may seem. The key is to trust what you’re seeing or feeling. When I started doing this, I found that one of my friends has a circle with a V inside of it, as a symbol, while another is a solid steel gurder with red rust. They sound strange but reflected some major aspect of them as a spritual being.

Regarding your difficulty with meditation…don’t feel bad, it’s something that we all encounter. My own method to keep my mind from wandering is counting breaths. Called rhythmic breathing, typically one inhales for a set number of heartbeats, holds the their lungs full for an equal period of time, exhales to the same count and then leaves their lungs empty until the cycle begins again. I normally use a 4-2-4-2 count but for a very quick orientation I’ll use an 8-6-8-6 count. Concentrate on the air coming in through your nose and mumble the count out loud if you have to. We all have to start some place and the most difficult part is beginning. Believe it or not, it doesn’t take very long for your conscious mind to begin to understand when it’s meditation time and for you to drift into an altered state. It doesn’t like to be ignored, as we both know quite well, and will use some unique methods to get back the control.

One other exercise that opened some incredible doors for me, as far as realizing my psychic potential, is called Mind Vacation. One simply selects a photo (I like to use National Geographic but I have used one from a calender), memorizes the details and then sets it aside. The next part involves closing one’s eyes and bringing up the picture on your mental screen – your minds eye. Once it is somewhat complete, try to move forward and enter the picture. Nature scenes, without people, are ideal for this. Before you pass this off as nonsense, I will tell you quite honestly this is the execise that allowed me to see and interact with my first spirit guide…at least the first I was really aware of. This exercise is really preparation for shamanic journeying into what’s known as “non-ordinary reality” and I’ve included a second link that explains this and other important aspects of communicating with one’s guides and power animals with this method.

Sorry for the length but I wanted to stress that one can develop their psychic abilities and meditation is not a requirement initially. I’ve also included a link to my metaphysical blog called “Incursions Into Otherworld” that highlights much of my experimentation with magic, psychic abilities and spirit guides. I am only adding it so you can see that I am writing this comment from experience and not second hand book knowledge.

I hope this helped a bit. If you’re feeling an urge to explore this aspect of yourself, it’s important to do so and is evidence that your guides are at work behind the scenes, hoping to show you your true potential. It is never a random occurrence.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What Do Guys Look For In A Girl How Can I Get Him To Stay Interested In Me?

I like this guy and he said he likes me and think im kool and wants to get to know me better.I wanna know how I can keep him interested in me? How do I get him to want me? He works three jobs and he said that when hes off work we can hang out and stuff.I see him today at his job to give him something that he needs so what can I do to flirt with him? To like me like i like him?

Answer by Sir Not Appearing in This Film
Here’s what I like in a woman but apparently I’m an exception so take this how you will. I want a girl who inside, is funny, nice, but she’s not a pushover, some attitude is nice. I just had a super heart-breaking incident with this girl I liked, and half the reason it was bad was cause she hooked up with this guy who only thought she was hot so after yknow honestly I wishe that she was ugly. Uea you just heard a guy say that. I wished the girl I like was ugly. I’m 16, sounds like your older, so idk I just hope this helps you. Someone funny, cute, and just fun to be with. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work, that something special has to happen; you have to connect with him. I hope this helps, I really do

PLEASE answer my question, I beseech you.;_ylt=Ap.udOm9hlMvz0y960O3y4bsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20091227061953AA8MIjP

Answer by Gemma
Emm depends.. does he seem like a sensitive type? Or a bad boy type?

Answer by Ingenious
I can’t understand why people think they can generalise on things when they are working with a very specific scenario. e.g. all cows are brown so this white animal with black patches and udders must not be a cow.

There are commonalities among guys you can understand and use. However, to get beyond the initial attraction (like you have now), you have to understand the guy more and tailor your approach to what he wants. Posting a question up here asking for what he likes is about as useful as phoning up a psychic and getting your fortune told. A psychic would probably have a better clue.

Common likes among men:
feminine women
stands up for herself
moderately easy going
70% hip to waist ratio
preferably mature but the level of maturity should be tailored to that of the guy
intelligence is similar to that of the guy
is able to banter
is fun (I wasn’t sure whether I should put this in since there are some guys who do not necessarily find this attractive)

pretend to be a tad less confident than the guy to give him a bit of a boost (he will get more confident later on)
try to calibrate with his needs
be supportive (especially when he has 3 jobs)
discretion is holding back (prefably until both of you feel comfortable); that’s not the same thing as pretending to be someone else

Common dislikes:
bossy (again, I was a little hesitant since some guys like to be submissive)
complains about men all the time (if you have issues, read up on gender differences)
devalues the guy/insult him to death
refuse to understand the guy
trying to be someone she is not
manipulate the guy – one of the most disfavourite and from the detail of your qq, I am guessing this is what you were trying to do
emotional rollercoaster – emotional immaturity

I see flirting as a form of play and banter. More sophisticated techniques require calibration with the correct audience. i.e. if he cannot flirt at that sort of level, he will look like a stumbling idiot. so stick to basics unless he can take it (from what I am guessing, you’re not that skilled either). From your description of this guy, I am guessing he is not all that skilled. The basic flirting tips are:
playing with your hair (unless you’re in your 30s+ or have really short hair)
smiling whilst gazing into his eyes
occassional touching
very very mild teasing

I would avoid playing hard to get when the guy has 3 jobs and of this amateur level, if you can help it of course. After a tired day of work, I think the last thing he wants is for you to be childish and make him really work for you. There is a limit and you have to make sure you do not push it too far or the whole thing collapses. Plus, the fact that he lacks that sort of skill means he has nothing to fight back with, so playing hard to get would only introduce communication barriers and uneasiness in the relationship.

Having said that, it does not mean that you jump onto him and give him everything you have. There is a level of discretion and comfort needs to be built up over time. Let him get more intimate once you feel more comfortable with him.

Hope this helps

Written by Goddessmother

In a reading you may want to ask about:

A loved one who has passed (I am often visited by spirits and angels) “Can you tell me if my Auntie is with us?” Does my mother have a message for me?”
Love and romance. “Does my boyfriend really love me?” ” Will we marry?” “When will I meet my true Love?”
Family. “I have trouble getting along with my mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she like me?” My daughter is struggling right now.”
Career. “Will I change jobs soon?” “Will I get the promotion?”
Pets: “Where is my lost cat?” “Why does my dog look so sad?”
Past lives: “Did I know my boyfriend in a past life?”
Guides: “Tell me about my guides.”
Health. “How can I get more energy?” “Why am I so stressed out?”
Spiritual growth. “I think I am gifted. Do you see these gifts?” “Why am I at a stuck point?”

General advice comes as naturally to me as answers to specific questions.