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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What are some ways to feel better and deal with my depression?

I am a 25 year old woman, and my life has hit rock bottom. I’m having severe depression and anxiety, and don’t know what to do. I have one more semester left of grad school, so while I’m still a student, I’m working a horrible child care job at the YMCA to pay my tuition and other bills; I hate this job to the max, its really hectic and pays very little, and the people absolutely suck. I also recently had to move back in with my parents, due to financial issues, and they are very critical and domineering, which makes things worse.

Also, I don’t have a boyfriend. I tried reconnecting with an ex boyfriend a few nights ago, out of sheer loneliness; I haven’t even had sex in about six months. He was distant and rude the entire time.

Now all I have to deal with is watching people all around me getting into better jobs, finding love, and moving into their own places, while I am doing none of that. I have a few close friends and my brother as a support group, but that’s the only positive I have going right now. Most of the time, I just feel miserable and bitter. I’ve tried speaking with counselors and even saw a psychic, but it was all just a waste of money. How can I feel better?Any words of wisdom would be very helpful.

Answer by ZombieLicker
Ways to deal with depression:
1. Talk to somebody. Doesn’t have to be a counsellor. You can talk to people online who are sworn to confidentiality, or talk to friends.
2. Listen to music. Make a personalized playlist of songs that make you feel better
3. Eat healthier. It’s a proven fact that eating healthier foods makes you feel fresher, and more motivated. This is the same reason you should
4. Get more sleep
5. Get a hobby that you enjoy to express your feelings.

Answer by Minni
The fact that you have only one more semester to complete is a plus. Try to set career goals and perhaps see a counselor at school for job information. Once, you have a job, you will be able to support yourself and live independently. Continue to talk with your brother and others who are supportive of you..Since you work at the Y maybe join in some of the adult classes (exercise relieves stress). Good luck.

Answer by Dyll
Even if you have depression just smile even if you dont have anything to smile about. It will improve your mood. You dont need anti depressants.

Answer by Bubbles
Try finding a hobby that keeps your mind off of school and work. This can help you meet new people, make new friends and the possibility of finding a new boyfriend.

Answer by Cody
Depression is a very serious illness and almost always worsens as you age until you find a solution to stop it completely. I too suffered through chronic depression and can’t count how long I’ve searched for answers as to why I felt this way and have probably seen every doctor in my city trying to treat it. I was put on pill after pill and they would work for a little bit before that darkness crept itself back in and left me feeling helpless and when you feel helpless you can’t really control the thoughts you start having of wanting to disappear or end it and when the thought of giving up and ending it comes into your head it is one of the strongest emotions you will ever feel. I can however tell you that was a long time ago, what I did which was the same as you was went online looking for answers on how to overcome this reoccurring dreadful state I was in. After a while of reading on the web I came across a site called and let me tell you this is the program you need to go through. Stop wasting money on therapists and pills and start this program because to be frank with you, I have never felt better in my whole life and I’m freaking dead serious about that. I haven’t felt like killing myself in over 6 months nor do I self-harm to relieve myself of that deep wound I once had. It taught me how to control and conquer my depression and just made me feel alive again. I now have friends and family that love me and no longer do I hide from the world and walk in it alone and I also have a girlfriend now that I cherish more than anything. There has been countless times where people have ignored others with depression because they think it is a fake sickness or they are seeking attention only to hear about them later killing or severely harming themselves. Just remember depression is a temporary mindset and can be overcame, you just got to stick it through and hold your head high because there is always a shining light at the end of that dark tunnel and I think we all can conquer our weaknesses and become who we want to be. Anyways I hope I have helped you in some way or another and hope that at the very least I put a smile on your face. Have a truly wonderful day.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do you explain this psychic phenomenon?

I know of this psychic through a friend of mine, she told my friend that her mother was lying on a couch crying and when my friend called her mother and asked her what she was doing at the time she said she was lying on the couch crying, how is this possible how can she of seen what that woman was doing and been so accurate. can psychics really see things that peolple did or are doing without even being around them, or can they see these things if someone close to that person is around them. like the girl and her mother?

Answer by Furious Unicorn
This is just a story, what proof do you have that it happened exactly as you described?

Until then I would explain it by saying that the story has been exaggerated. Psychics are keen on making up generalised statements like “someone in your family is upset”, which has since evolved into this ‘shockingly accurate’ tale.

I think if psychics could really see what was going on they would be calling the police and telling them about the murders and rapes they could see happening not waffling on about some woman crying on a couch.

Answer by Jessica
Either the psychic astral projected or she used remote viewing. Look it up 🙂

Answer by Jamie
Not all people have the psychic ability to call up police and solve murder mysteries or what-not. Sometimes some people’s psychic ability is subtle, other times more profound. I, myself, have had some premonition/psychic type of dreams. One of the more profound ones for me was…when I found out in 2010 that my biological father (whom I’d never met) had passed away in 2008 at age 55. I couldn’t find anything online that stated his cause of death, but I found out his death date on, coincidently on the day after his birthday. I wondered why he died and figured it was probably a heart attack. About a week later, I dreamed that I called his wife on the phone but then was suddenly in her living room speaking face to face. I asked why he died and she told me that he had cancer. I asked what kind and she said Lymphoma…I asked how long before he died after he found out he had it and she said one year. About six months later, I decided to actually write his wife and ask why he died. About a month later I got her letter response and she said that he died primarily from pneumonia due to hospitalization for 1.5 months after a motorcycle wreck that gave him massive chest injuries and fractures in other areas, etc. — but his 3rd diagnosis was Stage VI LYMPHOMA…and he had started treatment for it a month and a half before his accident.

So…how and why was I able to have that dream. It was such a vivid dream, too…so much more so than many others I’ve had. I remember my dreams so well and have always, since I was very young. It fascinates me !

So…not all psychics are full of crap. I have no reason to lie about any of this and I have the proof. I have Facebook messages and posts showing the dates where I mentioned the dream and then 6 months later when I found out why he died, I looked back at those posts to show people the proof.

Answer by Doctor
Most people think there are only three or four psychic gifts but actually there are nearly 80 of them; the one you are asking about is called travelling clairvoyance, the ability to see things from a distance. I once had a friend who had that ability; she could accurately see from a city away and she taught a college class called Altered States of Consciousness. She was amazing, but nowadays they call that gift remote viewing.

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