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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you think about seeing a psychic?

Ok so I made an appointment to go and see this psychic who apparently is supposed to be pretty good. However I am having second thoughts. Does anyone else feel that knowing the future in that way is kind of demonic??? I don’t really know, I feel like I should not mess with fate.

Answer by Mr.S
Your scaring the shizz outta me lol.

Answer by Sherry
Before you do, check into brian weiss, md

Answer by Katie
You wont be “messing” with fate.
Your just getting a heads up

Answer by  Mitchell
I don’t believe in psychics.

Answer by brittle
Just go- tell her to not tell you any of the things that you feel uncomfortable not knowing or something.

Answer by Robby L
I have the same feelings about it somehow being demonic, I dont go to them

Answer by John
I think its garbage.

“Pyschics” predict the future and their predictions are so vague that they can mean almost anything.

E.g.: “You will inherit money” – that could mean the lottery, a family member dying, finding 25 cents on the sidewalk, getting a birthday card with money in it, getting a pay raise, bank interest, etc.

Answer by Neil
well, i dont believe in all that “seeing the future” stuff. do what you want dude.

Answer by frank the bunny
i went to see one once and she was very good!!! and im not into psychic stuff its not scary if they can talk to old friends or family past it is a lovely experience take a paper and pen write everything they say down what doesn’t mean anything to you might mean something to another family member

Answer by beckeeey
nobody is psychic, these people are money making con artists, they work by using reverse physchology, its very clever how they do it actually, they work out little peices of information from the way you speak to them, they put you in a state of mind were you reveal your thoughts without you realising it, they are very talented people, but not at telling the future, there just talented at conning people out of their money, it is also very disturbing being around these people, they can give you false hope and can even trigger mental problems, i strongly recommend you do not go to see this psychic xxx

Answer by Rob
You’re assuming that the psychic will be right?! C’mon, they could say VERY vague generalizations and could be considered “right,” as long as they get their paycheck i’m sure they could care less about what they say.

Answer by rulesan

live life.

Answer by NYC
While some believe that it is demonic, some believe that people have gifts. You have to do what you feel comfortable with and how you feel. If you feel that it is wrong, don’t go. Me myself, I have done one over the phone before and I thought about going to see someone in person, but decided against it, b/c 1) I rather keep my money and 2) what will be, will be anyways

Answer by The Wolf Shinobi
Psychics are fake. If psychics were real, they’d already be supported by science, and before anyone says they are, let me tell you that they aren’t. First of all, a majority of scientists and illusionists are skeptics of the paranormal. Second, science has the technology to determine whether or not psychic powers exist, and so far, nothing. Third, James Randi, a.k.a. the Amazing Randi, wouldn’t be offering a $ 1,000,000 challenge to any psychic if science supported it. So, if any so called psychics wanna disprove me, take up James Randi’s challenge, here’s the link: Rating my answer a thumbs down or wasting your time on Yahoo Answers is just proving me right more and more, as you could be using your “powers” for something much more useful instead of sitting at home on your computer.

Answer by spicy pisces 😉
Before you make an appointment to see a psychic, make an appointment to see the PSYCHIATRIST!

Answer by Dc
what ever you decide is the right answer

Answer by chickkk
first let me tell you, there are real psychics out there BELIEVE ME!!
you know how the other answerers who are saying psychics are fake and they give too generalized information….well the ones i talked to know a lot of deep stuff and things you couldnt just get from a encounter with a person or a conversation! but if you getting a bad feeling i would say listen to your gut feeling it is usually right

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know where I can get a free online psychic reading?

I am going thru some hard times right now and am hoping a psychic can help me see things…

Answer by Working mom
Been there before. I can suggest people you should NOT consult for free reading – Sara Freder, Angeline, Bethea, Kelly Fox…host of others. Check before you proceed. Although they are initially free, they induce a near-death fear and you will end up paying them to cheat you royally.
Ofcourse this loss may be bigger than the hard time you are going through !!
I suggest you trust god and go about with your work in a normal way. I live with one principle – Worry is the best way to show that you have NO faith in god !

Answer by a bush/manson family member
the answer you seek is within,

Searching for truth or knowledge. Figuring out a plan or stratagem. Questioning everything. Looking inside yourself for deeper information. Building on a classical or time-tested approach. A time for research and information-gathering. Skillful use of tools and technology. Curiosity. In the creative process: Doing feasibility studies or reorganizing your approach is favored now. Be curious and question everything.

Answer by Scorpion Mother
You can go to for free psychic readings, but like anything else you are going to get what you pay for. If you are serious about getting real psychic advice, then you need to consult a competent professional who can give you some valuable advice. A well-trained, qualified psychic can give you tools to coach you to make guided decisions and thus improve the quality of your life. On the other hand, if you take too seriously the advice of every cheap or free reading you can get, you may end up with some bogus information that might leave you feeling more confused and helpless. You might as well just pick up a magic 8 ball.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Does anyone know online psychic communities?

I would like to talk to more people with abilities like mine.

&& if you’re going to be stupid and tell me I’m not psychic don’t bother wasting your time.

Answer by adam s
so, if you are psychic, who am i? what kind of person am i?

Answer by Monkeyhead [Kipperfarti]
If you were psychic, you would know where they are.

Answer by BOBA FETT
Okay, I won’t tell you that you’re not psychic. But if you can prove it with scientifically controlled experiments you’ll be more famous than Albert Einstein and richer than Oprah. Good luck.

Answer by moci_arane
sorry, no.

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