Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What do you think of supposed Psychic Sylvia Browne?

I used to believe in her but now I have come to think she is a scam.

Answer by John T
What took so long? need I say more.

Answer by Sandra K
I could tell at once that she’s a fraud, and I’ve heard more by now that proves it.

Answer by Aoki S
i feel the same as you ALTHOUGH i do believe at some point she was a psychic BUT when your outlook changes and you take advantage of your gift for example fame, greed(she charges $ 700 a reading) your gift gets reduced then taken away from you FOREVER because of your selfish actions. shes a greedy woman $ 700 a reading? FUCKING CRAZY you can get a REAL reading by a mayan woman where i live for $ 70.

Answer by MiNNIE
i don’t think she’s all that legit. I saw a clip on youtube where she was wrong and she was trying to find any little thing to cover it up.

Answer by WakkaWakka
Well…yes she is nothing more than a fraud. Look up on you tube a series of videos by a gentleman named James Randi. He exposes frauds and hoaxers like Ms. Brown. She was actually on his show.

Answer by Lore
Big Honking Fraud.

There’s a website called– if you haven’t checked it out, you should.

I actually read a lot of the things she supposedly was “psychic” about, but she’s full of crap, and so is her son. The thing is, most of these peple don’t really hurt anyone by their phoniness, because some of it is just for fun anyway, but this woman has gone on national TV to help victims of 9/11, missing or abducted kids, and just about ALL of her psychic information is 100% wrong. Can you imagine the emotional harm she has inflicted on these poor people that actually were desperate enough to believe in her “powers”?

She makes me sick.

Answer by joe.attaboy
All psychics are scams.

The worst ones are the John Edwards types who claim they can speak to the dead. Think about this for a moment:suppose you were married to the same partner for 50 years. If your partner died and was able to communicate with the living from beyond the grave, do you really think they’d speak to John Edward, so he could tell *you* what they said?

Visit James Randi’s great site on psychics, seers and healers.

Randi has offered to pay Sylvia Browne one million dollars if she can conclusively prove she has such powers. In fact, he offers to test anyone and give them the million if they can prove to have powers. No one’s claimed the money yet, and they’re been waiting for Browne for over 8 years to do the test (she agreed to do it on Larry King’s show in 2001).

Answer by Laurel J
She’s not only a fraud, she’s not a nice person at all.

Answer by Namiyaa
I never used to like her, i just thoguht it was a scam, but i’ve come to really like her. and her readings,
So i believe, but everyone can be wrong sometimes.

Answer by kilroymaster
She has been scamming people for years………………………

Answer by Fred
Yeah, she is starting to lose her power. There’s a youtube video on her being wrong.

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : what do the colors on my mood ring mean?

Hey so my sister recently let me have her old mood ring since it doesn’t fit her anymore. Since it’s been a while she’s not sure what the colors mean. Whenever I put it on It’s usually blue with some yellow. (The colors can mix a little) other than that I put some cold water on my finger, wiped it off, put the ring on and it was black. Can you tell what they all mean and what other color it may change to? Thanks!

Answer by Codie Rose Powers
Black (Jet Black To Charcoal)-Ebony/Onyx- Serious, Intense, Secretive, Mysterial, Storming, Stealth, Fierce, Radical, Overworked, Turmoil, Hurt, Tensed, Enraged, Down/Dread, Moodring Inactive; Nothing/Not Working

Brown (Java Brown To Golden Tan)-Bronze/Copper- Rethinking, In Anticipation, Researching, Heated Moods, Bold, Rising Momentum, Feisty, Rebellious, Jitters, Reactive, Nervous, Troubled, Mad, Fear

Red (Red-Brown/Black To Rose)-Ruby- Heart, Allured, Fiery Passion, Aroused, Awestruck, Spirited, Thrilled, Revolution, Attitude, Active/Adventurous, Harassed, Insecure, Fazed, Erratic, Urgent, Dangerous, Angered, Alarmed

=Orange (Lava To Sunburst)-Fire Opal- Thinking, Busy, Searching, Striving Intentions, Excited, Daring Wants, Energized, On Edge, Eerier, Déjà vu, Worried, Impatient, Vice, Guilt, Unnerved, Disturbed, Annoyed, Vexed

Yellow-Orange (Amber To Flame)-Brass/Gold- Mixed Feelings, Beckoning, Flaring Passion, Bittersweet, Endearing, Sincere/Concerned, Challenged, Indignant, Aloof, Cryptic, Upset, Disapproving, Anxious, Dizzy

Yellow (Olive To Golden)-Desert Glass/Topaz- Mixed Emotions; Many Thoughts, Ok/Mellow, Fair, Vague, Emotional, Imaginative, Distracted, Interpretive, Just So, Cautious, Unsettled, Disquieted, Strained, Foreboding Sense

Green-Yellow (Green-Amber To Gaslight)-Peridot- Emotions Mixed, Endeavors, Simmering Glow, Hoping, Expectant, Restless, Complications, Irritated, Conflicted, Distressed, Uneasy, Displeased, Perturbed, Queazy

Green (Jade Green To Light Green)-Emerald- Average Reading; Neutral/Normal, Good, Status Quo, Nice, Easily Amused, Alert, No Great Stress, Involved, Sensitive, Guarded, Undecided, Guessing, Envious, Jealous

Blue-Green (Teal To Cyan)-Aquamarine- Inner Readings; Normal/Ch’i, Receiving, Free Flow, Inner Emotions Charged, Easygoing, Somewhat Relaxed, Enthusiastic, Motivation, Stimulated, Rejuvenated, Upbeat, Pleased, Into, Flirtatious

Blue (Royal Blue To Sky Blue)-Sapphire- Happy, Calm, Friendly, Assured, At Ease, Optimistic, Near Bliss, Liveliness, Playful, Grooving, Peaceful, Caring, Pleasant, Moonstruck, Desire, Warm, Giving, Lovable

Violet-Blue/Ultramarine (Ink Indigo/Blue To Iris/Zenith)-Iolite/Lapis- Very Happy, Deeply Relaxed, Flight, Inner Harmony, Ecstatic, Tranquility, Bliss, Contented, Passionate, Lovestruck, Romantic, Aglow, In Love, An Ultimate Mood; Intuitive/Sublime

Violet (Dark Purple To Lavender)-Sugulite- Love, Romance, Heat, Passion, Euphoric, Sensual, Blissful, Joy, Relaxed, Dreamer, Intrigued, Perceiving, Exotic, Mystical, Impulsive, Mischievous/Sly, Irked, Moody

Red-Violet (Wine To Mauveine)-Amethyst- Tantalizing, Volatile Love, Aflame, Romantic Vice, Emotional Extremes, Moodier Passions, Furious, Over The Edge, Sarcastic, Adversarial, Upheaval, Discord, In Crisis, Nuclear

Pink (Magenta To Blush)-Rose Quartz- Loving, Affectionate, Warmth, Delight, Enchanted, All Right, Calmed, Pausing, Cool, Thoughtful, Curious, Pondering, Tender, Mystified, Unsure, Wonder/Shy, Infatuated, Charmed

=Glassstone (Ice Blue To Clear)-Quartz- Latent Aura, Psychic Vision, Subtle, Uncanny Feeling, Elusive, Soundless, Numb, Phobic, Gone, Phantom Moods, Undone, Emotionless, Surreal, Empty/Wanting, Moodstone Unreal; Faux/Fraud

White (Moonstone To Ice Mist)-Ivory/Opal- Contemplating, Philosophical, Constant, Temperate, Cooled, Stillness, Indifferent, Restrained, Bored, Confused, Unpersuaded, Frustration, Pensive, Shocked/Stunned

Gray (Slate Gray To Graystone)-Mirror/Silver- Reasoning, Wiser, Measured, Cooler, Neutral/Tame, Somber, Inhibited, Remote, Blasé, Misunderstandings, Tired, Forsaken, Pessimism, Stressed, Unhappy, Afraid, Wired, Paranoid

Rarer Mood Ring Colors

Mist Blue (Moonshadow Blue To Cat Eye Blue)-Celestite- Solitary, Lonely, Slightly Odd Feelings, Wondering, Suspicious Of, Questioning, Wistful, Forlorn, Wandering, Lost, Mournful, Despair, In Pain, Sorrow

Green Eden (Green Sky To Cat Eye Green)-Chrysolite- Considering, Incidental, Complacent, Noticing, Bemused Over, Quizzical, Speculation, Inquiry, Surprised, Looking, Observant, Discerning, Coping, Supposing

Cobalt Blue/Honey (Blue-Amber To Pilot Flame)-Blue Topaz- Radiance, Magnetic, Lambent Aura, Devoted/Impassioned, Sheltering, Reminiscent, Beguiled, Inclinations, Collected, Mellowed, Genuine, Warmed, Influenced, Suspended Disbelief

Verdigris (Xanadu To Celadon)-Euclase- Social, Deep Heartfelt Care, Xenial, Sincere/Thoughtful, Gathering, Sensitive Emotional Calm, Yielding, Inner Passages, Affected, Wavering Aura, Revolving, Spiraling Mode, Indecision, Roundabout Ways

Violet/Brown (Cordovan To Gray Indigo/Blue)-Axinite- Soulful Depths, Distant Hope, Haunting Memories, Retrospective, Weird Notions, Moody, Solemn, Regret, Cynical, Disillusioned, Nervous, Sad, Woebegone, Gloom

Bottle Green/Brandy (Earthen To Auroral Light)-Fire Agate- Ambiance, Transient, Atmosphere Glow, Drifting/Interacting, Eccentric, Rambling, Contrary, Tiresome, Grim, Apathetic, Off-Set, Mad, Wayworn, Angst/Jaded

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : anyone know where i can get free psychic readings?

anyone know where i can get free psychic readings?

Answer by steve_scharein
type this in on

free psychic readings

Answer by aphrodite_02
Here, I’ll give you one. You’re a girl who gradurated in 2005. You have a yahoo account. You were just on here 5 hours ago. (do the math.)

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