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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What does God have to say about healing with the mind?

I know He doesn’t like people having anything to do with psychics or mediums, but what about healers who can heal physical injuries and illnesses using only the power of their mind?

Answer by Bigfoot johnson
let me text him real quick. actually, ill shoot him an email

Answer by Bibigirl
We do not have supernatural powers on our own, we need help from somewhere and if it’s not done in the name of Jesus we know it’s from the other side.

Answer by Phoínix
technically all Christians should be able to heal and even resurrect people. So I guess god has no problem with healers healing with their minds, as long they are real and they don;t rip you off.

Answer by Matthew
God can do incredible things so if you have strength of find and faith he can heal you. Usually people who come by to do some mumbo jumbo and put their hands on you are charlatans and God sees them as such. Obviously Jesus did such healing but for every true prophet there were many false ones.

Answer by Free_Mind333
“God Says” You are Everything You Need. The healing of the physical begins in You, as you align Self with spirit

Answer by Jorgie
I believe God equates that the same–“psychics or medium” are condemned. *

A footnote in my Bible reads: “Spirit mediums.” Human agents used as a vessel for a demon of divination. LXX, “ventriloquists”; Lat., ma′gos, “astrologers.” Please look up Ac 16:16.

Among the blessings Jehovah bestowed on all mankind is the regenerative power of their physical organisms, the ability of the body to heal itself when wounded or diseased.

Today a doctor may recommend a certain course to speed recovery, but in reality it is the God-given recuperative powers within the body that accomplish the healing, don’t you think?

Answer by Conscious UK
Hello Sweet.

Psychic, Mediumship and Healing Abilities are all just fine. Just think about it, your God made you and everything about you, animals, planet and also what you may believe about fallen ones/devil etc. Nobody, including the devil can develop any power greater than God/Creator, so it makes sense to know that your God created you and other people with variousmarvelous abilities e.g psychic, mediumship and healing. All involve the spirit and doing good for other people, animals and so on. So do not fear ok.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where online can I find a Psychic / Medium that might be able to help with a missing girl case?

There is a missing girl, age 16 in my area. Shes been missing for 11 days now and we basically need any help we can get to find her. Are there any mediums out there that might be able to help, that are real? Maybe someone who can read photos or something?? Please let me know…..

Answer by Cye Muthaphukkin Gwazi
Psychics are jokes. The trolls are the only real help other than the parents/friends of the child.

Answer by leammasmoke
You’d do better if you found someone who was extremely close to the girl.

Answer by katiefv1 email her, she’s pretty good.

Answer by Leogone

.I’ m a psychic medium and i can help you to find this missing girl.
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Can you send informations about this missing with an enclosed photo of this girl through this website : .

Yours sincerely

Answer by JP
I will try my best …. I need her name and i will tell you as much as i can e-mail me at

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : i need help and need a real nice psychic?

I need a psychic, medium, or clairvoyant for help. Plz no gimmicks. Just honest help. We can email.
Here is one of my questions, when will he call? And by being a gifted person, you should know who hemeans. Thx so much.


he secretly hates you

Answer by Belle
You will never get an answer. Psychics aren’t real.

Answer by psychic_intuitive
Hello. I do not see him calling you in the near future, please do not limit yourself to him because I feel someone better will come along. You have to trust that the right one will come to you at the right time in your life and that this one (and many others) have and will be stepping stones. Everyone is in your life for a reason and use these relationships as opportunities to grow.

If you need to contact me my email is

Answer by Shailla
I tried a few and only had luck at one place, 877-483-4258. But your question is a good test!

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on psychic mediums

Psychic Mediums: Debunked


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