Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What exactly IS a psychic vampire?

A new twist on an old fantasy, or a real live sub-culture? What exactly is a “psychic vampire” ?

Answer by Labgrrl, atheists’ Lieberman
It’s not a new twist at all.

It’s just the current en vogue mystical occult yatta.

But emotional vampires aren’t metaphysical at all.

Answer by rac <°Ԓ**Ԓ><
Someone who will suck in the future.

Answer by Godsmyway11
its alice cullen in twilgiht

Answer by Old Man fron Scene 24
I don’t know, but I was accused of being one about 15 years ago. From what I can tell, they just piss other people off really bad to the point it is more than they can take.

Answer by confederate_outlaw
Someone who sucks your energy or brings out negative emotions within you.

Answer by Senior Limpio
watch south park

Answer by Senior IC: UU Atheist
Someone who makes you feel like you are obligated to help them out, but offer nothing in return. Basically they’re people who feed off of people’s good nature and make a one-sided relationship with people.

Answer by Karl P
Some ‘wanna-be’ that is an exibitionist/wants attention AND $ $ $ .

Answer by r u randy
It is exactly NONSENSE of a new variety. Pay it no mind. (There are much greater worries over fantasy believers than these.)

Answer by Pocket Protectorate
Overly emotionally demanding people…

Answer by nikkerkat2
do a google search on it.

Answer by Duet
A psi vampire is something created by the community of idiots who genuinely believe they’re vampires. The idea is they feed off emotions and psychic energy, in people, plants, anything really. Its a way of getting around the “How can you be a vampire if you don’t drink blood” question that threatens their delusions.

Answer by vistal1
No its a Old Char form the D&D days where they can suck your energy .Like what a reg vampire does for blood he does with energy.

Answer by The Master
This is often not mythological at all. It simply refers to a person who constantly requires lots of attention, help, and support. Normally, people eventually get back on their feet and become beneficial to society. But a “psychic vampire” just continues to leech forever, and never will learn to be independent. LaVey argues that such people should simply be ignored, should they refuse to help themselves.

The term was coined by Anton LaVey.

Answer by AVA
Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC
Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study (VEWRS & AVEWRS)

The Vampirism & Energy Work Research Study is a detailed sociological and phenomenological study of the real vampire community conducted by Suscitatio Enterprises, LLC ( in association with the Atlanta Vampire Alliance ( The specific focus of this study is individuals who personally identify as psychic and/or sanguinarian vampires. Two surveys were released in 2006 that were answered by over 700 individuals from all paths within the vampire community and throughout the world. The first was the Vampire & Energy Work Research Survey (VEWRS) with 379 Questions in March 2006; and the second was the Advanced Vampirism & Energy Work Research Survey (AVEWRS) with 688 Questions in August 2006. From 2006 to 2008 a combined response total from these surveys reached over 1,000 with excess of 500,000 individually answered questions; making it the largest and most in-depth research study ever conducted on the real vampire community or subculture. Statistical results from these surveys may be found at the web site above.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Psychics please help…?

What does my future hold?

Please no religious nuts.

If you want to see if you are psychic:

What color am I wearing?
Where in the USA do I live?
Do I have any pets?
What are my pets if I have them?
Am I married?
Oh just guess then. I would like to see how many get some right.

Answer by Dreaming of Sleep
A psychics power does not work this way….

Answer by tauruschic
Here you go I think you are wearing red or pink.
you have dogs because you like the attention they give and their obedience.
You are not married because no one will live up to your expectations.
And you live in a small town in the midwest, that’s a given there is nothing else to do out there but ask these types of questions.

I agree with the other girl, psychics don’t work that way. I do have some strong intuition and all I get from your question is that YOU want to know if psychics are real. Ask around to people you know, word of mouth is usually better then local listings, and make an appt with one. They are quite fun and interesting

Answer by someone
double double toil and trouble: fire burn and cauldron bubble

Answer by Becca Bright ☼
I’m no phsychic, but im gonna take some lucky guesses =p lol.
Your wearing a white floral printed cardigan with a light pink tank top underneath. your wearing jean shorts.
You live in Cincinatti, Ohio
You have a dog and a few fish
Your not married because ur only 16

Answer by Samanthuh 🙂
your wearing red.
you live in texas
you have cats
and maybe.. maybe just a boyfriend..

Answer by United Way
You have some problems

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What kinds of psychics are there+?

I can kind of read peoples minds and when people fflip a coin I can tell what side it is but only after its landed (no I didn’t just look at the coin) I can’t see futue things, but I can see things in the presentthat i have no way of knowing.
Is that still Psychic? I thought psychics could see the future.

I’m not crazy and I know I can’t spell.
Can I just say with the spelling? If it takes a psychic to know how to spell does that make us all psychic?
Also I know there are a lot of fakes. However I know what I know and you can’t convince me that I’m faking it to myself.

Answer by John H
Only one kind: fake ones.

Edit: I’m not trying to convince you that you’re a fake. I *know* you are a fake. You are either lying or deluded. You can “kind of read peoples minds”? Seriously? Why “kind of”? What is the difference between “kind of reading peoples minds” and effectively “reading peoples minds”?

As for the coin flip thing…So, if i flip a coin right now, can you tell which side it lands on?

Answer by Matt
Well as long you can admit you can’t spell.

Some psychics are genuine, but there are a lot more who are fake.

Answer by Nessie
If your psychic you should know how to spell. Thats like predicting letters, if you cant spell how can you predict someones future! !

Answer by sheza big zipper
im a psycic

Answer by duke_hast_mich
Well obviously you know what you know better than any of us would. So the thought of trying to convince you you were deluded never crossed my mind.
There is one kind of psychic it’s called “Anything Alive” but those living things all have a range of abilities from the inane to the absurd in varying levels of useability. Man kind has coined terms for more psychic phenomen than we have actually witnessed. They all fall back on the same principal though, the way your brains wiring meshes with the rest of reality. So if you can see the contents of an envelope without opening it your in good company, there are alot of them. that particular aspect has been called “remote viewing” even if it’s to feet away its remote viewing because it is not in front of your eyes it is hidden.

one small point though, if all you can do is tell what side a coin is thats only a 50/50 chance it’s not enough to prove anything. try doing harder stuff.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on live psychics

JakeyYuGiOh2/ImBadAtThis – Duel live commentary, Devpro;Checkmate server Infernity vs Psychics

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