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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What happens if your third eye is opened?

Do u have psychic powers, can u detect lies? And also how can you open it?

Answer by Furious Unicorn
Mammals do not have a third eye. You can’t open something which you do not have. Psychic powers are imaginary.
If you are good at reading body language and facial expressions you may have a fair chance of detecting lies.

Answer by elaeblue
The third eye looks inward. Helps you take a good long look at yourself.

Answer by completed_01
yes and NO… alot of things can happen BUT mostly what it brings is clarrity to the world and all its truths

Answer by Christian in Jesus
No, if the third eye is open you won’t have any protection for your flesh. You will be considered blind in the natural sense because all you will be the lost reality of the delusional darkness of the abyss. The spirits will cut you up. It is the same as sheol. You don’t see it and that is your protection against hell. To see hell is to be in hell. That is why being psychic is dangerous. You begin breaking down those walls and then they are gone. The truth knows that we live in the body of Jesus. But the brain won’t allow for that truth to manifests. You don’t see blood and arteries. You see only what your mind can accept. That is why the bible is written as a mystery. We are so frail and helpless, so a veil is put over our eyes to prevent us from falling into the bottomless pit. It is all there, and we would be lost if it weren’t for the saving grace of Jesus Christ. That is why magic is considered a bending of what is logical and reasonable. We have to remain within reason and not look through the third eye. It is too horrifying.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Doesnt it seems to you like nowadays everybody is having some sort of psychic issues?

Looks like everybody at least over twenty is having some psychic problems – some more severe some less. Seems to me like everybody has at least mild depression or mild anxiety in todays world. And we fight it with music, sports, hobbies, some even by acting aggresively, some with cynism…what do you think?

Answer by Jan Stolz
Its because everything is so micro analyzed today. For some reason, we feel the need to label everything. 100 years ago, we’d just say “that person is weird.” and leave it.

Answer by Sara B
years ago people didnt have time to think, they had to do it all, what we consider work now would almost be play for our grandparents, hence they would not get depressed because their was no time, nowdays we live in a ‘throw away, spoiled, selfish’ culture, all we think about is what ‘we’ deserve, what the world owes us etc, we have to much time on our hands and to much time to think, the busier a person is and the more fullfilling/giving a life a person leads the less likely he/she is to get depressed

Answer by jlf1262003
I think you mean Psychological not physic. However, I agree, I have several family members and friends suffering from depression and anxiety. Dr’s say it is a chemical imbalance. I’m not quite sure why there has been a increase. I feel people are fighting it with drugs mainly. Some individuals use sports or music as a focus, however, it then becomes an obsession. People who Truly suffer from this can’t help the cynicism.

Answer by Funny looking somebodies avatar
it’s because ppl like you and me give them enough attention to allow them to continue the sherade…that’s all they’re seeking, some attention

Answer by green_tara00
Simple. Way of life changed a lot.
Just look around: terrorism, crisis, assaults, violence, people work much more (i mean, compare 100 years ago?? what were we doing?), victims from war, victims from post traumatic stress….
we have stressfull life, we want our children to do everything else like music,sports, hobbies to distract them and to just not say we do not have time for them. Hobbies aren’t a fight, its just.. a distraction that it’s not practiced enough to balance our stress. We suffer from much more stress than 100 years ago and most of us just work sit in front of computers moving a finger. Brain makes all the job that the body was used to to before. You get what i mean.

Plus: Mental health starts with the mother. Its VERY important to have a present and caring mother to have a stable emotional state of mind.
Long time ago, woman used to stay at home taking care of the children whilst man go out to work. Children got all attention from mother.
Nowadays, both sexes have their job (because society obliges to it, we need money to keep our children and so on.. or maybe we have more needs than we used to have before). and parents just throw their children to someone else to take care of them and pick them back at the end of the day. So … then they work a lot to get into christmas time, and spend huge amounts of money in toys to make their kids temporarly happy. How cute 🙂 Those kids grow up some day. They forget about it…

Answer by someone in need of help
to the funny looking person above: its not all about seeking attention, sometimes it is, but most of the time its not jsut attention seeking, thats a way for ignorant people to dismiss what they don’t understand, i think its partly to do with the changes in the world, too much to consider with that to get into it right now lol but these changes make us more likely to be unstable, extreme in our minds /emotions…but mainly I agree with the answer which said its because everything is so analysed these days, we put a label to everything, thats so true, I think its partly so much easier to have a ‘reason’ for everything, this reason is often some kind of disorder, something to pin it down to, years ago we dealt with things, swept more under the carpet, that was both negative and positive as we lived, we deat with things, we had to be strong so we found the strength and got better ffrom that, these days we put a label on it and more often than not it becomes a disorder rather than something we can cope with, although its a positive that mental illness is more recognized these days, as alot of people do genuinly have them and need help/treatment, also most of us do actually suffer from some form of mental illness in our lives, the problem is not realizing that for some its better to cope, can be coped with and others do need to be helped proffesionally, we seem to assume EVERYONE needs help these days, everythings a serious issue…I myself have had depression and still do, also suffer from anxiety but I refuse to go to the doctor and be labelled with an illness, I consider myself to just be a normal human, its our nature to have faults, Im not ‘sick’ Im human and im experiencing the same emotions we all go through at some point, maybe more extreme than some, but I can cope without saying its a disorder and being proffesionally labelled.
Also, this whole blame the parents thing we seem to have these days, such a flawed and subjective argument it really cant be applied to the majority.

its a huge issue with lots of things to consider to get to the reason for it as there are MANY.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Hypothetically, if a man wins the lottery and claims he won because he is psychic, can the lottery ban him?

This man proves he is psychic by playing and winning the next 10 Powerball and Megamillions in a row. He is also able to buy a stack of Scratchers and pick out all the winners without scratching them. When he goes to Vegas, he always wins at the roulette table and at 21. He’ll kick someone off a slot machine and pull the winning hand. Would the lottery ban him from playing and on what grounds can they do this?

Answer by Joe
I don’t believe you can be barred from participating in state run lotteries as long as you are of legal age to do so. Casinos in Vegas, on the other hand, can refuse service at any time and remove you from the premises or ban you from entering under the threat of a trespassing charge.

Answer by Lynn Bodoni
Many contests of luck have a clause that limits the number of times a person can win a prize in a certain time frame. For instance, the radio station that I listen to most frequently usually has at least one or two contests, and it occasionally runs legal disclaimers, saying who can’t enter at all (people in the industry and people directly related to them) and that entrants can’t win more than one prize every 30 days, or every 6 months if the prize is over a certain dollar amount.

As for Las Vegas, the casinos can and will hint that a gambler should move on if he seems to be too lucky. At first, these are gentle hints, for instance, the pit boss will put in a new dealer or croupier, and then the casino will offer a special free meal or show coupon to the gambler. If the “psychic” kicks someone off of a slot machine, then large, hairy individuals will show up and escort him out of the casino, and tell him not to come back. Interfering with another gambler is a big, big no-no.

I lived in Las Vegas for 10 years, but I hardly gambled at all. I even passed up the slot machines that were in grocery stores and laundromats. Gambling is for suckers.


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