Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What is the best free live psychic reading and advice online?

I want to consult the best online psychic reader which I can seek help and advice. Accurate in reading and giving the best advice. Most of all, it is free or absolutely cheap to seek his service.
does it help to seek a paid psychic reader online?
does it help to seek a paid psychic reader online?

Answer by lala
The best reading by the best online psychic ;;;; that doesn’t exist ; not online

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How can I tell how accurate a psychic reading was?

I just got a psychic reading over the phone and I want to know if I should follow the advice. How do I tell the accuracy of the psychic without blindly following the advice?

Answer by Slam J
First off, psychics are for ENTERTAINMENT. You probably never want to follow the advice blindly. However, if your really curious about how accurate a ‘psychic’ is, check the resource below.

You can usually research the individual or company online nowadays.

Answer by mycathouse
Call another psychic and ask them if they can predict whether the first psychic was right?

Answer by Joey
psychics have already been proven to be frauds…don’t waste any more of your money and make your own choices in life.

Answer by hoser
If they told you anything other than “you just got ripped off,” you can count on any accuracy being pure coincidence. Doesn’t the fact that they claim to be able to give reading over the phone, with no connection to you whatsoever, seem a little odd? It’s a scam.

Answer by Alicia
No matter what the advice, you need to do what you feel is right.
Not what some floozy told you over the phone.

Answer by super_andyroo
I would say 99.9% of the psychics you speak with over the phone are frauds, thats not to say I believe in psychics at all, or I endorse seeking their advice…
If you feel as though you believe in psychics and do wish to seek their advice, I would think it would be much better for you to actually see one in person, as they can connect with you on more levels, other than voice over a phone line, with hundred’s of miles between you.
I think that if the psychic did have anything important to say, you will know deep down inside…and if they told you to call back tomorrow…dont!
Hope this helps

Answer by GasMaskCat
you have to crack in egg inside a glass of water (half full or half empty however you choose to look at it) whist humming — if the egg rises in the water as a Sailboat, then it means you float with what the psychic told you… if the egg rises in a ying yang shape then you should definately ask her out on a date!

Answer by Sadhara Satguru

Any psychic guidance is that a guide, you have to listen to your own heart & you will be fine.

However accurate a psychic is you still have to learn your own way via your own decisions.


Answer by robbmthuk
A Psychic should be able to Tell you parts of Your past that only you know Your present situation. And your future Without you Even Saying anything. They should not start by asking you your Birth sign. And should tell you more than. Oh I see you have had a bad relationship in the past, Who the bloody well as not. Plus if they say I can see money problems its mainly they are telling you ,I am just about to rip you off. So if they can tell you something about your past that you only know, A situation that you are going through at present, and A future event that will happen a a couple of weeks not a couple of years.
And all is correct Then at least consider there for real. I hope that helps.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I always see people asking psychics for advice. Are they accurate? Answer question correctly and win 10 points?

I would love to put you to the test!
Okay my birthday is January 1, 1985 and my name is Alicia.

What is my favorite color(s)

Easy 10 points!

Answer by electric avenue
no they’re not accurate. i’ve asked questions like that and they were just wrong. none of what they said would happen happened.

but there are real psychics out there. just do some reasearch and find the most reputable one in your area if you’re really interested.

Answer by SadharaSatguru
Hello Alicia

A psychic is as accurate as they are a clear channel, it also depends on the intent of the questioner.

What your favourite colour is, is something that you would know & not the sort of issue a psychic would concern themselves with.

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Answer by Vasudev P
If you need accurate so please you give your complete birth details

Answer by Star Cherub
Red and purple.

Answer by rasik_rasikkalyankar
Black and Brown are your favorite colours

Answer by Singin’ In The Rain
Alicia, I see a streak of red oil paint, an inspiring, artistic, non-threatening red. Blue streaks. You like blue. Are you patriotic? 🙂 You like dark blue skies with sparkling stars though.

Do you like or hate pink fluff like cotton candy? I can see it, you have an opinion about that color, you made some comment about it or thought about it.

Answer by WiseWoman
Astrologers use birth date info. not psychics! and no,very few are accurate.There are lots of people who call themselves psychics but very few are genuinely gifted.

Answer by spiritualist
OK. There is Numerology, Astrology and also Astral projection or Clairvoyance. All these can be incorporated and used together.

Yes, psychic reading can be quite accurate enough to help out a person, if taken from a reputable psychic. It actually depends on how developed their ability is. You also have a certain degree of freedom to affect your own future as well.
The true goal is not to shape your opinion or future, nor to determine your behavoir but to assist you with the necessary information to make an enlightened decision.

Fav Color – WHITE, YELLOW.. light shades
Thx for 10pts 😉


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