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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What kind of ghost has a watery type reflection?

Ok this may be a little hard to explain lol, but my mom’s husband passed away about a month ago now from a heart attack she saw the whole thing 🙁 but I remember her telling me on the phone maybe a week or few days before he passed that she kept seeing a figure standing behind the door of my room (dont live there anymore, so spare room) and it looked clear and had a watery type reflection I hope this makes some sense. So there was definitely an outline of a figure but clear and kinda wavy like water when it ripples. Then he passed away in the early morning a few days or a week later, my mom is very upset she’s known him half her life and she lives alone now, and now a week or so later she’s still seeing this figure but now in different parts of the house. I thought at first it could have been someone watching over her husband or waiting to take him when he passed, but it’s still there now. I know they say like if a spirit has a green aura it could be healing or something so what could this be? please don’t leave comments saying i’m crazy or blah blah blah I really need an answer. Thank You.

Answer by John
My condolences.

It’s impossible for any of us to tell what your mom’s psychological state is right now, but I’m sure is in mourning. It was most likely a hallucination stemming for her grief or perhaps loss of sleep, or perhaps it is just the common corner-of-the-eye illusion that we all get. Maybe there is something medical going on that would explain it.

Scientifically speaking, there is no reason to think that ghosts (e.g., spirits) exist.

Answer by Tim M
Ghosts and spirits can be encountered at times in varying degrees of manifestation and appear in different stages . Some can be see in a full apparition of their former self as they appeared in life and some can be seen as a silhouette or shadowy outline of the human form. Though it is hard to say for certain that this was the spirit or ghost of your moms husband, there are reports of a residual spirit being seen just prior to someones death and just after even over great distances and this is can fall into the category of after death communication and as well a pre death visitation. The spirit , just after passing, can linger for a period of time and be seen and encountered in different ways. At times they may not be quite ready to continue on their journey and choose to stay around in places that they lived and around those they loved. The “watery” type image could just be a varying degree of manifestation and not necessarily symbolic of anything in particular but that it occurred at all is definitely meaningful. I would tell her that it could continue off and on for a period of time until they are ready to move along, that is if this is the spirit of her husband at all but it would appear that it could very well be. Take care.

Answer by Broken Wings
Sounds like someones watching over your mum. Like a Guardian Angel 🙂

Answer by Josh
Ghosts and/or spirits do not exist and never have or will. This was just a hallucination or just a glint of light that appeared as a spirit. You are not crazy and neither is she but people are very naive when it comes to religion and the afterlife. The truth is, none of it is true and never will be. I do hope people will start realizing this so that you are not lead on by psychics and the belief of the “god” figure.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any real psychic chat rooms for free?

Does anyone know of any legitimate websites where there are psychics you can chat/IM for free, no phone required? Having kind of a hard time lately, could use some guidance. Greatly appreciated.

Answer by lightperson
Just think hard about it until one contacts you.

Answer by Antici…..
It’s the same one that gives you tomorrow’s winning lottery numbers.

Answer by Lion Sack
I’ve thought about it a lot,
read it often. I wrote a book about the Book of Mormon,
partly just because I wanted my own conviction,
my testimony, to be in print, even if only for my children’s sake.
I dismiss out of hand the early criticism that somehow this was a book that Joseph Smith wrote.

The only thing more miraculous than an angel providing him with those plates and him translating them by divine inspiration would be that he sat down and wrote it with a ballpoint pen and a spiral notebook.

Answer by Midnyte
I really don’t think that you will be able to find a site like that. People usually charge for their services.
What you can do is: either find any free tarot websites with computer-generated readings or try any tarot forums – someone might be able to give you a free reading for practice or have community “tarot” maybe someone will give you a freebie there

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : To psychics- should I go ahead with the novel im currently writing? Or is it a waste of time?

After I finish that novel, im planning to publish it. Im worried about finding publishers for it.

My name is Maithili.

Answer by libertine23
uhm. its definitely going to be a failure.

lol just kidding.

i’m sure you and your novel will be ok : )

Answer by 2009is my year not to stress
No you will fail. Dont do that. Instead get up at 7:38am not a second before or after and go for a run. When you go for that run you will notice something that you have been waiting for.

Seriously? How can you tell who are the psychics? I just fed you a bunch of BS! All I can say is from person to person you should finish your Novel. You should have faith that its going to be great. You should know that when you take it to the publishers that they will say no and they will continue to say no until the right one says yes and when they do your book will be famous and so will you. You just have to have faith in yourself and know that no one can tell you but yourself.. Good Luck!!

Answer by tiki-mon
You need to finish it and write two more. After that, write three more.

Don’t worry about publishers. They’ll find you.

Answer by dadson388
Sorry not a sooth sayer, but John Grisham could not find a publisher for his initial book, “A Time To Kill”, so he had it published and even sold copies out of the trunk of his car. Somebody got their hands on it and gave him a visit to write a little less racist oriented theme ergo his first publishing house print was “The Firm”which went even more mega watt with Tom Cruise playing lead character in the film adaptation. After that, if Mr. Grisham printed a phone directory he could get it published. He finally realized his vision of seeing “A Time To Kill” reprinted in mass quantities and you guessed it – another movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Samuel Jackson. Go for your dreams you just never know.

Answer by Love
It’s a so so feeling for me. The reason is because you’re having a little bit of doubt about the whole thing. You’re attracting negative energies to yourself by being worried and by your fears. Have faith in yourself, why stop now you’ve already gotten this far and you can go further without any regrets or hesitation.

good luck

Answer by mcsteamy14
you’re going to fail

and then you’re going to succeed.

I just made that up but it sounded deep. and it’s probably going to happen because that’s what happens to every budding writer. It’s a good thing to fail sometimes 🙂

Because then when you succeed, you really know it 🙂

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