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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What place has Mysticism in your Religion?

How will you define ‘Mysticism’? I define Mysticism as ‘looking at existence without any prejudice’.
Do you think “Mysticism is to know life, without knowledge standing in between you and living”? Why or why not?

God Bless

Answer by Don H
Lets put it this way, religion has no place in my Mysticism.

Love and blessings don

Answer by oldandtired
Sorry, I’m not stupid enough to trade my relationship with God for a religion.

Answer by banzi
What place has Mysticism in your Religion?
Mysticism in Hinduism

Brahma-Nirvana is the term that Hindus use to refer to a union with God that goes beyond mere ritual and dogma. It is this concept of Nirvana that guides the Hindu in his daily actions, indicating a deep mysticism in the daily practice of this major world religion.

How will you define ‘Mysticism’?
Mysticism means direct intuitive experience of the ultimate reality, by an individual. This reality could be God or self.

Answer by The Elements
Mysticism is the intuitive knowledge and understanding of God via the knowledge of Self through that knowledge understanding of life, nature, universe and all those “hidden” things that we think are beyond our understanding.

Answer by jimmy_mankoo_86
Guru Nanak “stressed that God must be seen with ‘the inward eye’, or the ‘heart’, of a human being. Beyond this there is no dogma, only the search for truth. Sikhs meditate as a means to progress towards enlightenment; it is devoted meditation practice that enables a sort of communication between the Infinite and finite human consciousness.”

Mysticism in the Sikh faith began with its founder, Guru Nanak, who even as a child had profound mystical experiences. There are many stories of the young Nanak slipping into deep meditative trances, once even getting into trouble for neglecting his father’s cattle, which then wandered into a neighbor’s field and ate their crops!

But, meditation in the Sikh’s understanding is different from meditation as it is understood in other Eastern practices. For the Sikh there is no concentration on the breath, for example, but chiefly the recitation of the name of God. “We are instructed to recite the name of God (Waheguru) 24 hours a day, no matter what we are doing,” “That is the first and foremost duty of a Sikh. You start by reciting aloud, then from your mind. You inner being is reciting the name of God while you are doing your own work.”

Though mystic practice–“to be one with God,” is essential to Sikhism, these practices are not limited to an elite few who remove themselves from the world. Rather, participation in ordinary life, being householders, business people and so forth, is considered spiritually essential to the Sikh. “We do not renounce the world. You can attain being one with God while living a family life,” This way of thought was exemplified and encouraged by Guru Ram Das who pointed out that Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, did not renounce the world, but only renounced “the greed for money.”

There are no priests, monastics or yogis in the Sikh faith. “We are all supposed to lead that spiritual life. We don’t all achieve it, but this is our goal. Our ultimate goal is to be one with God.”

Answer by I Wish You Love!
Mysticism is an interesting word, one which most Christians shy away from because they do not quite understand it… and this is a good question offering me an opportunity to share with you and others how I feel regarding the mystical aspects of how I experience God… direct cognition of God – The Living God and Unity of all that is. Our Everlasting Father, and originator of all life.

aaah Will… Could there be, a more worthy purpose than wanting to be in connection with God?

Jesus proclaimed “I and the Father are one,” (Jn. 10.30) showing the world what the union of God and man can be. Christian mysticism is about nothing else but this transforming union. I am being transformed more as time passes by, the Holy Spirit, Christ and The Father…

I have joy, peace, and trust in knowing fruition is growing in me…I am learning who and what I am in Christ. Christ is the sole end of Christian mysticism. Whereas all Christians have Christ, call on Christ, and can (or should) know Christ, the goal for the Christian mystic is to become Christ—to become as fully permeated with God as Christ is, thus becoming like him, fully human, and by the grace of God, also fully divine. In this transforming union, i am not focusing on my “Experiences’ but rather on the lasting experiences of God, not on those experiences that come and go. I am treasuring the identification process, of knowing who I am in God, and this creates in me a certainty that goes beyond the up’s and down’s of life. I am becoming consciously aware, that I don’t just want to know scriptures… i want to know God more than the honored scriptures… the very nature of who God is, so I can be in sync walking in union with all that is inherent in God! The Spirit and Counsels of God being made alive in me… Holiness is a state we can have, and not meant just for the great past ones..

I love the teachings, so don’t take this wrong but… I so see God as Our Eternal Father who is wanting me to Know directly all there is to know and understand, so I can produce His kind of fruitfulness in my heart, so that my spirit radiates with this presence…and while I love the church, God is more than a building.. for I am His building … his consecrated temple. While God loves us to gather together in worship, mostly he wants each and every believer to be activated in His inner workings of the heart, mind and soul.. being in a personal state of Knowing intimately all there is to know… to be developed in this completely so we can declare and proclaim… “All is well within my soul’ It is empowerment… meant first to bless us, then meant for us to put forth outward bound… so that others do feel drawn into the Majesty of God, being reunited with The Living God, being the experience, of Christ…
This is a terrific question Will,so thanks as I don’t get many opportunities to articulate … the place Christian Mysticism has in my heart, soul and mind…

It is not a religion to me ~ being made into Christ, is life…it is about drawing life from The Living God, it’s about, being made over, regeneration, transformation, sanctification, redemption from all the things which pervert life, it is about knowing Love in the highest sense, Knowing God in intimacy, loving myself as God does, and then knowing how to love others as they need to be, and should be… it is about being a blessor, in life. I’d like to be considered a contributor of great treasures… such as…

eternal life…as Jesus was and is… His love in me, causes me to rise in Him…

A walk into Eden… is a walk worth knowing.. not meant to be a secret… or a mystery… meant for all mankind… a return to bliss! Without God, I can do nothing… so I need God’s presence filling my core… with all the counsels, and love there be. a discovery in having all the Love we were meant to rise in, with fullness of life, spiritual and physical health, so our Souls prospers… as God so desires us to have.

One last thing, we do not believe we are greater than God the Father, we are eternally grateful for His Sovereign ability to change us… as we die to self… it is not anything I can boast in of myself, for this entire transformation is because God first loved me! Without Him, I am nothing… because of Him I can be and do all things… through Christ Jesus our Lord.

God bless you richly Will (hugs)

Answer by i ♣ seals
So glad ((((Kar)))) gave me the link to this question.

Loved every single answer so far and they all reflect the best of religious (and Buddhist, Don?) beliefs.

Mysticism for me is pondering the things that we know exist but can’t know the answers to as yet such as this (truly amazing)

And this

I suppose if I’m honest, I find mysticism is that slight “thrill” that we all feel from *almost being able to comprehend something which we cannot.

We all feel that, right?

Thanks for the opportunity to read some great answers.


Answer by Uncle
(((Karen))) is the epitome of a good Christian. But, just as important she is a good person. One cannot really be a Christian unless one is a good person and unless one seeks harmony in all things.

I am not as good as Karen, so the best I can do is “Seek harmony when I can” —

Answer by little Chief
The formation is why we so look as the world, is a basket of many fruits and why makes the quest moving. And rightly so we do have breathed to as make a way. And so off we go. I was one such as these in the basket as a basket in my mind. And a Farther with out a home I was. So free will was in play at the get go. And I was open to the many of writings leading pastorals to my door, many at a time in junction with my heart so as to know what all these baskets of males were. As coming from a broken home and of many of cultures of back grounds within the basket with in and with out was huge lack to love, so I wonder in many places with no home with No’ heart.

So it was all to search out the wonder of love of life and life in love.

But I so have come to some conclusion. As not to isolate (his), for all tell truth is a open book, but even an open book in its many facets by the visible it speaks of what sort it is.
So I come to see the male image in us all is the visible and the facet and the book that becomes open. And in it by way of heart, love, we see who we all are, the knowledge.

I can so say by this revaluation I have become alive in the basket of fruit and in so doing I have put my self on a lampstand for all to see. For it’s a two way street when order of first love is weighed in to the equation to be, we are of God, and in His many places we will be found for the heart was unto all even-self was born.

For the question is being risen… am I content.., and I say in all that I believe, God is calling all; God’s all, is of us what is good; And going to get better in nature natural in time, creation of spirit and truth operating within heart of spirit and truth is Spirit (‘Father who art in heaven will hollow be His name on earth as it is in heaven’).

Well in heart I see much to handle for all are at my door for I say Come.

What more could I want , what more do I need, for in so in all my mysticism I find all of his is mine and thus I am at rest.

I am what I am
We is what we is

Natural is the Lord
And in so I will be filled

For mysticism I found In God in us and became Us.

Carey in the Landlord; Him>him my Lord…….
Amen and Amen I pray

Greater will be Christ in all things furthering when he rest in the good one, our eyes will be opened.


Answer by Trish Magpie
Mysticism implies some activity. So as not to be synonymous, scientific activity excludes mysticism. Like science, mysticism seeks truth. Then for me mysticism is the search for incredible truth. I have never tried to define mysticism before because I am not a seeker, though mysterious occurrence finds me in the conduct of my faith. I don’t feel mystical inquiry is at all profitable, but I am grateful for mysterious gifts of light and God protect me from harm.

Answer by angel
The Father, the Son, and Holy Ghost. you have to accept the trinity entirely. you can’t have one without the other. they are all one in the same but three separate at the same time. it mystifies me because hearing it at first seems strange, but the more you get to know God and the closer you get to him, you can see/feel the differences only in the title but still know in your heart its still God Almighty.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : has anyone been involved in the underground street racing scene in japan?

if yes please share some past experiences and incidents,here in athens greece where i live everything is really mystic and the thing goes with personal contacts and we like to keep really low profile racing in totally deserted areas and mountain or country roads.

Answer by Sticky Rice
It typical of those Japanese do something like that. This why China better.

Answer by Teenage Dream
Yeah I have.

I wish.

Answer by Carl_the_Truth
The racing scene is pretty much closed to anyone who isn’t involved in it. And I doubt if there’s any racers on yahoo answers. I can tell you it’s nothing like the Tokyo Drift movies.

Answer by Spoo Gen
I once raced a japanese guy who was driving a Nissan Silvia 400R Nismo.At that time i had a tuned Honda Z Act.Threw in a shot of Nitrous Oxide.Engine exploded.I spent a month in hospital cause the piston had done my face like pork.Those were good times!

Only joking.I can’t tell much about it

Answer by wuzaracer
The undergound racing scene in Japan is different in places. I lived in Tokyo, thus I lived far from the places seen in Initial D. In Tokyo there is more of a car scene on Friday and Saturday nights. Usually it was more like drving fast on the freeways. We would drive the C1 Loop on the the Tokyo Expressway. There is a small parking area along the C1 where we would hang out and check out other cars. Another place is the Daikokofuto parking area in Yokohama. This is a bigger area and many people will hangout there. In between the hanging out some would go out onto the freeways and drive fast. Once we woke up at 0300 to go as fast as we could in the Aqualine tunnel. This tunnel stretches between Kawasaki and Chiba and runs under the bay. This is a long straight line tunnel. At 0300 there are no cars in the tunnel and my friends would go as fast as they can.

The cops would sometimes setup checkpoints and issue citations for cars that were not street legal. This was their way to stop freeway racing.

What we did to enjoy our cars was to go to drift races and open track. There are man small and medium sized tracks that had days where you could join the drift group or the grip group. The idea was to run on the track and not have to worry about the police.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are there any stores that specialize in Wiccan goods?

I live in Lawrence Ks and I am looking for a nice store where I can buy wiccan supplies. Any Ideas?

Answer by right a

Answer by antivinegar
try to search for one on here…

Answer by thepinkgiraffe
i would try

there is usually a good listing of local pagan friendly and pagan supply stores, and also groups and events in your area.
good luck and blessed be !

Answer by Green Witch
Yup, there are two. 🙂

The Sacred Sword

Proprietor: Gary/Dawn
Telephone: (785) 331-3929
Located in: Lawrence, Kansas

Shop Profile: The Sacred Sword is a spiritual retailer, educator, and service provider all under one roof. We believe in offering our customers a store that feels like home, and are continously growing to meet the needs of our customers.

We are a major supplier of botanicals, aromatherapy, gemstones, incense, statuary, books, tapestries, jewelry, and ceremonial tools. Like our name implies, we have a large selection of swords, athames, and martial art practice equipment.

Born on Samhain, Gary has been on a spiritual journey much of his life. While studying English and Philospophy in college, he became exposed to many beliefs and faiths, and as such considers himself a Panentheist. After graduating, Gary decided to dedicate his life to pursuing a better understanding of God and his place in the Universe. His goal with the store is to spread awareness of common threads in all faiths rather than preach any one system. He strives to interact with his customers, promote free in-store discussions, classes, and workshops, and to make the store a community.

Dawn has been interested in natural healing and developing intuition since childhood. After obtaining her BA in English, she has since earned several honorary and alternative degrees in such fields as holistic therapies, divinity, and metaphysics. She is currently in her last semester of her ND ( doctor of naturopathy) program. She is in charge of the wellness center, herbacy, intuitive services, and all holistic and wellness products. She is also the owner of Reiki Rays,, which focuses on teaching Reiki and other metaphysical practices locally and online.

The store offers a free Reiki circle, an open Wiccan/Pagan circle, as well as regularly scheduled free and low cost workshops in metaphysics and holistic healing. We have three intuitives available for tarot and other appointments, as well as an astrolgoer who has over 30 years professional experience.

We both believe that the emergence of the store was Divinely influenced at every step of the way. First opened in 1999, the store went through several renovations and expansions until it blossomed into its current form in 2003. We continue to grow and change, and we welcome you to join us.

Shop Address: 732 Massachusetts Street , Lawrence Kansas

Directions: Located in the heart of downtown Lawrence, next to Vermont BBQ and Freestate Furniture Outlet.

Hours of Operation: M-Th 11-6, Fri&Sat 10-6, Sun 12-5


Village Witch

Proprietor: Kerry Johnson
Telephone: (785) 856-8777
Located in: Lawrence, Kansas

Shop Profile: As some of you know our former stores 9th Path and Mystic Realm burned in October 2005. After many months of searching we have finally found a new space for our store. The new name reflects our commitment to be “village witches” for our community. We still carry the same wonderful things we did at the previous store – herbs, oils, stones, beads, altar supplies. We also offer classes. We would like to thank all our customers and supporters for their patience while we adjusted to our new situation. The reason for the fire remains a mystery to all but the Gods, and They have informed us that we just need to move forward. Drop by to check out the new space or just to chat.

Shop Address: 311 N. 2nd , Lawrence Kansas

Directions: Right across the bridge to North Lawrence. Left at Locust Street. Store is on the left next to the Gaslight Tavern. Parking in the rear of the store.

Hours of Operation: Tues – Sat 11am – 6pm

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Bob Marley – Natural mystic – live at Deeside Leisure Centre 1980 w’ lyrics


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