Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : whats a good website for accurate psychic readings?

Answer by xCHEYx
I know you asked for a website, but if you want a truly accurate reading, go for actual tarot cards!!
Good luck 🙂

Answer by Vanessa
Why do you give a shiit?

Answer by Awakened-Spirit gives

Answer by snicker
Are you asking because you want a genuine answer, or are you asking because you want to promote your own psychic readings website?

Sorry, a lot of us are watching these type of questions springing up and witnessing psychic businesses promoting their own sites.

We are over psychic businesses using Yahoo for SEO.

Answer by Yuvan
I personally found a website with some credible knowledge about psychics, and some very nice soul there helping people for free.

As such, you can also try my free service (I am a psychic) at

Answer by MelanieJade
I am a professional psychic and offer readings through my website,

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are there any truly free accurate psychic readings?

Answer by Splash Log
Nope. Even the ones you pay for are fake, too.

Answer by wristshot

Answer by Richard
No. There are no truly accurate psychic readings period. They simply make intelligent vague predictions based on what you look like and your body language.

Answer by This is my avatar (2)
yes, I see you are seeking advice for some trouble in your life

Answer by w8n4heaven
You may not know this. NO

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : is psychic readings accurate?

Even though its something that i never believed in, this week i asked by e-mail psychic Jill dohne to read about my relationship.well, don’t blame me i am really kind of confused about it and practically incapable of deciding i just want to ask you has any one of you have had a reading from her ? has it helped or its useless?

Answer by John M
No there are scams and psychics are full of Shit

Answer by Prince oF ThE RaJahz..
The best Psychics are known to be from India, it started in the Indian subcontinent. Hillary Clinton and other many prominent politicians all over the world go to psychics and it can be a fun experience. Just dont go completely crazy after listening to them. Also there are some out there just to scam you, so you should be careful with that as well.

Answer by dingodevil
I personally think most of them are scams. However I got a very insightful and accurate reading from a Buddhist monk in a Thai temple once. And my guess is that if you met the Dalai Lama he would be able to assess you quite profoundly…

Answer by Morpheus
No – it’s a very old and common fraud. The “psychic” asks a few questions and extrapolates a few other truths about you – and then spits them out. This convinces you that the “psychic” “knows things” he “can’t possibly know”….

But it’s a fraud.

Answer by Genoa City’s Phyllis Newman
I’ve never heard of her.

Answer by mudpie1598

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic readings

Watch Psychic Tana Hoy Give Live Psychic Readings On The Streets Of LA

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