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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What’s the difference between astrology readings, reading numbers and psychic readings?

how accurate are they? also, did u have any strange experiences you wanna share?

Answer by Mr. Willy Wonka: Tarot Reader
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Answer by astrospy
I have been doing astrology readings for about twelve or 13 years now. The impression I get is that astrology really works, otherwise I probably would not pay attention to it. I know a little about numerology but I don’t think it works. And as for psychic readings I think it is usually a scam but once in awhile there is something supernatural going on.

My studies are mostly with dead and missing persons. The question is whether people who die mysteriously like Elvis or Marilyn or Michael does their astrology say anything about their death. I usually see a very strong relationship.

For example take Michael Jackson. He was into prescription drugs and probably was having insomnia problems and that eventually led to his death, at least that is what I get from the media. So what does his astrology reading say about it?

I just key in MJ’s birthdate 8/29/58 in and then check his short term forecast, looking particularly for Neptune transits, because Neptune is the planet that most affects people with drugs.

From his current transits, I see this, which is pretty much what I would expect.

“Neptune opposition Mercury: An overactive imagination

End of February 2009 until end of December 2010: Thinking and communication will be problem areas in your life during this time. You are more subject to confusion at this time than at any other, and it is a very dangerous time to make important decisions. Either you misunderstand the circumstances that affect your decision, or you do not have all the facts. It is also possible that someone has deceived you about the facts.

In communicating with others, be very careful that what you say is clear, and if you don’t understand what someone else says to you, clarify it to yourself. Misunderstanding others is a great danger at this time and can lead to most unpleasant situations.

You are more than usually subject to strange ideas now. Be careful not to become obsessed by delusions, for you will find it very difficult to tell what is a delusion and what is not. The tried and true principles that have guided your life are more reliable than newer ones.

In business deals or any other buying or selling negotiations, be extremely careful, for you can easily be deceived. Make sure that what you buy is exactly as it is represented, and always be sure to get a guarantee when you make a purchase. If you are selling, be sure to make some kind of contractual arrangement with the buyer.

Avoid getting involved in any scheme that you know to be dishonest. When it comes to deceiving others, luck is not with you; the one who gets hurt will be you. ”

So what I see is that not only is Neptune opposite his Mercury which means “fuzzy thinking” to keep it short, but Jupiter is conjunct Neptune at the same time. Jupiter tends to make things “excessive”, and so the combination was quite lethal for him. His fuzzy thinking led to an overdose of a lethal drug. And what the astrology says is that he was under complete influence of the planets which caused it all to happen. (imo)

Answer by Climbin.metal
I’m a Tarot reader and really all that it does for me is open me up to ideas about events that I have yet to contemplate or think about fully.

It’s nice to do a reading before a big event because the cards tend to be pretty right most of the time. Just like anything else, if you can relate it to your life it will be more important, but for everyone, I would suggest buying some Tarot cards and open your mind up to what you have been missing.

Answer by Avanti Author Metaphysician
There are several differences between astrology, numerology and psychic readings.

Astrology is based on planetary movements and their resonance to the original pattern imprinted on the human DNA at the moment soul takes it first breath in the human organism.

It is a pseudoscience developed over thousands of years through the study of outcomes based on the geometric patterns in the sky. The depth of information an astrologer must have is significant.

When I teach the very basics of astrology, my class must learn a minimum of 144,000 things just to begin the process of understanding astrology. It takes years of study and experience.

When we know the exact location and time of birth for an individual, astrology can give specific, time accurate information on anything directly related to the individual.

Psychic Readings/Consultations have no scientific basis, and the learning curve will be unique to each person.

Some individuals are born with this gift, others develop it. Still others find themselves suddenly aware of it as the result of a life-changing experience, which frequently includes: near death experiences, or the death of someone they love.

The accuracy of a psychic consultation depends on the clarity of the psychic, and their ability to remain without emotional interest in the seeker’s issues.

Psychics work through a variety of modalities from auditory, kinesthetic and visual. They may see visions or other worldly beings, hear voices, feel, and even smell what the beings around the seeker send in order to respond to the seeker’s questions.

Accuracy varies, and any psychic who claims to have 100% is highly unlikely. The greatest seers in history, Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce made errors, yet both were brilliant.

Why a psychic makes errors can be two-fold:
1) Emotion or ego get in the way, and then the mind of the psychic offers answers, instead of the higher self.
2) The information they give to the individual or to the world at large is only written based on the state of consciousness of the individual during the session. If the individual, or in the case of world, the group consciousness changes, so will the outcome. Thus the prediction will be seen as wrong, when the outcome arrives.

Timing is also a bit of a challenge for a psychic since there is no time or space in the higher worlds, and the interpretation in the physical can be off.

Numerology is the study of numbers. And there are many, many types of numerology. Numerology may be simple or quite extensive.

Pythagorean numerology calculates the entire lifetime based on the individuals birthday, and name at birth. It can take quite a few years of study to completely understand this system.

Other types of numerology, such as the numerology of archetypes based on the Kabbalah, may be easier and can be learned in a few days or weeks, because they involve between nine and twenty two digits.

Finally I will address one other type of oracle that you alluded to when you said psychic readings because many people lump psychic with many things and preeminently with the Tarot.

The Tarot may be learned in a short period, and used with great accuracy. It is based on the Kabbalah, or what the Jewish People call the Tree of Life. It is a sacred book of mysticism that was kept secret until the first quarter of the last century. From this book comes the Tarot.

The Tarot consists of seventy-eight cards or pages. Each is tied to a numerological basis, numbers one through ten. To look at the cards you may think the numbers actually go to twenty-two, but all the digits are combined to the single digit, thus the twenty-two falls under the number four.

Additionally the four elements are present within each of the numerological sets. Fire, air, earth and water are keys to the meanings and values of the cards.

And then there are a series of royalty or people cards.

A person may learn all the meanings of each card easily if the teacher understands the numerological basis, the elements, and how the people cards tie into each numerological set. Thus in about 12 weeks a person can learn to read the tarot.

However the true power of the deck comes when the individual dedicates themselves to the greatest light and trusts that their Spirit/angels/guides will open their psychic senses and bring the cards to life.

This is part of the reason so many confuse the Tarot with psychic readings because many readers of the cards are also psychics.

I do hope I have elucidated this question for you. If you have more questions, you are always welcome to ask again.

Or visit my blog:

I am an ISAR Certified Astrology Professional with over 19 years experience; a Metaphysical Minister, Emotional Freedom Technique Level 3 Practitioner, and an Award Winning Author. I have taught in nearly every area of metaphysics since 1972, and done over 15,000 consultations. I am

Answer by Jenifer
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