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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : When does the next predicted doomsday (Y2K, Mayan calendar thing, etc.) happen?

I’m sure there’s some date that some people are preparing to live through.
— I love how Mayan calendars are being advertised under the question…leftovers?

Answer by Stardex
The Mayan calander has…Run out hahaha. The predicted ‘Doomsday’ on the Mayan calander was only predicted because the calander ran out on that day.

This is the next doomsday prediction I found off wikipedia (May not be accurate lol)

2020 – Jeane Dixon, This psychic claimed that Armageddon would take place in 2020 and Jesus would return to defeat the unholy Trinity of the Antichrist, Satan and the False prophet between 2020 and 2037. Dixon previously predicted the world would end on February 4, 1962.

Answer by Liberals Sequestered from truth

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has anyone ever had an accurate pyschic reading?

Answer by GLH
By the sheer chances of random guesswork there may be one or two. But the vast majority who “believe” they have are simply the victims of one of the oldest con tricks in the book.

Answer by L. E. Gant
Yes. The psychic said that I’m not psychic.

Answer by Kerig
A psychic once told my mom that I would work with numbers. Think about the percentage chance of her prediction being vaguely correct. That’s just about how every psychic plays it.

Of course, at the time I was planning on becoming an Accountant 🙂

Answer by Betty The Chaser
No of course they haven’t – especially when it’s spelt like that!

Answer by Laina
I’ve never been to one myself. However my mother claims that she went to an accurate one, a British expat. She claims this lady was also helping police with a murder investigation at the time. The woman also told her that she could “see how people will die” and that her mother was also a psychic. Many of her predictions for my mother came true…I know that because I saw it coming true.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Scientific method in paranormal psychology?

Do you think the scientific method could be applied to ghosts or spirits?

Answer by
Well, I think it has, and that’s why scientists don’t believe in ghosts or spirits.

Answer by Gary Y
Nup. A hypothesis must be falsifiable.

Answer by eri
If something exists, the scientific method can be applied – it has been applied to all of the natural world. Something that can’t be observed, can’t be tested, can’t be shown to actually exist – that’s what we can’t test with science, so all science can say is ‘it doesn’t seem to exist’. That includes ghosts, paranormal powers, and gods. Note that if these things did exist, it should be very easy to demonstrate. No luck yet though.

Answer by oklatonola
I have 4 college degrees, 3, including a master’s in geology, in earth sciences. and I’ve been a type 1 diabetic for over 53.5 years. I have some precognitive abilities. I also believe in spirits, because I talk with my mom almost everyday, and she died in April, 1974. The problem with measuring paranormal phenomena is that they rarely manifest themselves long enough to be measured and analyzed. How could I have possibly dreamed looking at my upstairs guest bedroom through a wall with the furniture and boxes laid out in the correct position and the exact same angle of sunlight coming through my west facing master bedroom window after a fire next door (I shared a wall with that apartment) when I was 14 or 15 years old in Greater New Orleans 32 or 33 years before the fire on Oct. 8-9. 2000, decades before I ever planned on moving to central OK? How do you measure something like that scientifically? Or, for that matter, how did I know that a tornado would rip through the River Bend area of Uptown Orleans parish 3 hours before it actually happened on February 12, 2006. Yes, I had national radar to work off of, but that doesn’t explain the psychic flash I had Wile I was watching the radar before midnight. Yes, I did give a warning on the forums, Every time I’ve mentioned that prediction on the forums, it gets deleted. Same thing for my prediction in the last week of November, 2007 that Obama would win the election.

Some people just can’t stand it when somebody makes predictions that usually turn out to be accurate. My psychic dreams and flashes very likely are hormone insulin/blood sugar level dependant, and they are so random that I would have to be wired 34/7/365 to measure anything.

Answer by akasha
Yes it can. However, scientists generally won’t look at it with any respect because they can’t experience such for themselves.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic predictions

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