Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : When was your best reading and what was it about?

Have you ever had a good tarot or psychic reading?How accurate was it? And how did you feel after it was over?

Answer by Capricorn
after having my relationships destroyed by psychics, i no more give importance to readings…..most of them dont come true anyways.

Answer by mudpie1598

Go to this guy, he’s good!

Answer by Kerry P
i’ll have to go one day

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Can i sue a pyschic for defrauding me?

For example, could I video the reading from the pyschic, and then by use of expert witnesses put the case that the psychic is using cold reading techniques and not ‘psychic powers’ as advertised? Why has no one yet done this?

Answer by Mike965
Most psychic’s have disclaimers saying that the reading is for entertainment purposes only which protects them from law suits when the readings turn out to be crap

Answer by Bobbi
Why not just stay away from the psychic?

Answer by wizjp
Because most people defrauded by psychics are embarassed to have been taken ;and professionals are very careful about what they promise and what they deliver. Makes fraud hard to prove if there is no promise to deliver anything.

Answer by Kourtney M
I honestly believe most of these people are only out there to make money off of other people, so they make things up. some are so good, that they pay attention to how the person is dressed, the way they act, the things a person says, and use this info to ask little questions that will reveal more info and then that’s where they get you. For those who truly say they have supernatural sources, it comes from the devil. So don’t play around with psychics.

Answer by Iknowthisone
Psychics are a fraud to begin with so successfully suing one would be difficult I think.

Answer by Logic316
A long time ago, the famous magician Harry Houdini tried to get psychics and fortune tellers outlawed for this very reason, but the federal government turned him down due to the 1st Amendment. Legally, psychics are either religious advisers or a novelty, and they can’t be sued for their advice.

Answer by delive_rance
YES OF COURSE, DEFINITELY. Anybody can sue for that reason even if the person is not a psyschic. Your method of making video the reading from a psychic is not accurate by using expert witnesses and tell that the psychic is using cold reading is very argumentable either in court or otherwise.

Even your so called expert witnesses can be questioned if they are really experience or expert in interpreting such readings. Video of one psychic in doing a surgical removal of cyst or tumor had already done by a Filipino psychic in Russia. Unfortunately he was caught through the video of inserting a live chicken blood to appear he surgically open up the man’s stomach through his hands. He was arrested & put in jail for 2 years.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is there real math evidence for astrology?

A top contributor (with over 25 years experience) said astrology is proved in the math. Any idea what the equations would be?
I always though one had to be a psychic.
According to the TC, there is physics and math involved. Though distance of the planets does not seem to matter. Does this mean there is something that can be detected and measured?

Answer by The Undertaker
You do need to be good in math to erect a chart but I tend to agree with you that having good intuition and a strong 6th sense definitely helps and being able to synthesize the chart. I don’t know how the math come in the big picture as far as interpretation :))

Answer by Sparrowbird
Learn to read more carefully! The more you talk, the more you demonstrate an apparently unshakable refusal to listen.

She didn’t say she had mathematical proof. And what made you think you HAD to be psychic to be an astrologer? Haven’t people told you on here, time and time again, what astrology really is, ‘weaknesses’ and all? Why do you keep perpetuating lies about astrology to people who don’t know better? It seems to me that you demonstrate little of the neutrality and objectivity of a true scientist. If astrology has failed testing in your eyes, shouldn’t it be time to move on?

Answer by Bhagat Ram Handa
No No…astrology is totaly based on minute magnified mathematics & calculations. U have 24 Hrs in a day….60 minutes in one hour…further 60 seconds in one minute….in nutshel 1/3600 calculation of one hour right ….but in Parashari Astrology Uknow 24 minutes is equal to One Ghati….60 pal in one ghati…….60 vipul in one pal……8 Nimish in one vipul justcalculate the deep magnifined of one minute. BRHANDA ,Astro Vastu Consultant 98141 11048

Answer by Same Ol’ ♉sh*t
For God’s sake just do your birth chart already. You’re never gonna change our minds about astrology. You’re on this site more than the regulars. All the time you’ve spent here you could have been working on losing your virginity.

Answer by astrospy
Psychics are entirely different from astrologers, although some people may do both, that is, some psychics may learn astrology and use it for one source of input or income. Psychics use their ultrasensitivity to detect, or “see” things that normal people do not, while astrologers use the planets and constellations to “see” what is otherwise not visible. I think a few percent of psychics use astrology and vice-versa.

As for math that proves astrology, I don’t think it exists, although probability studies and statistics might be the type of math that would help to understand it. As they say, anything can be proven or disproven with statistics.

My own studies show me that astrology “works” to some extent, not perfectly,but partially. I believe there is strong correllation between psychology and astrology. Although I see the correllations almost daily, I don’t try to make statistical studies. I would say that I see the astrological correllation to psychology almost every time I look for it. I realize that is not a mathematical proof but it is good evidence for my own purposes.

Answer by iris
I saw that question and the answers. That person didn’t say that there is real math evidence for astrology. She was explaining that there is a mathematical constant which is used to convert Tropical positions to Sidereal positions, and that constant makes the numbers conversion mathematically accurate.

There is no mathematical evidence for astrology which would be accepted by the scientific method.

Answer by Michelle
Get your facts straight, Chain. I never said astrology is “proved in the math.” But if you would like to know the equations and formulas, I would suggest you contact Robert Hand, who is far more capable than I in responding to questions related to physics (not psychics, hello!). I have publicly stated that I do not know physics. I’ve never studied it. On the other hand, in the introduction to his book _Planets in Composite_ (©1975), Hand takes time to explain the principles of planetary interaction as he sees them related to the principles of physics. He can be reached at . You might also ask Richard Nolle who can be reached at . Both of these men have vastly superior mathematical knowledge to my own.

In more simplistic form, the late Marion March and Joan McEvers in their _The Only Way to Learn Astrology, volume 1_ did a beautiful job of explaining the uses of various mathematical principles of astrology in the first three pages. At the very first foundations, astrology utilizes physics, geometry, and trigonometry. You might be interested in reading those three pages, Chain. It explains how astrology and astronomy (which they also explain to identify the differences between the two fields) were once one subject.

Secondly, in contrast to “the Undertaker,” I have never said one could not work with one’s intuition. It’s incredible that you and he seem to have difficulty in reading what someone says and actually understanding the verbiage. There was an old school astrologer I knew when I was first studying astrology who insisted that one had to go by the book. I firmly disagreed with that, as I do today. One takes the principles one has studied and one studies the chart to allow it to meld into those teachings to better understand what the chart is showing. Now you want to call that psychic, fine. I would disagree. But I can’t explain where it comes from in me.

Mathematics–and accuracy in the math–is definitely needed in astrology. That I recall, I did not say it was proved in the math.

Edit: In answer to your question, again, I do NOT know physics and cannot answer that question. If you actually are sincere and want to know the answer to that question, take time to write to Rob Hand and ask him! He knows those kinds of mechanics far better than I!

Here, Chain and others who seem to delight in attempting to play semantics:

The original question read: “Why do people use tropical when sidereal is so much more accurate?”
My reply began: “Both are mathematically accurate if calculated correctly.”

Just in case you don’t understand that yet, my reply–that first sentence–is called a direct answer. The rest of that post is an elaboration of that answer based on what I said.

Now stop harassing me!

Answer by 3
You are lying through your teeth. I read that answers from Michelle, she said Math can be used in astrology, not astrology is proved in the math. Dont you know how to read ? Oh no you dont, I doubt you know how to read any scientific article either.

She is a top contributor of horoscope section alright because she knows about astrology. You dont. What makes you a top horoscope contributor when all you do, for years and years, is to go around asking and answering the same thing all over again…and again…and again.

Scientifically speaking, coital acitivities really help release pressure and constipation ( mind and any other orifice alike )

Where did you get off on the idea of saying one had to be a psychic to be an astrologer ? This is your personal bias ( and ridiculous one at that ). Good lord, it is like automatically assuming an electrical engineer has to be a freaking medical scientist.

Answer by lightened
You always make me laugh, and I really mean that in a genuine non-malicious manner.

Answer by Spodorama
Michelle said: “Both [sidereal and tropical] are mathematically accurate if calculated correctly.”;_ylt=AhZiX.rdy53xbo96bJOJtZzj5nNG;_ylv=3?qid=20110828174450AALx1pT

That’s calling astrology ‘mathematically proven’ in anyone’s book. Notice how in her answer she denies saying it, but tries to bully you into contacting her friends who she claims are great mathematicians. “No it’s not mathematically proven, but these guys will prove it to you mathematically”. Hilarious!

Astrologers don’t use maths. They have computer programs to show them where the stars and planets are. Then they use superstition, clichés and personal knowledge of the sitter to make up a feel-good story that doesn’t answer any particular question correctly. You could call this “intuition” but that would be inaccurate, as intuition implies their readings reveal hidden truths, which they don’t.

There are no mathematical equations that prove the stars influence personalities. Astronomy uses maths, but astrology isn’t astronomy. Yes, most astrologers act like they think they’re psychic. It’s funny how they don’t like being accused of that. “That superstition is wrong, but my superstition is right!” 🙂

Maths? More like guesswork.

Answer by Been There
Being an astrologer requires no psychic abilities at all.

The theory will tell what the chart indicates. You just have to be able to hold the intellectual concepts in your mind long enough to synthesize them into a whole.
For instance: Moon = the emotional nature. In Leo, this is the style that the emotions take. In the 8th house, the emotions will focus on 8th house matters. Square Uranus, there will be conflict with that part of their personalty that Uranus represents … of course, taking the sign and the house into account. While simultaneously considering the other 30 or so factors in the chart … because they will modify this Moon.
At any rate … it is very much a cognitive (non-psychic) pursuit.

In the math? Not sure what this astrologer meant. But in my opinion:
No .. not in equations, but in the statistical evaluation of data, to determine statistical significant. My mom loved astrological research, got my father to teach her how to determine statistical significance from arrays of collected data, using both the study group and the control group. Dad was a chemical engineer who looked down his nose at astrology, and it drove him crazy how often my mom’s research results were statistically significant. At first, he insisted on going over the data and calculations himself, so he could prove her conclusions were wrong. He eventually gave up trying.

Where math comes in, outside of research, is in the calculations required to plot where everything was in the sky at a particular point in time, as seen from a particular spot on Earth. Astrologers didn’t always have computers to do these calculations, and it was very important to do them properly, because you can’t “read” someone’s chart if what you have in front of your isn’t really their chart. Those calculations required to produce a birth chart, if one is really fast and doesn’t have to stop to think what they are doing, take 2 hours. There is definitely math involved, hon.

Answer by Maeko Yoshida
I thought you would know that and encountered by chance probably many times within that twenty-five year experience. That’s quite a long time. Wow…
I remember you stated at one point or another that you used to or still today walk by the many psychic/divination shops in downtown New York, does this have at least a little something to do with personal hang-ups or something?
Even though of course this doesn’t answer your question–off topic really, but now it makes me wonder. If what I just said makes you uncomfortable, you can blow it off.

What you stated first underneath Additional Details, is what I consider kind of common knowledge and I’m just casually involved in Astrology and this forum. You’ve heard of Spartan/Sparta, I remember him being interested in Astrology by its mathematical side very much–I haven’t seen him in a long time. Imma try ‘n find his profile. : )

Nevermind its Spica. blahh.

Answer by Zi hudie
ChainLightning is a good name for you…

You like to struck down everything people wanted to learn about…

Answer by ℓove ❤
I usually try to defend you a bit in these questions because you do make good points in many of your posts and I know the kind of hostility you’re most likely gonna get whenever you post, but even I gotta admit, you put your foot in your mouth with this one. lol

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