Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : when will change happen for me (psychic)?

my life has been the same for a long long time, same job for 6 yrs, still living at home.
i have a wonderful boyfriend who i love very much.
but im just wondering is it going to change soon!! anything exciting going to happen like holidays ect??
im having a bad day and feel like im in a rut!!!

any insight would be nice

and if you dont belive in psychics then bugger off i wasnt asking you

gemini 1985 female
wow lots of negatrons out there

i understand im the one who has to make the change i was just being curious is to what they can see!!!

i do go out and socialise and have hobbies..

i guess its just somtehing ill have to figure out on my own 😉 thanks anyways for answering even if your answers where smart ass remarks ..
wow lots of negatrons out there

i understand im the one who has to make the change i was just being curious is to what they can see!!!

i do go out and socialise and have hobbies..

i guess its just somtehing ill have to figure out on my own 😉 thanks anyways for answering even if your answers where smart ass remarks ..

Answer by D
what you need is Jesus not some psychic

Answer by cueki
what idont understand ur question

Answer by Polly W
Things happen when you take the steps to make them happen.
If you dont, I dont really care what a psychic tells you…
You keep doing what you always done, you keep getting what you always got.

Answer by Bill_Kaulitz_Girlfriend
when you wanna change it and when you least expect it

Answer by xbryteyesx
I predict that you will celebrate a holiday on the 14th of February with chocolates and candies.

Answer by Dom K
try mixing ur life up go hiking go drinking with friends etc after work

Answer by AlliSON W
im not really psychic but i kind of am just a lil bit maybe && your boyfriend will not be part of your life for much longer. you will go to a party one day and make a whole bunch of new friends and then meet someone else you are interested in.. but if u stay with ur bf is upto u..

answer mine too plz??(: go to my profile && click on da latest question ive asked

Answer by The victorious reign
Yes my tarot cards tell me you will become a lesbian tomorrow. lol. Psychic. yeah psychic.

Answer by Stevebiggerthanaverage

Ask for change and you will receive change !

gemini 1962 male

Answer by gimini_131
Sorry, but not being able to actually see you in person psychic wont be able to actually see anything. and if anyone tells you anything they just made it up, sorry, but at least I’m being honest.

Answer by Gurlokovich
change is gonna happen when you make it happen. no lie ANY psychic, in conjunction with your ignorance for believing such lies, can make a change happen in your life.
you should really consider yourself blessed for what you have, and perhaps not hope for a change. remember change can be both positive and negative.

Answer by pomerlady
2012. laul.

A respectable psychic will not give you an exact answer to this question, however, the first step in making changes is initiation. Start now, get motivated. Learn of patience and start finding motivational triggers. Many people look to psychics to tell them when their lives will change, but an answer won’t make change, you will.

Answer by Amanda D
I am not a psychic but I have a few suggestions for you. If you aren’t happy with your current life you should take steps and set goals for yourself, start with something small. You could start going back to school part time to work towards a job you’ve always been interested. See if any of your friends are feeling the same as you and maybe get a roommate so you can move out. Talk to your boyfriend about how you aren’t happy with how things are the same maybe he has some suggestions for you too. Even something as simple as picking up a new hobby can change your mood and outlook on life around.

Answer by Evelynn
Lol wow.
What you need is jesus not some psychic

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are psychics legit?

Are they legit? Can they foresee the future and help someone discover more about themselves?

I’m chinese/taiwanese and chinese kind of believe in psychics. I’m in high school and have no idea what to study in college so my mom suggested a psychic. Like 20 years ago, my mom took my lawyer dad to a psychic who, without info, said he’s a lawyer and he’d be successful when he’s older. He’s doing fine right now, not extremely successful (yet?). But anyway, are psychics legit? I know there are con-men out there, there’s no doubt of that, but can a psychic can tell me about my future? And i keep a lot of stuff from my mom that i hope a psychic won’t discover LOL.

Answer by L. E. Gant
If you are asking whether psychics can foretell an individual’s future on just meeting and talking with someone, the answer is not really.

That said, psychics are good at determining what drives other people. They do so from body language, sub-vocalisations, and other clues that people give out all the time. The psychic might not realise the techniques they are using, but the techniques can be used by anyone who takes the time to master them.

The thing is, the so-called psychic then makes a prediction that the person receiving their advice wants. The more the person wants the result, the more they will believe and work towards that result, making it a self-fulfilling “prophecy”. So, even if the psychic is wrong on some of the details, he/she does seem to get the predictions right. It’s a matter of people taking the predictions as permission to achieve what they want to achieve.

In other words, most of their “predictions” are garbage, unless the receiver takes and acts on the belief that the prediction is right.

Note: about the stuff you don’t want your mother to discover… your body language and reactions can indicate these things, especially if they have a strong emotional hold on you. So, your mother probably already is aware of many of your “secrets”.

Answer by PhotonX
No, since you asked. How many psychics predicted the disappearance of Malaysian flight 380? And how many now can pinpoint the location of the crash? Of course, such a prediction of the latter would be a pretty safe bet, because no one is going to go and search every coordinate a psycic declares is the spot, but if it is eventually found, every psychic who said anything more specific than “somewhere in the south Indian ocean” will be proved wrong. The standard generalized answer is “somewhere near water, with some trees nearby”, which applies to just about anywhere other than the middle of a desert or ocean.
No, they can make such general statements that they are likely to become true, but so can anyone else. You will meet the girl of your dreams. You will have a boy baby. You will become financially secure. Such bland promises are so far in the future that the chances are that you will forget all about the psychic before they come true, or don’t come true. You could have a girl baby out of wedlock and end up as a penniless crack addict, and the psychic won’t care because she already got her $ 50 bucks out of you long ago.
Actually they can, but not because they are psychic. Just as psychological counselers can give us insight, so can a perceptive psychic reader, but because they are holding up a mirror of yourself to look into. Personally, I’d want to go to a certified psychological counselor for such services, but that’s your business.
To the detriment of many Chinese, no doubt.
Then your mom, no offense intended, is daft. Where does she think you can go to college to become a psychic? Even if that were a good idea…well, never mind.
Was your dad dressed in his professional attire, sharp suit and trimmed hair? Lawyers have a particular look about them that tells someone that they aren’t carpenters or construction workers. Besides, chances are that your mon went to a psychic she already knew, who undoubtedly had recorded everything your mom ever said about her family, including her husband’s profession. Did you consider any of this?
So why would you even consider either visiting or becoming one? You’ll be viewed as a con artist yourself, then. If the Chinese community is as credulous as you say in regard to psychics, and if you have no personal moral or ethical issues with conning people, then go for it. You might be able to gather a following and make a living.
If your goal really is helping people, then if I were you I’d consider becoming a certified psycological counseller instead. It will take a lot longer, and cost a lot more than becoming a psychic, but you’d feel better about yourself, I’d bet. You could then gather a similar ethnical group of Chinese patients, this time as a legitmate counselor. If that didn’t work out, then you would already have more than enough skills to present yourself as a psychic. Okay, that last line isn’t really serious, but it is true.
You are at a point in your life where the future is uncertain and scary. Look into yourself, and find out what it is your interested in, what you enjoy doing, and look for a career that matches those desires and characteristics. The two most important choices you’ll make in life, the ones that contribute most directly to your long-term happiness, are you choice of a mate and your choice of a career. Don’t make either choice casually, and whatever you do, don’t put yourself in a position you suspect you might later dislike.

Answer by inteleyes
I agree somewhat with L. E. ……every psychic will differ as their abilities will differ because they are all individuals. Most their abilities will fluctuate on it’s own, and when it does they can be 100% correct. Reason why so many are wrong is the reach for answers before they actually come to them…..SO MY ANSWER IS YES SOME PSYCHICS ARE LEGIT. I know I have been there, seen and done what I never knew to be possible as these abilities fluctuate on their own, and or usually for a reason….We all will differ in some ways, again because we are all individuals.

Answer by ChainLightning
Million dollars says no.

Answer by Kevin7
Psychic powers are not real

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