Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I find free psychic readings?

I need one, where can I find one?

Answer by Fireball
nothing is free and its dangerous..

Answer by Cipher
I predict that you’ll find some con artist who will give you a reading.

Answer by slow_hand_78
ill do it. im the best…

Answer by rhia g
do not mess with the occult. in any way, in any form, in any fashion.

Answer by Pakman

Answer by free spirit
here I am…what’s your question..

Answer by Stephanie F
You don’t NEED one. Free is not always good, even the ones you pay, tell lies or go by what you do, say, expressions, etc.

I have been to them and not one are true. I had a free reading and they told me I had been married. I wasn’t. I also went to a party that had one, again, not true. Some may say something relative, but God is the only one you can fully rely on.

Answer by Not a Member
You actually don’t need one.
You need to get a little more mature and face life without looking for aid from outside.

Answer by starbreezetarot
You can get a free reading at
The responses are pretty fast and they are all real readers with established businesses. Good luck!

Answer by Blackstroke
There’s no such thing hon. It’s all fakery and smoke. No human being can predict the future or speak to the departed. The only ones that were able to do it such as the men in the bible had devine favor. So pretty much it took an act of GOD for them to be able to do it. Don’t waste your time on such things.

Answer by Gibbon
go to the local homeless shelter and ask if anyone will give you a phsychic reading for $ 10 (nothing is free in this world) i tried it once and it turns out there are hundreds of homeless phsychics ! who would have thought it hey ?? maybe all the fresh air helps them focus their powers !

Answer by peetr
You, can save a lot of money, doin it for yourself. Just imagine stuff, some will come true , most won’t. Just like a “real” reading.

Answer by Ming
psychic people are deceived. give your life to christ and give him your burdens. go to and look at “tenth avenue north love is here” please do that before you rate

Answer by meepozoid
Hello my millennium girl. I’ll give you 3 free minutes, even from P. Rico (that IS where you are, right?)

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where are some free classifieds (except for the usuals) that I can post and advertise my psychic services?

I am building a business as a prophet psychic. I have been doing readings for awhile now but now I’m moving it into a ministry. Where could u advertise these services online for free? I’ve already tried OLX, Backpage, Craiglist and EBay classifieds.

Answer by cynic
You already know my answer if you’re a good psychic….

Answer by K. Plesner
If you’re a psychic, you should already know which places are the best.

Answer by ?

They specialize in services like yours.

Answer by cs
You just did it, a little bit. Go into EVERY room on YA and post this.

Answer by Lola
Try the I would definitely recommend the, as you can post ads for free and your ad can go under its own category and the city of your choice. is where you can submit the ads on this site.

Answer by Cute Sadia
you may try these ones

Answer by Blake
If you want to focus a lot where you live you can google something like “free advertising in (city, state)” and even if there isn’t something close to what your services are you could always choose “general”. I did that recently and found a lot of local advertising for free. And a lot of them give you the option of posting in different categories and cities and states (some do not).

I know this isn’t under the “free” but have you tried expos around your area and maybe in surrounding states? If you can afford a booth try that, you can really make a profit at those if you are good at what you do!

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free psychic readings



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