Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where can I get a free 5 min psychic phone reading without giving my credit card?

Wanting to have a “free” 5 minute, more or less, psychic phone readling withtout giving my credit card information. I gave my information once and hung up after the 5 minute tone and still charged an outstanding charge. It was nearly impossible to get this charged removed from my account.

Answer by You asked, I answered
No one will give you a free reading over the phone.

Answer by kiran f
try out
after registration you get free 6 minute reading without listing your credit card info…tryed it out myself..a very good site…

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is an over the phone psychic reading as good as an in person one?

My moms friend knows a really good psychic that is a dear friend of hers. She even trained this woman who did a reading for me when I was 12, who was really good so I know she’llprobably be even better.The only problemis she lives in Colarodo and Im in Vermont. She does over the phone readings and even readings where you just email her your questions and she answers them.I just wonder how this could be as good as in person, how would they tap into your energy? What do you think is an over the phone reading worth it?

Answer by Graybeard
They’re both completely worthless. There are no genuine psychics. No one has ever demonstrated such an ability in a test that precludes fraud. Anyone who can do so can pick up a million dollars at There are other prizes available as well. The people who work these scams do not have any ability to predict your future or analyze your personality. They are (if successful) just very good at telling people what they want to hear.

Answer by I’m a little teapot
I’m guessing an over the phone reading would be vague and not as good as an in person reading. Seeing a persons body language and reactions to questions gives more clues that a psychic wouldn’t be able to see over the phone.

If you and her have web cams I would say a reading like that would probably be almost the same as being there in person. Though like you say, she wouldn’t be able to pick up on your energy which I’m sure has an affect on a psychic reading.

Answer by inteleyes
That would actually depend on the person abilities, and how it works for them….perhaps the person gets visions when they tune into you, this would be right on the money if it works for that person in that way……When I get visions they are always on the money, my visions come true when I have them.

Answer by Jana
I had one done over the phone, my sister thought the psychic was wonderful, and gave it to me for a gift… After a few years, I realized she wasn’t so great after all. Everything she had told my sister was way off, and Stephanie died. She was wrong about health concerns and that made me very upset…but that is a whole other story…

What she did was read my mind. She was very accurate about what I was thinking, wondering and hoping. She didn’t tell me anything other than that. There might be some who can, over the phone, I just haven’t known any.

For instance, think about Psychometry, how they work and what they do- They have to hold an actual personal item. They receive, or pick up energy vibrations from the item about the wearer. They can do really involved accurate readings. I trust this method.

A tarot reader, or psychic sees you in person, looks in your eyes, sees your aura, will sense energy and pickup on your weakness and strengths. They might be aware of a spirit guide of friend or family member there with you, and receive messages you need to know. These are feelings and intuition, with a one on one basis. They get information directly from you.

Distance isn’t the only handicap. A lot of interference, thousands of thoughts, electromagnetic energy, the phone connection will have to get through. Other information comes into the reading and has nothing to do with you.

Trying too hard, she might just read your mind, and that isn’t what you want. You already know what your thoughts, wishes and fears are. I have to say your reading probably won’t be as reliable, concise or as accurate as it could be in person. I won’t discourage you if she has a history of valid readings with dependable people you trust, but wanted to give you a picture of the differences and reasons why.

Answer by Temet Nosce
It’s going to depend on the abilities of the psychic and what you expect to learn. I’d never suggest for anyone to call a phone psychic because those people are basically telemarketers. But a psychic who happens to also do phone readings is a different matter. You may get something out of it or you may be throwing your money away. I wouldn’t pay any more than $ 40-60. If you have the money to throw away and you aren’t overly desperate for answers, I don’t see the harm in it. Make sure you pay by paypal or money order only. And don’t let her tell you to pay her for any kind of “psychic protection”.

Answer by Johan S
Yes it is worth it for a genuine clairvoyant it is as good and sometimes even better because the reader is not influenced by physical appearances but they tune into their spiritual source.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I live in chicago. I need a real psychic reading. Not a phone reading, Where can I go?

I need a real reading from a real psychic. No scammers. I live in Chicago, whewre can I find one? I prefer a gentleman psychic?

Answer by Psychic.dougddog
psychic dougddog

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on phone psychic reading

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