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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where can i get free psychic reading for free online?

just wanna know what my furture gonna be like

Answer by Avatar
I predict, bogus answers.

Answer by aliana
There is this new free psychic who gives free readings no credit cards needed or anything I email her daily she is definateley legit her website is

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : are there 100% free psychic readings online?

my future seems more uncertain now than ever. I need predictions about my job and career. I’ve seen this free sites but they are not completely free. Is there one out there?

Answer by Droopy Dog
Yes, and you get exactly what you pay for, nothing, which is exactly what you get when you pay money for one.

Psychics (believe it or not) are con artists and hucksters!


Answer by carl
If you need some help you can leave me a message i would be glad to help out.and free i have a lot of experience i am not 100%perfect but i am honest.and i won’t miss lead you.

Answer by Dragonheart
There are kind of generic answers, the one on one usually cost, unfortunately.

Answer by mhiaa
That is so very kind of Carl to offer his assistance.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free Physic Readings?

Can anybody predict my future?…or give me a website for free Physic readings?…I’m going through quite a horibble time in my life. Losing my mum from cancer, and already lost my father. My brothers and sisters are convicts, and I seem to be the only one who is sane. I’m trying to concieve, (and I am ready) and it seems I can’t even have kids. I’m a pretty down to earth lady, with a lot of potential. I just want to have somebody give me a bit of advice…please?

Answer by ◄♥~★拓海★~♥►—Too-Good-To-Be-True?&id=734344

Answer by Fortune Teller.
Well from the signs you are showing
yu seem like a extremely strong person who has been through alot in her young life. Considering the quite unfortunate loss’ in your life, you have managed to persist and keep your head up.
I think in teh future you should show your amazing talents whatever they may be. You potential will soon shine through and lead you down many great roads.
You are quite deserving and i am sure the light will shine through your emotional days.

Answer by Q&A
What is your date of birth?

Written by HEYOKA

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