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The guys name is Aaron and I love him so much but I think I may be pregnant by him. Im a bit nervous about this because I already have a wonderful one yr old. Anyone here a psychic?

Answer by lala
I am psychic ; but I cannot work on a site ; but I take a guess ; yes you are pregnant

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Hello, I will like to get a psychic reading about my future is and hold.
what the future hold for me
and where do I go from here and Financial issued is a big plus.
I will like to get a free psychic reading

Answer by ±he >^
time to learn new skills.

Dedicating yourself fully to a task. Learning a new craft or skill. Applying painstaking attention to detail. Industriousness and the efficient completion of tasks. Sticking with a project long enough to see it through.
The card at the left of the cross represents a passing influence or something to be released. King of Artifacts (Liao, the Plutonian Drug): The essence of air, such as a clear blue sky: A mature leader of unwavering ethics and indisputable authority. An incorruptible judge, whose devotion to the law cannot be swayed by emotion or material concerns. Perfect clarity of thought, directness of action, and eloquence of speech. One who, like a great general, inspires not love or devotion, but absolute trust and loyalty.
The card at the right of the cross represents an approaching influence or something to be embraced. Nodens: New hopes and splendid revelations of the future. Insight, inspiration, courage and enlightenment of the spiritual self. Body and mind and converging towards the light at the end of a dark time.
The card at the base of the staff represents your role or attitude. Knight of Man (Crawford Tillinghast): The essence of water behaving as fire, such as a rushing river: A passionate romantic, full of charm and beauty, but prone to extremes. Forceful idealism blended with gentle kindness. An eager and intense person, forward with their emotions and tender in their support of others.
The card second from the bottom of the staff represents your environment and the people you are interacting with. Great Race of Yith: Withdrawal from events and relationship to introspect and gather strength. Seeking the inner voice or calling upon vision from within. A need of understanding and advice, or a wise man who will offer knowing guidance. Personal experience and thoughtful temperance.
The card second from the top of the staff represents your hopes, fears, or an unexpected element that will come into play. Two of Artifacts (The Colour Out of Space): Contradictory characteristics brought together as a means of resolving a conflict. Refusing to be ruled by negative emotions. Strife brought to a close through clarity of mind and restraint of force. Turning a blind eye to the minor infractions of others.
The card at the top of the staff represents the ultimate outcome should you continue on this course. Nine of Artifacts (Pickman’s Model): Debilitating mental anguish or ill health. Being dragged down by the dishonor of others. Participation in a shameful or regrettable act. Inescapable guilt, mistrust, and doubt. May indicate a death or other catastrophic loss.

Answer by salvacionf
you have enough time to reconsider all the things that should be patch up. your future – its time for you to strive more to get what you want, not just by thinking or daydreaming or just sitting your future would come across. think all the positive ways to make your future and your goal be reach. no matter hindrances comes along or cross your path, just go on and your guardian angel will lead you the right path of life. stop thinking negative, it couldnt help you. what is past, think of your present. as time goes on, you are rushing to get what you want, specially your financial status. you are wise spender person, you knew where to put or spend your money. in the past you’ve already had the good opportunity, without knowing it, and you let it passed to your hand, because of being a fickle minded person. the future would not hold you, you will be the one to hold your future. you already have and got what you wanted to be, but in someways it goes astray, you can still put it together, brighter future and financial stability would come along in due time. always be positive and think positive, it attracts good energy. this is short readings about you and deep, no such flavory words, its straight to the point of your question and answered it as what i felt as im reading your question. and in addition stand to your own decisiion, determination and focus your mind, financial will always be a part of your personality, because you want stability. you have it.

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