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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Where is a good place to live in CT?

My husband and I are thinking of moving to CT. We want to be within driving distance Answer by sosick

Answer by Jbjbju C
Bridgeport is by the water

Answer by b-i-n-g-o
new haven

Answer by lexilouwho21
Well the farthest away you can be in CT is about 2 hours. Oh and if you have never been to the beach in Ct, then you will have to find out that CT is located in a sound, which means no waves and gross water. I recommend driving to RI to go to the beach. New London is a great place to live. Some other options are North Haven, Mystic, and Rocky Hill. East Lyme, Old Lyme, and Westport are all nice as well. Those are all good for beach towns. If you are interested in living farther in land I would suggest Litchfield, Greenwich, Farmington, Simsbury, Avon, Granby, East Heartland, Falls Village, Somers, Trumball, Colchester, Pomfret, Norwich, and East Haddam.

Answer by PennyLeeD2
I completely agree with the poster who said it’s not a real ocean. I lived in Milford for 10 years, right on the Sound. No waves at all. It’s basically a bathtub — warmer than the ocean, no waves, very shallow. The low tide line is a long way from the high tide mark. If you are boaters, fine. But not so much for the body surfing.

Bridgeport is a bad place to live, high crime and low services. Fairfield County is extremely expensive. Milford and the towns along the shore to the East are affordable and quite nice.

Answer by claire34
well pawkatuck is a very small down but close to westerly r.i. and the beaches. also stonington and mystic are nice… a lil high but nice.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Are the Mystic Pointe Apartments in Orlando a nice place to live? I will also have to attend West Orange High.?

Are the Mystic Pointe Apartments in Orlando a nice place to live? Is this a nice area? I will also have to attend West Orange High. When is the new West Orange High School going to open?

Answer by Josh
Yeah it is a pretty quite street/area. A lot of the people who did the Disney college program and wanted to continue to work at Disney live in this area. Most that I know lives just a couple streets down at Park Vue Alexandria. There is 2 Mystic apartments in this area one of them isent that great.

WOHSs renovations will be completed by the next school year 08-09

Answer by figure8skater

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : super bowl question does any one have live footage?

during the super bowl 1/2 time show when janet jackson had her clothing malfunction does any one know how i can get actual footage of this malfunction before it was edited?
my nephues girl friend says it was covered up but when i saw it live there was no time to sensor it so i believe what she saw was the delayed version after they sensored it… she was in england at the time..
i would only like to know if anyone has or can steer me in the direction of a web site that can give me live footage of this event in foot ball history …i dont want to know anything else as far as your opinions on janet or other places you think she should be nude… only serious foot ballers answer please…thanks yall
steve , what is P2P server?

Answer by LuckyShotgun
i watched it live and it finished at 3.00 in scotland time it was worth it

Answer by Lourdes F
really it wasn’t that great, you should see the one where the paparazzi is filming her nude sunbathing with a telescopic camera its much better

Answer by timo10z
Nope sorry thats really old and yes she really did have a clothing malfunction but nipple had a ring on it.

Answer by Steve
Not sure as far as live footage. I was able to find a picture of it on a p2p server. That may be one of you better bets. Good luck with it.

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Bob Marley – Natural Mystic Live in Dortmund, Germany ’80

Written by Goddessmother

In a reading you may want to ask about:

A loved one who has passed (I am often visited by spirits and angels) “Can you tell me if my Auntie is with us?” Does my mother have a message for me?”
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Family. “I have trouble getting along with my mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she like me?” My daughter is struggling right now.”
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Past lives: “Did I know my boyfriend in a past life?”
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Health. “How can I get more energy?” “Why am I so stressed out?”
Spiritual growth. “I think I am gifted. Do you see these gifts?” “Why am I at a stuck point?”

General advice comes as naturally to me as answers to specific questions.