Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : where were all the psychics on Sept 10th?

is there any definitve proof of any psychic, anywhere, trying desperately to warn us about Sept. 11th????? ANYONE? this has bothered me for years, where the hell were they? I believe some people have the gift, most are frauds but some are truly real. so where were they?
oklatonola…. IF you “knew” or had prior knowledge of the greatest tragedy in our history, and was too afraid to be laughed at to TELL anyone, you are the worst kind of coward.

Answer by doglover
Well, I think you have already answered your own question. If psychics were for real, certainly someone would have spoken up. 9/11 was the most cataclysmic event in our nation’s history, surely a real psychic would have moved heaven and earth to warn us about it. Psychics only exist in the world of fiction, anyone who claims to have “the gift” is feeding you a load of horse ****.

Answer by oklatonola
A LOT of people had psychic warnings, including me, but we know if we say anything we’ll be jeered at, or told we are insane or delusional. I dreamed I was on a ferry boat in the harbor with my Dad with smoke coming from one the Twin Towers around August 8, 2001. I often get message dreams from dead relatives around my maternal grandmother’s wedding anniversary, August 8, 1918. My Dad was originally from Brooklyn, but I’ve never been to New York City. I have been to New York state. The really odd thing is, my dad didn’t believe that either my mother or I had psychic abilities, nor did he believe he would have an after-life while he was alive, but he still sent me a message dream at exactly when I was expecting it. He died in January 1996.

I knew that the east flood-wall of of the 17th street canal would breach if and when the right meteorological conditions ever existed more than 11 years and 8 months before it actually fractured. If I had called the Orleans Sewage & Water Board or the ACOE and warned them, I would have been laughed at. How could any one with bachelor’s degrees in history, geology, working on a bachelor’s degree in physical geography, and who aborted a master’s in geophysics, for which I had taken and passed fourth and fifth semester calculus, know anything about what she was talking about?

Edit. YOU are the coward: How DARE you call me a coward?. Because I didn’t know who to call, was unaware that 17th street canal had been leaking into backyards for years because I didn’t live in a house on the west side of Bellaire. Why didn’t YOU call the ACOE yourself, Schweggie?
Because you do not have the background in science that I have. Your obsession with me and your 3 to 4 year campaign to discredit me is going to bring you down, hard, when I sue you for FOUR YEARS of internet threats, insults, stalking, harassment and defamation. Get help for your PTSD. You are a psychotic abuser. You posted the question just to bait and lure me in. READ the community rules, swordfish. Personal attacks are a violation of them.

The problem with my precognitive dreams and flashes is that sometimes I know approximately in what time frame something is going to happen, and sometimes I don’t. I had a precognative dream of exactly what the guest bedroom of my apartment would look like after a fire next door in an apartment I shared a wall with 30 or 31 YEARS before I rented that apartment 25 months almost to the day before the fire that claimed 4 human lives and 3 cats. The flash about the 17th street canal breaching was more than 11 years 8 months and 7 days before it happened. I knew Friday evening that Katrina was going to hit New Orleans. Who was I supposed to call. The NOAA or NWS? Even if I had called, what could any one have done about it?

WHO was I supposed to call, swordfish? If I HAD called the FBI, what could they have done about it, since even W had been briefed about the threat on August 6, 2001 and he ignored it? Have you ever been told over and over and over again that you are insane, delusional, out of touch with reality, don’t understand what you are talking about, when it is quite obvious you DO understand what you are talking about a lot better than the idiots calling you insane, on drugs (of COURSE I’m on drugs – I’ve been a type 1 diabetic since I was 26 months old), have Aspberger’s syndrome, should be committed A.S.A.P, am a moron, idiot, retarded, etc., etc, etc.

I have been through FOUR YEARS of obsessed internet stalking, threats, and defamation attempts, and you say I am a coward??? I am NO coward. You posted a question, I responded, you personally attack me. That’s what cowards do. Attack people. Grow and stop whining. Become politically active.

Answer by John Goat
If I thought I had a premonition even if I didn’t know who to tell or was afraid to I would record it in some way so that afterwards I had evidence.

Claiming that you knew it was going to happen after the event is just deluding yourself.

Answer by TR
Where were they? They were busy looking for things that happened before Sept 10th that they predicted 🙂 You highlight the big problem with psychic claims today — they are almost always delivered after the fact. “Oh, I predicted that” is just not very compelling. Nowadays there are a number of online prediction registries where psychics can record their premonitions and visions so that they can be documented before the supposed event is to take place. Even without these registries, a psychic could blog his/her visions for free and even anonymously if they wish. A psychic who can show a track record of documented specific premonitions of real events won’t be laughed at. However, there was no documented premonition of 9/11. If psychics were real, I would think that at least one of them would have captured this monumental event.

EDIT: LOL, the asker of this question appears quite sane.

EDIT: No, the psychic team of Linda & Terry Jamison did not predict a terrorist attack on the WTC on 9/11. What they said is, “We are seeing various terrorist attacks on federal government and also the New York Trade Center, the World Trade Center, by 2002”. Out of the 10s of thousands of psychics in the world, that’s the best that can be done? That’s not useful. Moreover, the chances of a lottery ticket are millions to one, yet people win the lottery everyday. How does that happen? Well, with the many thousands of psychic there are around the world, and the fact that the US was and has been the target of terrorist activity for a long time, one psychic team getting sort of close is not too amazing. If psychic powers were real, you’d have thousands of psychics coming up with the prediction, and a more accurate prediction at that.

Answer by Dark Angel 13
There were a few who did report it and it was even documented and they thought they were crazies and brushed it off..So many folks have such closed minds and think psychics are just kooks but they are not that’ they are gifted individuals that if listened to they could save many much grief’ if you all listened.

Answer by H. Amanda
Um, actually, it’s documented that the “psychic Twins” (google will help you easily find them) did predict 9/11 on a radio show. They warned thousands of people and even used the name Bin Laden.

Perhaps it’s because you only listen to mainstream news outlets that you missed this and therefore have come to so many baseless assumptions.

And if you want to know about govt. experiments with psychics, read the wikipedia page on remote viewing.

Answer by Tom R
i got a psychic warning about the tidal wave in thailand. who could i have called? have you ever seen subatomic particles? probably not but you most likely believe they are there. there is plenty of evidence but why do the psychics want to get publicity. watch the series meduim for example. she was stalked and terrorized by a non believer. name calling doesnt help anyone. i personally believe that its your attitude that holds us back. if everyone had the ability there would too many people that would abuse the gift.

Answer by Nice Guy
It was actually “predicted”, just not by psychics. I live in the area and saw the towers everyday from NJ. After the first bombing it was not hard to figure another attack was coming. Looking at the buildings, planes landing at Newark airport flew by one after another. It was difficult not to picture one flying into the building. Any terrorist must have noticed the same thing. Not a day went by that I didn’t look over and think of a plane going into the buildings. When they finally hit I was shocked but not surprised. I’m sure similar thoughts occurred to thousands of people in this area. I think that’s what happened with the poster above. Like me she saw the potential and confused that with psychic predicting.

Answer by God Bless America
Lots of psychics “spoke up” about 9/11, and most of them are in prison right now, suspected of being collaborators, held without trial.

Sorry the FBI doesn’t accept “I have ESP” as an explanation of why you knew of a terrorist attack before it happened.

Answer by Witchy Mel
How do you know that no psychic stepped forward? First of all, anyone reporting that there was going to be a terrorist attack would immediately become a suspect, second of all, I am one of those people who believes that some people in the government had forewarning of this attack and did nothing to stop it. We really can’t say for sure if anyone stepped forward or not.

Personally speaking, I moved to northern Virginia two months before 9/11. The evening before I had a very strange and clear dream. I dreamed that I was in a cemetery in Washington D.C. and it was night time and I was placing lit incense on each grave. Then I came across Lincoln’s grave and I saw him laying on top of the grave and curled up in the fetal position. I remember kneeling next to him and stroking his back and then I woke up. I will never forget that dream. The funny thing is that I woke up filled with peace, I felt very strong. I realized later that I got that boost of energy to get me through the tragedy. That day caused a lot of changes in my personal life.

Also, for about 6 months before 9/11, I kept seeing 9:11 on the clock and every time I would hear this song playing in my head “Bad Moon Rising” and I would momentarily be filled with dread.

Anyways, I only share all that to say, how would I go about warning authorities about something like this, even if there was no conspiracy? Who’s going to listen to some girl who says that she had a crazy dream and she’s not quite sure what it meant but keep your eyes open because something bad may or may not happen today?

A lot of psychics were repeatedly pulling the “Tower” card. Are you familiar with that card in tarot?

Again, who’s going to listen to someone’s warning, just because they keep pulling that card?

There used to be a time, way, way back when the spiritual ones where considered a valuable part of the group. They worked together with everyone else to insure good harvests, health of the community and protection of their children.

Maybe it will be like that again one day but it is not that way now.

Besides, 9/11 was meant to happen. I don’t think that anyone could have stopped it. I am sad for all the lives lost, I am not happy that it happened but sometimes negative things have to happen, this was one of those times.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Has there ever been a paranormal TV game show?

Where psychic contestants battle it out to win a new car or a holiday by reading minds and making predictions.
Perhaps they could compete against random auidence members too.
Would a show like that be popular and entertaining?
Well, I was thinking that the The Faithful are very adverse to Randi’s offer, but that this could be a similar way of testing people but in a more friendly fun environment.

Answer by Deenie
I think that would be a GREAT idea…as long as the contestants don’t come on claiming to be psychic. I think it should just be regular people ..wanting to see if they can read people’s minds etc.Also..they could throw in a little teaching about the paranormal…terms etc.

Answer by eri
Wasn’t there one on NBC last year? I think it was called ‘Phenomenon’ with Criss Angel (good magician) and Uri Gellar (lousy psychic fraud). I know it was some sort of reality / game show thing, but I don’t know if it was testing your skills as a magician or claimed to be testing actual psychic or magic skills or something.

But if you want to start one, that would be awesome. Get a whole bunch of people who claim to have powers, and subject them to an actual test. Not just sitting around guessing common names, but something with a right answer and a goal in mind and see if any of them aren’t just making it all up. I’m guessing they’re making it all up.

Answer by seerlights
There was a reality show that was in a game show format that had several psychics pitted against one another to see who abilities were best. I believe the name of it was “worlds greatest psychic.” It was interesting.

Answer by Reiki Chick
There was one on the Sci-Fi channel called “Mad Mad House.”
Part reality and part game, the one-hour ten-episode series chronicled the unhinging of ten everyday people who move into a house run by a Vampire, a Witch, a Naturist, a Voodoo Priestess, and a Modern Primitive to compete for a $ 100,000 prize.

Kinda like Survivor meets Big Brother.

I watched it and thought it was very interesting.

There was also a show in Canada featuring Eugenia Last – who is an astrologer. Basically the show tested her more than the competitors. For example, two men and a women would be presented to her and she had to determine based on their charts which of the two men the woman was romantically involved with. Stuff like that. It never took off as there was no way for the audience to believe that anything about it was genuine. It was too easy to assume she had the info in advance, so how could the average watcher be impressed? Kinda like John Edward’s Crossing Over. its just too easy for it to be fixed. So its not worth the watcher’s time.

Answer by LM
They have one on HBO Family, it airs every weekend.

Its called “Ghost Trackers”
A live-action series that explores the art and science of ghost hunting, “Ghost Trackers” is a series that will make your skin crawl and your heart skip a beat. Teens, outfitted with only a point-of-view camera enter haunted locations, completely on their own and use ghost tracking devices to record the paranormal activity that seems to lurk around every corner. Watch as the participants fight with their instinct to flee the houses in order to beat out their competitor, be judged by a group of their peers and become the Ultimate Ghost Tracker!

Answer by Peter D
This is a fantastic idea. That way the general public could see what abilities these self-professed psychics really (don’t) have. I would bet that, in the interest of not being found out, most psychics would refuse to participate. The apologists would say that psychic powers aren’t that easy to control, aren’t 100% accurate, shouldn’t be cheapened and anything else to divert from the fact that psychic abilities are non-existent.

Answer by 2 makes 1
Many years back there was a show where a family would have to stay in a reported haunted house & investigate.
If they stayed in the said to be haunted place the whole time, then they would win.
There were no vamps, or voodoo or anything to that effect involved with this.

As for psychics on a show, no that wouldn’t be very interesting. They have these “healing” revivals down here, the same thing & about as unappealing as a psychic show.

Answer by suddenlysurreal
The closest would be MTV’s fear, they had to stay in a haunted place and do rituals and things. I am not sure what they got if they won though. You should try to find the old shows on YouTube, it was really good!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Have you ever had a Psychic Reading or met with a Palm Reader?

(or anyone similar) and got an excellent reading, and had the things they mentioned actually happened to you?

Answer by your worst nightmare…
no, but my best friend dreams the future. She will tell me about her dreams and they happen. Creepiest thing ever though is I remember her telling me about a dream involving a plane crashing into two big buildings on September 10th in 2001..

Answer by Why Don’t People Like Me? 2
No. I wish I did though…Maybe they would have told me that my wife would turn into an irrational douche bag.

sorry…having a bad night.

Answer by SeXyGuRLjEnA
yeah just today everything was true

Answer by Adam M
well i read the palms of my friends all the time the call me the “reaper” because i see ghost believe monsters will rule the earth yada yada yada but i dream things that happen some the next day or some the next year i had a dream i was standing on a platform people bowing down to me the date was 8-29-0000000 and 8-29 is my birthday but i think im on this earth for something more and all us “wierdos” or people who believe will rule the others and im not emo or crazy!

Answer by Incognito
There is only one I have confidence in. She has uncanny intuition. The first time she gave me a reading I was careful not to offer any information that would enable a cold reading. She never fished for information or made safe guesses. She never told me what she thought I wanted to hear or made general statements that could apply to anyone. She is always right up front and very accurate. She is also a very warm and real person. There is nothing phony about her. I see her about once a year and she has never disappointed me. It’s not easy to find the real thing, and there are plenty of fakes and wannabes. I’ve also had readings from others and they were never right. The others played the game well, but they weren’t the real thing.

Answer by Psychic Ashley
Well, I’m A psychic and spiratual healer, If you want to know how one feels like I would be happy to give you one for free, just this once, lol

Answer by KdS
I’ve never had a professional palm reading (though from what I have learned of it, it’s meant for such long-term fortunetelling that it would be years before one ever would find out if the reading was accurate!) I have contacted a couple psychics, one I’m sure was a fraud who did nothing but cold-read — that is, say a bunch of general information that would apply to anyone — and then told me I should buy a $ 200 spell from her. Then I went to another one, I’ve been back to her again since she was actually good, named Madisun. She’s been accurate for me so far, she’s pretty good with predictions. I also have a friend who is a medium, if I tell him to talk to my spirit guide he can give good readings — otherwise he just talks to any spirit, and they don’t always know useful things.

Answer by Being psychic sux!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am psychic!

Written by Goddessmother

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