Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Who can give me a free psychic reading, and a love prediction?

Please Email or Im me. I could possibly give you something in return?

Answer by Buddy_Lee_Hombre_de_accion
Um let’s see. You feel alone right now. You have access to a computer. You believe in psychics. You’re hoping to find Mr. Right, and have a big wedding. You like to breathe oxygen.

How’d I do?

Answer by Julzy
You will make a wrong choice bfore learnning. I see eventual normality

Answer by Doc
You enjoy straight sex, but sometimes forget to practice birth control and fear you’ll become pregnant while secretly hoping you do because you crave love and know that your baby will love you unconditionally.

Answer by Pam R

If your over 18 you can try this forum, they have a 2 week wait for newbies.


Answer by JulieViolette
I am a Tarot Card Reader.
I do free readings via email.

My email is

When you email me choose a number between 1 and 78.
There are 78 cards in a Tarot Deck.

I will then count the cards until I reach the card that corresponds with the number you have chosen. I will read that card for you and give you the information.


Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : does anyone know where I can get a free psychic reading?

I am looking for a free psychic reading from a reference would be great. I just want to see what someone says about my future.

Answer by mamakenna

Answer by angel
I have a friend that has a subscription on a website where you can get free readings 24 hours/day. You do have to have a subscription but for a 5 day trial it only cost $ 1.99. Here’s the site:


Answer by caramel_angelkiss
The best person to tell you about your future is not a psychic, but it is God. Your future is what you make it because our today’s determine what our tomorrows will be. Put your trust in the Lord and do what you need to do in this day and your future shall surely come to pass.

Don’t limit yourself to what a psychic says (no offense against psychics) but create your own future, you can be anyone or anything you set your mind to, believe that.

Please believe in yourself and believe that God is with you and he will keep you.

Answer by Rogue Wyndwalker
I do free tarot readings over the internet.

In response the person above who said to listen to yourself and God instead of psychics:

I understand that you have had problems with psychics in the past, but it is my experience that that is exactly what the goal of any psychic reading is to do.

I believe that all psychic gifts are enabled by God. When I give readings it’s like I get a ‘gut feeling’ or I hear whispers in my ear of what to say and I know those come from an outside source — God.

And also, in my experience, tarot cards general show the person you are reading for thing about their future (and decision-making) that they already know but don’t want to acknowledge. It can regard personal relationships, or your career path, but whatever the cards show is what the person ALREADY knows but is ignoring or refuses to see.

So, I guess that just listening to yourself, and listening to God you would get the same effect, but for some people they have problems with that. They have repressed the answer to their question for so long and so adamantly that they can’t see it anymore, and can’t access it on their own. Or they aren’t good at praying — they don’t know the best way to ‘listen’ to God’s answers to prayer.

A psychic is just someone who facilitates those things that the individual is having problems seeing or hearing on their own. 🙂

But, that’s just me, and I am glad that you have come to a point in your life where you don’t need that kind of help. Congratulations and I hope that God continues to bless your life with love and happiness!

Blessings and Light


Answer by Guillermo
When you cannot see what is happening…do not stare harder

Relax and look gently with your inner eye

When you do not understand what a person is saying, do not grasp for every word

Give up your efforts

Become silent inside and listen with your deepest self

When you are puzzled by what you see or hear, do not strive to figure things out

Stand back for a moment and become calm

When a person is calm, complex situations appear simple

To know what is happening, push less, open up and be aware

See without staring

Listen quietly rather than listening hard

Use intuition and reflection rather than trying to figure things out

The more you can let go of trying, and the more opejn and receptive you become, the more easily you will know what is happening

Also, stay in the present

The present is more available than either memories of the past or fanatasies of the future

So attend to what is happening now

What is happening now is a free psychic reading:

Very simply you are a “Collector of Sun”
Your circulatory system thrives on the Sun
And in Your Head you see yourself as the Fire of the World

Now for your future:

You will find fortune in the palm of your hand
Within the Egg you will become more aware of the forces of life
You will hold the Egg in your hand
And you will find fortune
Consider your digestive system: take care

Your strength will be in your vision of love
Your mercy
Your love awareness

Coupled with:

And a vision of the Triumph of Beauty

Your Children:

Will be your foundation

Your Parents:

Vision: Holy Guardian Angel

Your Relationship with the Creator:

The Self
You are Union with Divine

…attend to what is happening now

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What percent of kids and people in the world have psychic abilities?

Now please read ALL of this before answering. I want to know multiple things but i can’t find it anywhere on the internet, that is not made up. What percentage of kids\teens have psychic abilities in america, What percentage of people in america believe in having psychic abilities, and what percentage of people in america DON’T believe in psychic abilities..? And what percent of people in America have psychic abilities. I know it’s a lot but i REALLY wanna know.

Answer by Radioactive Raven

Answer by Edward
The percentage of people in the world with psychic powers is 0%.

Answer by Fireball
1% believe it…most of us know its a crock…

Answer by Dalek
You’ll never find out anything like that.

However I believe it to be 0%.

Answer by Sjnoring Vjerilood
Many believe it, none have it.
I don’t know the percentages.

Answer by Today’s religion is tomorrow’s mythology.
The question that you should be asking is, “DO psychic abilities EXIST?”

Answer by Kevin
ok truth is that 100% of people out there have psychic abilities. But probably only like 10% have unlocked at least one of them.
im not sure but id say about 90% of people dont believe it is real and the other 10% of people are the ones with open minds and can actually do them.
See thing is everybody has em, but everybody just locks them away, by telling themselves that its not real, and not possible.

Answer by Mike
kids- 0.44%
Believe- 26.32%
Not believe-61.007%

Find it out

Here are a plethora of soft-wares at your service

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on free psychic reading

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