Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : who has been to a psychic who has been accurate in what they say?

are there any good psychics?

Answer by KKingS
Not that I know of. But I predicted that I am going to work tommorrow…let’s see if I’m right!

Answer by Tom B
I am about as psychic as a person can get so I assume theirs others.I don’t do readings, I have read peoples palms, but just for Friends and others I know.
I did go to one once, she said I would go on a very long very bad trip, she was totally right.worst time of my life.My wife broke my heart and I hurt my back.a year long trip.

Answer by Anne H
There are many accurate psychics out there. I personally have had experience with several in my time.

As to are there any good psychic readers, the best one for you is the one you feel most comfortable with. Also, I personally recommend NOT going with one who makes outrageous accuracy claims. I myself am a reader, but I let the person GETTING the reading decide if I am full of what comes out of the south end of a north-bound male bovine…..

Answer by sufferer
never that accurate cos somtimes things dun happen that yurself and i will tell you that i seem the future but it happens 8 yrs later and i tend to see funny dreams too.

Answer by – s2…Cutie…s2 –
yea my friends mum when to one and everything she said was correct! also my mum when to one when she was a kid and everthing the woman said is happening now

Answer by Kali
I do Tarot a little. I’m pretty accurate I’d say. Good Psychics? Well, not any of those 3.99 a minute hussies…

Answer by Rev. Two Bears
I went to a psychic a few months ago to have my palm read, and she was amazingly accurate,

Answer by linda mary w
i had my palm read once this woman told me my boyfriends name at the time theres no way she could have known!she said we would be together forever,a couple of months later he p…..d off with some other woman lol good riddence

Answer by crzynluv
Yes, I have a psychic that I see about 1-2 times a year for the past 11 years. She is about 90% accurate with future people, places, and events. She is about 98% with the past. She gives names with great accuracy. She has described my pets to me. She senses any physical ailments I may be having (present or future) to 100%. During one reading I had a toothache on my upper right side. I didn’t do anything to show that I was in pain;however, she told me exactly which tooth was hurting. She told me on one reading that a male friend who had died was still around me in the spirit sense. She told me his name (which was accurate) and then she went into detail of how he died (he died during a parachuting accident – fell to his death). I don’t divulge any information in the readings to tip her off. I don’t take everything she says to heart. I just file it somewhere in my brain and continue on with my life. When things happen that she predicted, I am totally amazed..even after so many years.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Do psychics who try and scam you, do they give accurate readings though?

I went to this psychic and I feel I got an accurate reading. but she gave me the “I have a curse” line, so I was wondering if scammer psychics actually are real psychics and give accurate readings.

Answer by Nous
Oh come on just looking at someone gives a lot of clues and these people make a living out of it!

Please do not waste time and possibly have your life harmed by paying them any heed!

Answer by Psychic Wolf
sometimes yes, sometimes no. search for information about “spotting a cold reader” and really analyze what you were told in light of that information

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Question for Psychic believers?

For those who believe in Psychics, Do you feel that Psychics are more accurate with the PRESENT than the FUTURE? Or from anyone who had readings before, have you ever felt like a psychic was dead right about your present and those around but his/her future predictions were off? ( if you dont believe please dont answer the question with complaints and stuff of that nature thanks)
thanks guys! 🙂

Answer by Ecstasy
My favorite psychic is Derren Brown

Answer by Joanna_Banana14
I don’t believe in psychics but I used to believe that I was a weather psychic when I was about 11 everytime I talked about it raining or if it was going to rain during that summer like 10 minets later it would get cloudy and cold and windy and then just storm really bad same with other weather but now I look back on it and just laugh cuz I really thought I was a weather psychic silly me!

Answer by Archer
Psychics help people see what they are unable or unwilling to see. Much like a psychiatric counselor.
Your future is not set nor carved in stone. The simple changing of an idea can change your future. People may not realize where they are or how they got there because they can not see abstractly, they are too close to the situation or event. They sometimes need assistance seeing the whole picture.
People also may not acknowledge the results of their actions or where those actions will lead them and some times need assistance acknowledging the obvious.
We help open the eyes of the seeing who are not looking, the ears of the hearing who are not listening, and the minds of those who are not thinking.

Answer by Michael
I am psychic

It simply does not matter, a good psychic can tell both, although given that our collective conciousness can shift.

You see, we are quantum diodes emanating thought-frequency, like a kaleidoscope. Psychics can pick up on that. A good psychic can tell right away what is from the present, and is the highest probablity wave in the future…

Answer by RW
the nature of time is such that what you describe will inevitably be the case.

predicting the future is inherently less accurate than discerning facts of the present.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on accurate psychic readings

The Psychic Twins Predictions 2011 Beyond The Gate Radio

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