Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do Christians often assert that only nothing can come from nothing?

I mean, if they could back up this claim in any way, why do they post it on yahoo answers? Why not write a book and become famous? Seriously, if someone were to prove this they would fundamentally alter our understanding of quantum psychics. They would have successfully refuted equations of the greatest minds of the last century and succeed where Einstein had failed.

1) Prove it
2) Publish it
3) Become rich, famous, and retire before you finish high school.

Answer by Mr. Forman
It is impossible to prove, because it is crap.

Answer by The Lord of Misrule
They forget their religion says god magiced up the Earth out of nothing.

Answer by Bob
Einstein spent his later years trying to prove the existence of God…no luck.

of course nothing can have a big guy riding a cloud in it..but not nothing.

Answer by Saved
They say that science claims the universe originated from nothing, but they can only do that in complete ignorance of the theories.

THEY are the ones who claim it came from nothing. “In the beginning there was nothing.”

They also claim that everything must have a cause, and then completely violate that claim by saying God does not require a cause.

Answer by Methane Mama
You see, the thing is, they have no comprehension of the burden of proof. They never expected anyone to prove the extraordinary claims the Bible makes – so, they can’t comprehend anyone else expecting them to prove their own claims. They think you should be like them – gullible and willing to believe anything you’re told, just like a child.

They aren’t qualified to determine if something really makes sense, or not, so they just don’t care.

Answer by Dre Baker
everything requires faith and no matter if you believe in someone or something other than Lord Jesus what happened after/before that …and that …. and that…and that

Answer by Hamish

Answer by Gregory
you have it wrong christians spout something, organic life, can not spring from nothing, inorganic life.

christians have never said nothing can come from nothing

life is not about fame and lots of money

its about love and helping your fellowman

Answer by landersonjr1958
Because no matter how many eons of time I leave a box of hammers in my back yard they will never turn into a Harley Davidson.

Answer by Pat
You don’t even know what you are talking about

Creation ex nihilo is not like say Creation ex fimus. Only nothing can come from nothing. Christian assertions are that GOD can make something without there being something pre-existent outside Himself. You have NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT.

Answer by ironmongoose
Actually, it’s well known that nothing comes from nothing. This is known as the law of conservation of matter/energy.

Some of the recent findings in particle physics–namely that particles can pop in and out of existence–have been interpreted by some armchair philosophers (themselves unschooled in physics) as violating or disproving this. This is a gross misinterpretation: This is the periodic formation of particles from background energy that was always there. It no more violates conservation than manufacturing a chair or phone or computer violates conservation. “But there wasn’t a chair there before!” Well, everything the chair was made of, was there all along.

Go to university and learn physics PROPERLY. Those who have, never make the argument from quantum physics that this can make “something come from nothing”. Knowledge is liberating.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Give me your paranormal experiences to a novel I am writing?

It is called Shapeshifters. Yes like shapeshifters that shift into other humans but this is mainly about your most paranormal experiences. So feel free to share your scary story or it can be fake or a phone call from the dead.

Answer by Chosen One
This one time at band camp a ghost stuck a flute up my pussy

Answer by Woob
i’m at a sleepover and my friend just turned into a unicorn. help!

Answer by L.A
The Devil said “U scary little b**itch, you pray with the lights on fearing that i’m in the closet, or under you bed, and guess what?.. I am”.

Answer by Fayebee Baybee
Shapeshifters…Cool 🙂

I was 5 when my Grandad died, my Mum (Diane) was really close to him & apparently I was his favourite lol…

Anyways, she didnt tell me this until I was 14/15 years old.

She told me a few days after he died, she was coming from round the back of the house and she saw him walking on the other side of the road :O

She said she started to call my dad (Danny) Danny, Danny my dads back…and she said my grandad said: No Diane, Ive just come to tell you Im OK…and carried on walking…

I was never a believer in the ‘other side’ etc until my mum told me this…I just figured that my mum doesnt lie, and deffo dont lie to me, why would she? So from that I am a believer 🙂 and have had many of spiritual experiences…

Answer by Greg
Michael jackson in my shower

Answer by OcarinaLink24
Okay, my MOST paranormal one….Geez, I’m going to sound crazy but there was an old field with electric wiring all around it me and my friends found. So we went to check it out. Turns out it was an old baseball field but you couldn’t really tell because the grass was like a foot and a half high. So while we were there I got this horrible feeling and I said to my friends ‘Guys, no matter what happens, make sure I leave the field and don’t let me make excuses to stay.’ A little while later it began to remind me of my hometown (because I had just moved) and I didn’t want to leave. I made a comment on how peaceful it was and one of my friends got suspicious. Meanwhile the other friends got bored and they decided it was time to leave. I explained how much it reminded me of Virginia and they pointed out that I had said to make sure I left. I said it as nothing to worry about and to give me five more minutes and they agreed. After five minutes was up we started to leave but I stopped at the gate. I felt like I couldn’t leave if I wanted to. I sprinted back to the tall grass with no control over my actions and ducked to hide. eventually they found me and one of them grabbed my hand to pull me out. I began to struggle and actually managed to get away. That’s a big deal because I have fibromyalgia and I’m really really weak. She was really into paranormal stuff and decided I had been possesed. I don’t remember what she called it now but it was a term for like half-possesion that happens when you haven’t blacked out and you can see what’s going on but you just have no control over it. Anyway my other friends were like ‘Yeah whatever she’s just goofing off’ and said that we seriously needed to leave because we were technically trespassing. I wanted to go but also didn’t want to go. My body refused to leave. I went completly limp and so they decided to drag me out of there. At the time I weighed about 200-250 pounds and so that was no small task. The good news was that I was having a birthday party so there were a lot of people there. It took all 9 of them to drag me half way to the exit at which point they decided they couldn’t go on any further. At this point I was totally freaked out because I couldn’t move and so I took a few minutes, gathered al my strength and rolled towards the exit. A couple of my friends pulled me to my feet and I managed to stumble out. after that I sat down and regained my strength before going home. We’ve pretty much decided never to mention it again, especially considering most of my friends were skeptic and it shook them up too. They said they could tell it wasn’t really me.

I know that’s not the paranormal experience you were looking for, but it was pretty weird. Oh and one time my friend had apparently gotten possesed (yes we’re morons and decided to go back to investigate further) and all I could see was who was posessing her and not her body itself, at least until the ghost or whatever it was left.

Answer by Jackieholic
This is true:
when my grandmother was somewhere in her twentys, (she was married, but no kids yet) and my grandmother was home alone, and my grandfather, (her houseband) was at work. My grand mother was taking out the clothes from the washer 2 put thm in the dryer, but the clothes were all bloody. so she grabbed some of the clothes and went across the street to her neighbor, which was psychic. and the neighbor said something like, “dont let any one go out 4 a while”. then my grandmother went home and put the clothes back in the dryer. thn, when my grandfather came home, she told him wht happened, and my grandfather and his friends were obsessed with race cars, and ther was a race care race tonight. but my grandmother eventually convinced him to stay home. but that night, while his friends were coming home from the race, a drunk driver hit them, head-on and all his friends tht were in tht car died.

THIS IS 100% TRUE. srry if its confusing..

Answer by Heathen
So, you want other people to do your work for you?

Nah, I’m not telling you anything. Write your own book.

Answer by nolan ricketts
i was lying in bed 1 night and i woke suddenly i saw a hand come out from under my bed and behind my door then another night my comforter was jerked of my bed and after we moved something was pulling on my comforter and nobody was there i am not lying but it could have been my imagination or not

Answer by Apocalypsm 7
I’m afraid the story I give you, I have made up. I created it but can’t allow you to use it. What you CAN do is base some elements from my story. The story is a mix of “Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Turn On The Light?”, “The Mold”, and “The Babysitter and The Murderer Upstairs”.

“The Passage”
A family move into a new house, Philadelphia. They do not know the area they live in is actually quite high in sightings of “unexplainable things”. The father is at work, and is unable to come back for a few weeks. The mother’s son, Jamie, decides to play in his room. His mother Janet hears a large bang and rushes to the boy’s bedroom. He tells her about the “ghost” and that he was playing and talking to it. The mother pushes it off her mind as an imaginary friend. One night, Janet tells the boy that she would leave him with his sister. She reassures the two never to answer, under any circumstances. Around 7.00pm, Marla hears about a crazed mental-patient who has escaped and residents must never let any stranger come in. Seeing as Jamie is small and cannot reach the window to shut it, he leaves it (also not hearing the broadcast). At about 9.00pm, the boy’s sister, Marla, hears him talking to his “imaginary friend”. “Who is it?”, she asks, and he tells her it was the “insane ghost”. Later on, the boy sat by his sister and suddenly saw him in a trance, repeating “he is here, here is here, he is here!!” Frightened, Marla decided to put him to bed as she was older than him. Half-an-hour before Janet, his mother, would come back, Marla heard Jamie scream, but Marla could get quite lazy and horrible, so ignored her brother’s warnings and forgot about it, presuming it to be a nightmare. When Marla’s parent’s returned, they told her to go to bed and check on Jamie. As she creeped in, she could smell a despicable smell, like flesh, and could feel something liquidy on her hands by the light-flick. She was really scared but knew she must check on Jamie, so turned on the lights. Marla gave out the loudest scream she could; Jamies was sprawled on the bed, mutilated and the room covered in blood. Along the main wall, were some writing which read “the INSANE man is coming”. She peeked through the curtains and saw a white figure staring at her. A few years later, she and her friends had been to a camp in the woods. They had all told her there stories, so she told them about her brother’s death. The next day, they had to pack to go home. Along the way, they decided to take a “shortcut”, which lead to the location of Jamie’s death. By the night, she stepped into a trance and looked through the window, seeing the appearance of a young boy, Jamie. “It must be a reflection from the front seat”, she said (They were still seated inside the car). Turning back, she found her parents were gone and she was now in the room of Jamies. Creeped out, she ran to the door, but she tried to burst through but no other option worked. Suddenly, Marla’s dead brother Jamie was right behind her, with a knife. Jamie told her “it was all your fault. Now your going to pay.” A loud scream was now heard but like in the movies “no-one can hear you scream”. A few years later it was said that the house was burnt down and the poltergeists of Jamie and Marla could be seen holding a knife roaming around the area. No one dare visites the area, now known as “The Passage”.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : How do I get a job at Home Depot?

I applied to Home depot yesterday and just a few hours later a got a phone interview. Is it bad that I hesitated a bit on my answers? Do they see that as a negative trait? When will they call me back if I am selected for an interview?

Answer by Where has Common Sense gone?
We are not psychic. They call if/when they call. Thats it.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on phone psychic

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