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My Family Won’t Let Me Live My Purpose | Psycademy | Coaches | Psychics | Therapists

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I’m online, call me for a live psychic reading. #bitwine

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“If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.” Jim Rohn: Consults with Cecelia and The Team at :

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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do people pay psychics to read the future?

It is one thing to be intelligently inferior but, for the people that can pass their drivers license test, why in the world will you pay your hard earned dollars to a psychic to predict your future? It is a great insult to everyone else that has enough common sense to pass their drivers license test at the DMV.
Even a stray cat has a more acute “senses” than a educated “professional psychic”.

Answer by Rosemonster
If you don’t agree with them, don’t go to them. Why waste your energy putting them down (or thinking about them at all for that matter). I’d suggest putting your energies towards being a bit more accepting of people who have different views than you.

Answer by ultimatey1993
You answered your own question quite well. It is stupid knowing or trying to know your future.

Answer by theterminatorfan
I find them entertaining. Nothing more.

Answer by Robert S
Are there even psychics? I read something somewhere.. it went
If there are fortune tellers (as in psychics), why don’t they go make it rich?

People usually want to know the future when their worried about it.
But thats what life is.

Answer by Ego
You can read the past for 25 cents in your daily newspaper. Reading the future takes special skills, seems much more valuable.

Personally, I don’t hire psychics, have never found one that’s competent.

Answer by Derail
I agree with you. All the psychics I have seen really don’t appear to be living in modest comfort. If they could really see the future and know it, you’d think they’d be able to favorably manipulate finances and investments to be financially comfortable if not wealthy. But none are that I have ever seen.

Answer by professorintelligence
There are real people with Psychic ability.
Unfortunately they don’t pimp out their gift(or curse) for a quick buck.
These people are paying for cheap peace of mind. They want to feel like they can control or change their insignificant, petty lives.

Answer by Cherrin
It’s just curiosity…

Answer by howard s
that why people make a lot of money leaking details of the new movies or books that are popular.

Answer by Happy Hiram
I paid a psychic $ 30 for an hour of entertainment, but it wouldn’t have required her any real ability to tell me to be careful pulling out on her street. The police officer who came to write up my accident said it was the third “severe” accident in front of her house that week. Her shop was on a sharp turn and I guess she thought she would lose customers if she asked them to park further up.

She said I would have 6 months of smooth sailing and good fortune. Not in THAT car.


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