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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do people say Goku is the strongest DBZ character? What happened to Mystic Gohan or Vegito / Vegetto?

I don’t get it = \ I mean Goku is a great character and all, but he is NOT the strongest DBZ character, Mystic Gohan is even stronger then him when Goku is at SSJ3 = \ and what about Super Gotenks or Super Gohan Buu? Or what about the two strongest characters in the DBZ universe, Gogeta and Vegito? What happened to them?!?! I don’t get it, Why are people saying Goku is the strongest? This is like humiliating Vegeta in the DBZ universe with all these DBZ fans saying the incorrect answer about Goku being the strongest lol

And Screw DBGT, It is fake and all, and we all know SSJ4 Gogeta is the strongest but w/e forget about that, we stick with the original Dragon Ball Series =P

So Why do people say Goku is the strongest when he is not?

I make my statement clear that these people are the strongest

1 >> Super Vegito
2 >> Super Gogeta
3 >> Super Buu [Mystic Gohan]
4 >> Super Buu [SSJ3 Gotenks]
5 >> Mystic Gohan
6 >> Kid Buu (Goku can’t last fighting him forever you know = \)
7 >> Janemba
8 >> SSJ3 Goku
9 >> Hirudegarn
10 >> SSJ3 Gotenks

I rest my case here or w/e lol

Answer by «{♥Kαкαѕнι♥}»
DBZ?? Never seen it so i have no idea ^^”

i’ve heard about it but. . . oh well

Good luck getting you point aross anyway ^_^

Answer by Tsukiko — ‘moon child’
watch dragonball z Gt and you’ll get it

Goku goes super sayian 4×768/gogeta-super-saiyan-4.jpg×768/gt-super-saiyan-4.jpg

Answer by Naruto/Sasuke/Ichigo
Well people might think he is the strongest because when he goes down he never gives up and always gets up,but they don’t see Vegeta getting up as well

WE HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM,because all my friends just like Goku but don’t like Vegeta and the other characters

Answer by Taitasu/Yohan: Kyo’s Rival
i know i never got it either…

1 >> Super Gogeta
2 >> Super Vegito
3 >> Super Buu [Mystic Gohan]
4 >> Super Buu [SSJ3 Gotenks]
5 >> Mystic Gohan
6 >> Kid Buu (Goku can’t last fighting him forever you know = \)
7 >> Janemba
8 >> SSJ3 Goku
9 >> Hirudegarn
10 >> SSJ3 Gotenks

Answer by brollyjin
Well he may be strong,but there’s one character more stronger than his Super saiyan 4 form and he is Gogeta super saiyan 4

Answer by Goku 水水水
I am not trying to Argue with you but I totally Disagree.Here`s Why:
(Discluding GT because its Fake)

Supreme Kai and the rest of the Z Fighters all said that Kid Buu is the Strongest Buu.Goku said he could beat Kid Buu if he used his full power in SSJ3 from the start but he dident because he wanted give Vegeta a chance at Buu.So it was too late to recover his SSJ3 powers so he used Sprit Bomb to beat Kid Buu.and as for Vegito I know he could beat Super Buu but there is No way he could beat Kid Buu.and Goku clearly dident achive his full power in SSJ3 yet when he fought Janemba.and Mystic Gohan was easily beaten by Super Buu so there is no way he could beat Kid Buu the Strongest Buu

So these people are the Strongest:

1) SSJ3 Goku
2) Kid Buu
3) Hirudegran
4) Super Vegito
5) Super Gogeta
6) Super Buu (Gohan Absorved)
7) Super Buu (Gotenks Absorved)
8) Janemba
9) Mystic Gohan
10) SSJ3 Gotenks

lol wow this was a long answer

Answer by Shockwave
I see the points, and Vegito is stronger than goeta so that’s right, however, Mystic Gohan being stronger than SSJ 3 Goku is debated all the time.

The real reason is because he’s the main character.

Answer by ۩ ᾱḏĐāɱ ۩
1 >> Super Vegito
::: Yep, he’s the strongest but he didn’t make until the end of the series so I say he’s not the strongest anymore XD He used to be…

2 >> Super Gogeta
::: Hey, you said no DBGT, because if I can remember correctly there’s no Gogeta in DBZ (not sure they if they got him on anime). But he wasn’t there on the manga which has original plot and storyline. Those you see on the anime probably a filler episode XD

3 >> Super Buu [Mystic Gohan]
::: Kid Buu is stronger than him. It’s said when Buu returns to his original/purest form he becomes much more powerful than SS3 Goku and his previous form. Refer here,

4 >> Super Buu [SSJ3 Gotenks]
::: He only has limited power because the fusion only last for 5 minutes.

5 >> Mystic Gohan
::: He is stronger than Super Buu, but definitely not Kid Buu.

6 >> Kid Buu (Goku can’t last fighting him forever you know = \)
::: This should be put on the first or second place. Refer to the link above why he is stronger than Super Buu and his other form.

7 >> Janemba
::: Who’s this? Never saw this name on the manga, like I said earlier if it’s on the anime it probably a filler episode.

8 >> SSJ3 Goku
::: Goku can’t last fighting Kid Buu because this form used up too much energy. It’s a different things if he’s dead ya know, look what happen to Fat Buu…

Refer to

“The demand of Ki required to tap the awesome power the Super Saiyan level 3 makes it so that it can only be freely used in the afterlife. When used in the living realm, it causes the user to either borrow against time before returning to the netherworld, or completely drain oneself of all power after just a few minutes of transforming. It may well be impossible to access the full power of this state in the living realm. For fused fighters, this stage can be used freely, but with a time limit of 5 minutes.”

9 >> Hirudegarn
::: Uhm, filler? XD If he’s not than translate his name for me… who’s actually this guy from the manga?

10 >> SSJ3 Gotenks
::: He can used this form for 5 minutes only.. so he’s clearly the strongest-five-minutes-character in DBZ! Not the strongest one XD

Here’s my list

1. Super Vegito, of course… we got two of the strongest character in DBZ fused into one body–permanently!

1. Kid Buu because it takes the Spirit Bomb to defeat him. Note that Spirit Bomb was a combination of energy from across the world, it’s not actually Goku energy/ki.

2. Super Buu [Mystic Gohan], well he absorbed Mystic Gohan so he’s definitely deserved to be on top of the list. Combined those together I think it’ll be hard for SS3 Goku to beat him. I think this form was the closest one to match Kid Buu power.

3. SS3 Goku, well since he’s the one defeated Kid Buu I supposed he’s the strongest? Because at least he can take on Kid Buu (although for several minutes) in one on one fight.

4. Mystic Gohan, he can beat Super Buu but we don’t know yet if he can beat or stand a chance with one on one battle with Kid Buu (the strongest form of Buu). He probably end up like Vegeta.

5. Super Buu [SSJ Gotenks], he can beat Mystic Gohan with this form but he also has limited time power only so I don’t consider him to be the strongest. Although he still has Picollo on his body, so he can be probably consider powerful

6. SSJ3 Gotenks, well he manage to fight one on one with Super Buu, but he’s limited with time. He can only be strong for 5 minutes unlike SSJ3 Goku, so he wasn’t fit the title the strongest character in DBZ series.

The conclusion

I think the reason why people said Goku was the strongest character in DBZ is because he’s the last man standing throughout the series. Goku is the strongest character ALIVE in DBZ! Why? Because he achieved all level of Super Saiyan unlike the other Saiyan in DBZ. He kept training after Kid Buu is defeated so I think he already surpassed Mystic Gohan on the World Tournament (last chapter). Vegito wasn’t around anymore so he didn’t really fit to be the strongest DBZ character alive. He’s like one-shot character (or one hit wonder XD) in DBZ. Kid Buu was dead, so he wasn’t the strongest anymore. Gohan stop training, and we never saw his true mystic power after Buu saga ended. So who else can we rely on to be the most powerful and strongest character in DBZ? It’s definitely Son Goku!

Answer by William B
The strongest is Bulma. 1. She is smarter than Goku and has Vegeeta.

My favorite example is when they were flying to the tournament in the Buu saga and Gohan etc. were arguing at no super sayains lest the be recognized and reporters will come. Vegeeta said, “Let them come, I’ll destroy them.”
Silence until Bulma said, “VegEEEta.”
Then Vegeeta said, “Oh, alright, no super Sayans.”
Bulma controls Vegeeta.

Answer by J011
Well basically because Goku was always that first person to advance and become stronger. He was the first to become Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan 3, and Super Saiyan 4. And he always continued training no matter what.

But no matter what Goku can do, Vegeta is always right behind him.

Answer by サイ ナルト
1.>>:trunks ssj 2!!!!!

2.>:son-gohan ssj2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3.>>:goku ssj 2!!!!!!!!

4.mystic ghoan!!!!!!!!

5.ssj 3 gotenks!



8.ssj1 trunks!

9.ssj 1 goku!

10.ssj 4 goku!!

Answer by casey
lol well if it depends yes if you use “Fusion” to become the strongest does that really mean their the strongest? because if you take the fusions away who would beat who? because didnt SS3 goku beat kid buu the strongest form of buu? if so compare it with the other unfused characters such as gohan or trunks or whoever would they be able to withstand kid buu? but hey thats just what i think 😛

in my opinion yes to be technical Goku seems to be the strongest

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Is it normal to be quiet all the time?

Usually, I don’t feel like talking, even to my family or close friends. I don’t hate people, just don’t like to talk. I can live for couple days withing saying a word. Is this normal?

Answer by Lousaki-mou
It’s probably not ‘average’ behaviour, but as long as it’s normal for you and your lack of talking isn’t because something is bothering or if your lack of talking doesn’t bother you then don’t worry

Answer by Sapphire Blue
Totally normal. No one says you have to be a talkative person in order to live. I’m usually quiet, too.

Answer by williew
Well,if it is I am one abnormal cat………….lol

Answer by akafl3x
Yes, its normal everyone is different, just don’t waste your time analyzing it use it for contemplation or something, go with the flow.

Answer by monica k
Umm I guess so. I don’t really know but maybe you should try communicating with people more because that might make you a happier person. I’m not saying you’re not a happy person, I’m just saying you might like talking to people if you give it a try.

Answer by xxxXxxx
It may not be classified as ‘normal’. It’s not a bad thing, though. As long as it’s not something else that is bothering you. Like, depression, everything is fine. Some people just don’t like talking. If you feel everything is as it should be, then don’t worry. But if you feel something else is wrong, talk to someone about it.

Answer by Vicky Parker
It depends. You could be just untalkative by nature which is OK or you could be withdrawing becasue of some other internal conflict and thats not OK. Personally I think you sound like you just dont like to talk. If it doesnt bother you – why worry about it.

Answer by Tracey
I have the same problem as u, sometimes I feel like Im shutting the world outside, I have my reasons though one of them is that I am stummering but when Im with my friends I talk like no body care and most of all when Im with ppl who knows that I cant speak as other ppl speak but when Im with the strangers it get too complicated coz I know 1st thing they think when Im stuttering is that Im inarticulate or anything less than that

Well ppl have different behaviours but when those behaviours seems to be too much we rather call them problematic, so if its just something u experience recently then I’d think that it could be a problem but if u were quite from the word go then I wudnt, there are obsevers and activitists in this world and u probably are an observer

Answer by S B
You don’t hate people ,it is good But if require you must talk .If you do not talk if required ,then it is abnormal.
Check up your throat from ENT special
Talking less gives you energy
A lot of mystic in the world who do not talk for years !

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : I would like to take a vacation i live in nj. I would like to go driving where would you recommend to go?

This is only my boyfriend and I. So i would like it to be very fun yet bring out the chemistry in us.
We are taking this vacation around May for only a couple of days 2 or 3.
I would like to go somewhere close like pa, ny, or stay in nj but idk of any exactly locations to go.

Answer by Ashley
Drive to Colorado, it’s amazingly beautiful out here!

Answer by Kenneth
drive to south central los angeles

Answer by 81 Honda
Upstate New York, just about anywhere, absolutely beautiful there. Or, Hershey Park in Harrisburg, it’s fun there.

Answer by BOB C
Well you could go (drive to NYC) why not go that? Or Minnesota? Or Atlantic City? I’m not sure how far you want to drive. If you want to drive far, what about Lake Tahoe, or Big bear, or Tx? I would do NYC, I’ don’t really like driving too far, maybe 4 hours is the most for me.

And we all know there’s a ton of stuff to do in NY?
But maybe you want to drive far? I don’t know? But heres some fun ideas for you… in NYC.

Answer by nova_queen_28
A couple reasonable road trips from NJ would be – –

New England – Mystic, Connecticut; Salem, Plymouth, or Cape Cod, Massachusetts; Maine! Anywhere in Maine is so beautiful – lighthouses, lakes, woods, its just gorgeous!!!

New York – Finger Lakes (Corning) Region; Niagara Falls

Pennsylvania – Poconos; Lancaster; Hershey

Virginia – Blue Ridge Mountains (Luray) Area; Alexandria (also close to Washington, DC); Virginia Beach; Williamsburg.

Maryland – all along the Chesapeake Bay is awesome; Baltimore inner harbor is supposed to be nice.

Depending upon how long you could go for I would say stay closer for shorter trips go all out for longer ones or make multiple stops.

And if you want to stay IN New Jersey, go to Cape May. Its just the best. Even my beach-hating fiance likes Cape May.

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