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Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Why do psychics always tell people who they are and when wrong it causing the person harm?

They cause people to become confused about who they are, only they know who they are, that is why I am against psychics.

Answer by Creepis Kryp
I have never believed a psychic, never ever.

Not even myself, when I played a Tarot reader, one Halloween.

Despite the grammar, you are very observant about them.

Answer by susan
Sorry you have come across people pretending to be psychic rather than the real deal.

Answer by Jasmine
I’m sorry you have had bad experiences. But remember, just like every other industry, there are good psychics and bad psychics – real psychics and fake psychics. It’s a sad testement to our world that people will sometimes pretend to be a psychic and when a client is at their most vulnerable – take advantage of that vulnerability just to make a little money.

There ARE real psychics out there and they CAN help. You just need to find the right ones. One of the best ways to do that is look for psychics who offer free psychic readings. That way, you can get a feel for them BEFORE you spend money.

Remember, if you get a bad feeling about someone… go with it. Trust your instincts. It’s usually when we try to ignore that “nagging feeling” that we get into trouble.

Good luck!

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : What am I suppose to think when a psychic tells me that I have 3 aura’s and I is cloudy to read?

A friend, my to sister, and I went to see a psychic and the other two girl’s each had one aura and were easily “readable”. I however, get told that I have 3 auras and am cloudy. She tells me this while shaking her hand at me and looking nervous! HELP! WTF does it mean!
Thanks so much. I just thought I would ask. I had to abuse two answers! Rude people.

Answer by Jack F
It means stop believing in psychic nonsense.

Answer by Mj
It doesn’t mean anything. Psychics don’t really know what they’re talking about. Psychologists know more about the mind, so next time you should see one or ask an advice columnist. Psychics practice pseudoscience. Its not real. It can be proven right or wrong. The best thing that helps me know more about my life is studying psychology, and praying.

Answer by Dylan
It doesn’t mean anything. She’s making it up, because that’s what psychics do.

Answer by Tani
It means she is very clever at getting people to want to spend their money on something that is not only a lie, but connected with the demons. Read (in the Bible) Deuteronomy 18, especially verses 10 and 11. God gave those commands to protect people. Better to keep away from psychics.

If you want real guidance that will make you happy, study the Bible.

Answer by WTFYW?LDG!
If you is cloudy to read and has 3 auras…lol. Then you may be one of the many that have been born with psychic abilities.

Answer by Leonard
It means you are gullible – a common trait of people with three auras.

Answer by Om Namah Shivay
There are true psychics and people need to stop using the Bible to try to disprove something they have no earthly clue about. What where prophets (in the Bible), but psychics? I have never gone to see a psychic, but my brother was in class one day (college) and a professor asked to speak to him after class. She told him what she was about to tell him could get her fired so she asked that he not mention it to anyone on campus. He promised. She was able to tell him about me. I was pregnant at the time. My brother (my twin) was concerned and worried about my pregnancy. She told him (without him having to tell her anything), that I was fine and would have my baby with out issues. She told him not to worry. My brother said he sat there in shock. That was 20 years ago. My son…(the child I was carrying) is now a Marine.

I can’t tell you what this particular psychic meant. If she asked for money, I would totally be skeptical.

Answer by Life Is…
It’s a load of crap. Go to a genuine psychic. Everyone’s aura has layers. She is just talking crap to scare you. I wish I had a nickel for every client I’ve ever seen that has been scared by a creep like this one.

Answer by Ariadon
Every living thing has an aura, or energy field, surrounding it. Ignore those who spew ignorance based on religious paranoia and who don’t even understand their own religions.

What do you think that “halo” is that artists drew around Holy people? Duh.

You don’t have three auras, but everyone’s aura is composed of different levels or “bands” around them that correspond to different things.

This person who read you is probably a beginner at aura reading and simply could not read you. You don’t have to be psychic to read auras, anyone can develop the ability to see them, but some people see them naturally. They are simply bands of colored light around you, and can be seen in Kirilian photography.

Anyone who says auras don’t exist is just pathetically ignorant.

If you are sick, worried, scared, harboring negative emotions, or otherwise weakened, your energy fields may be dim or “cloudy”. It is simply a reflection of how your body (physical energy) or mind (emotional energy) is feeling at that time.

You can strengthen and energize your aura by doing the common sense things – eating well, exercising, and keeping your emotional energy positive. Being out in nature, listening to beautiful music (not negative music), and smelling fragrances that you enjoy all help strengthen your aura (because they improve your “mood” or emotional energy).

Part of being a good reader, psychic or otherwise, is being professional in the information that you give people, so as not to scare them the way this person scared you. There are great talented psychics and readers, and there are people with a little talent but not much sense, and then there are outright frauds. It’s a buyer beware scenario.

So get the readings if you enjoy them, but never take the reading of one psychic too seriously. If you get the same message from several different readers, then pay attention. But know that you may be dealing with someone who is just not very good at it and don’t take stuff too seriously.

Source : YoutubeWatch this video on psychic reader

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