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Hey Everybody,
Ok, so ive just recently begun to read bones and stones. I do it by throwing them on the ground and interpreting how they land. I guess this would be called sortiledge but im not sure. Since ive just begun using this method, im not really sure how accurate I am and I would appreciate feeback. So if anybody has any questions out there-they can be questions about love, work, relationships, that type of thing. But please no questions about health. Again im not sure how accurate I am so please dont take what I say to be 100% accurate haha.


Answer by Angle S
could you tell me something about work?

Answer by Ty K
here’s a good question for testing since I’ve already got my answer
Will I be a male in my next life?

Answer by Glow wings
Absolutely-Not! I can see enough on my own! I don’t need to have a psychic reading to tell me this world is going south !

Answer by Charmz
Joe, best way to train your psychic ability is to use it a lot. Keep a journal of the answers you get and over time see how accurate you have been. No one is 100% accurate all the time.. so don’t get discouraged.

If you want practice, Am I moving in the right direction toward financial freedom?

Answer by Kristin B
your a joke and this question is garbage..

Answer by Lucky Anj
Ok, how can this reading that you do guide me to A: The love of my life?

B: A more positive, happier life?

C: A more prosporous, wealthier life?

I would be very surprised if you do actually have these answers!!

Answer by pierce
My crystal ball fell off the table this evening and smashed into tiny little pieces, so I didn’t know you were going to be on here tonight. It’s just as well I stumbled upon your question instead. It sounds like your soliciting, but I hope I’m wrong. There are many weirdos on here (including me) so I’d give the ‘bone and stone’ thing a rest if I were you. Anyway, welcome to R&S and I hope your spiritual journey will be a happy one.

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Would Anyone Like a Free Practice Psychic Reading?

I’m just starting out reading people, but I have had this gift all of my life. I love to read, but I just want to see if my predictions are accurate and get some practice at channeling my abilities in a positive way as to help people. It’s completely free.

You should respond on answers, but also email me so that I can send you back what I see for you. Here’s my email:

Now, you may ask a question in the email, but you don’t have to. Its definitely not required, as I will most likely pick up on the energy of your question that you would like to know the most about. If your reading doesn’t have anything to do with the question that was on your mind, don’t worry as my guides just want to send you a message regarding something else that is or will be of great importance to you/

Again, this is only practice for me, but its also fun!

I will be doing this regularly, and will answer questions promptly. Let me know your feedback so that I can improve. Thank you everyone, and let the angels be with you! 🙂
By the way, anyone who does not want a reading or doesn’t believe in abilities, you don’t have to answer! It’s as simple as that! I’m not sure why anyone would post an answer if they are against it, because it doesn’t change my mind or ways at all and won’t. I’m not trying to fight with anyone and if someone against it, then so be it! It doesn’t bother me. I’m not trying to prove myself, I’m trying to get practice, and I’m only asking the question to those who would like a reading or need help.

And by the way, I actually currently attend a Catholic school and have been Catholic all of my life and still am today. I’m not against God, I worship God and love him deeply. Just because someone was born with an ability does not mean that they don’t love God. I practice my faith and pray everyday, so don’t judge a person without knowing them first.

I love reading people, and that’s who I am. If you have a problem with it, then go
I’m trying to honor God in the best way possible by using the gifts that he has given me. Thank you everyone 🙂
I’m sorry everyone, I made that gmail account but for some reason everyone keeps saying that it doesnt exist. Just try my other email which is I’m positive that one works. Sorry guys for any confusion and I look forward to reading you. 🙂

Answer by Peter
Can you say easy money.

Answer by laslo

Answer by Lover of Blue
I think you may find this most interesting –

Answer by Psalm 51
Read Psalms NOT palms.

When you win the lottery every time then you MIGHT be legit.

Answer by jereh
I don’t want to personally… I do know someone who does.

James Randi

Answer by Matthew
Not me.

Answer by DR Bunk The Spliff Flunkie Skunk
Did you see the vision of people sending you scat porn to your email?

Answer by Amber
it said your email doesnt exist!!

Answer by ℒ’amour est ℒe chaos
hmm tempted to

Source : Yahoo AnswersQuestion : Free psychic readings?

I would love to have a psychic reading (a serious one) I’m not sure if I believe in these sorts of things, but I’m willing to give it a try. I have a lot of questions and areas of concern when it comes to my education, career, and future success. Although I wouldn’t want to know anything bad, or anything about my family or romantic relationship.

Is there anyone here who can offer me this? Or are there any websites that offer this service?

I would be so grateful!

Answer by John G
I can do that for you. But there will be a fee, paid up front. OK?

Answer by Tommy
i give free readings for every donation of $ 100 or more made to a charity with my name on the check.

Answer by Shawn
You can find many websites for psychic readings but you have to pay. Just google psychic readings and you shall find a plethora of them. Watch my t.v. show Psych for my credentials. I sense you will hit a bump before you find success.

P.S. Before going to a psychic read the following on how psychic’s work their magic through a process called cold reading.

Answer by Jennie
yes, i know a site, where you can get free psychic reading :

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