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Tarot card reader Bay Hill, FL

Where did I come from? Where am I now? Where am I going? are questions that occupy almost all of us. You probably have many more or very different fascinating questions for yourself, of course there are many more to think of. Feeling that you are at a crossroads? Do you want to take whole new paths but have no idea which ones? Are you on the right path or on some kind of sidetrack? Do you feel like you missed a turn somewhere along the way? Just washed up somewhere and have no idea where and/or why? Changing course? A change of course? Changing course? Clean ship? Just follow your nose? Which way and, above all, which way not? In short, how do the cards lie?

A selection of more questions people ask (themselves) when they choose a Tarot and/or Numerology consultation can be found under the heading Consultations in the upper right bar. I see life as a journey, we are all travelers. When you travel you need the right equipment. So you use your (inner) compass, roadmap, map, navigation, travel guide, etc. What else do you take with you when you travel? You take your luggage of course, sometimes adding something along the way and sometimes leaving something behind. On your trip there are beautiful moments and new experiences and sometimes there are times when you just miss your connection or the bus takes a different route than planned. And that is exactly what makes your journey exciting and unique! We also do tarot reading in Hilliard and Sewall's Point.

Why Tarot? Because a picture says more than a thousand words. The Tarot with its ancient universal symbols, is a great way to map your journey. The cards are like a mirror and literally bring yourself and your surroundings into focus. It is a very powerful and inspiring tool to become aware of your processes, talents and potentials, pitfalls and patterns, your attitude towards relationships and events, your environment, and much more. The images of the Tarot provide insight both materially (Earth), emotionally (Water), intellectually (Air) and spiritually (Fire) and can therefore be a navigation system on the map of your life. So even if you don't have a specific question, it can be very enlightening to refocus and see exactly where you are on your route. Or maybe you want to get a picture of where you wanted to go and why. And of course a Tarot reading is just plain fun, exciting and interesting!

I do not and cannot predict the future. What we can see together during a Tarot consultation is where you are at this moment in your journey. And which connection you could take to get where you want to go. However, it always remains up to you where you check in and/or out. So this way you map out your own route!